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  1. Lorania added a post in a topic Taritas vs Fortuna comparison   

    I'll try doing that tomorrow, I need my sleep
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  2. Lorania added a post in a topic Taritas vs Fortuna comparison   

    Fortuna is indeed in the game. You can get it from the AH for around 100k maybe less.
    The underwear is from the Pearl shop
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  3. Lorania added a post in a topic Taritas vs Fortuna comparison   

    That's the Heve set you're talking about, not Taritas
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  4. Lorania added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Taritas vs Fortuna comparison
    I did a little research and I'm seeing the Taritas Set and the Bares jewelry is the most commonly used among our class. I don't have anything against it I'm usuing the Taritas set myself
    BUT... it'd look like the Fortuna set is wildly underestimated :
    Without any stuff, just underwear (+1 Luck) and Title Bonus (+2 Luck)
    Attack Speed0Casting Speed0Movement Speed0Critical Chance0Luck3 Now, let's see the full armor sets stat bonuses :
     AgerianTaritasTalisFortunaZerethHeveDobartAttack Speed0000000Casting Speed0000000Movement Speed0003000Critical Chance0000000Luck0002000Cristal Slots per piece1112121Total Base PD15201111191123+       (No chest found) Now there are several things to discuss which are Taritas vs Fortuna, and what jewelry to equip
    I looked around and the most common thing to come back is 4 pieces Taritas + 5 pieces Bares
    Not counting gems, this gives +5 Precision and +14 PA, but NO other stat bonuses.
    However if you'd want to wear Fortuna set, you'd have to get those 5 Precision back, sacrificing 2 Bares jewels for Kalis.
    For instance, the belt and one PRI ring, which gives you +5 total), which would get you to +5 Precision and +10 PA
    So to wear the Fortuna Set, you'd sacrifice 4 PA and 9 base PD. That doesn't seem to bad, especially when we now take a look at gems.
    Compared to the Taritas set, Fortuna gets 2 crystal slots on each piece. That's 4 slots MORE !
    Now we want to get as close to +5 as possible in as many bonus as possible.
    Let's take my own example, I have a +10 Yuria Staff and a +7 Steel Dagger
    Main weapon as an Agony crystal (+2 Crit, -1 Attack Speed), and the off-hand has a Perfection crystal (+1 Luck)
    This, combined with the Fortuna set, underwear and title bonus, gives :
    Attack Speed-1Casting Speed0Movement Speed3Critical Chance2Luck5As Wizards/witches I think we can agree that the attack speed is the least of our concerned, so having that -1 shouldn't worry you at all.
    I looked around and I found this combination to boost the rest of the stats with what's left :
    2 Chest slots : Whatever you want, there's no stat crystal in there
    2 Gloves slots : 2x Bravery ( +2 Crit each, which would be overkill, so get 1 blue and 1 green to make it +5 in the end)
    2 Boots slots : 2x Green Swiftness or 1x Blue Swiftness + something else (I went with Adamantine)
    2 Helmet slots : 2x Memory (+2 Cast each)
    Which gets you here.
     FortunaAttack Speed-1Casting Speed4Movement Speed5Critical Chance5Luck5Precision5Let's compare the stats for Full +5 Taritas set and 6 Bares against Full +5 Fortuna set with 4 Bares, Kalis Belt and Pri Kalis Ring with the same gems equipped (Taritas only gets one so assume a blue one for each slot), and weapons described as above in the post
     TaritasFortunaDifferenceAttack Speed-1-10Casting Speed24+2Movement Speed25+3Critical Chance25+3Luck45+1Precision550PA7773-4PD6657-9So even though you take a dent to both your PA and PD, you get a MASSIVE boost in DPS ( Casting Speed and Critical Chance), Mobility (Movement speed), and you even get a slightly better chance of dropping loots, while retaining the same Precision bonus than a Taritas set.
    Is it worth it ?
    I'd say totally.
    Your thoughts ?
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  5. Lorania added a post in a topic Attaque ultime de foudre : comment la faire ?   

    En passant la souris sur la skill
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  6. Lorania added a post in a topic Attaque ultime de foudre : comment la faire ?   

    Je viens de regarder il y a en fait une 2ème furie (Pluie de météores), qui nécessite 200% de consommation.
    Je suis pas certain de ce que ça implique...
    Ma théorie c'est qu'il faut 2 personnes Lv35+ (pour avoir la skill de transfert de Rage) en plus du Mage à 100% de furie, parce ue la skill de transfert de ragee ne transmet que 50% du total si j'ai bien tout compris. Du coup 100% du mage +2x 50% des persoss à côté = 200%.
    Mais bon ça reste une théorie. Et si'il s'avère que c'est çà, ben il doit pas reser grand chose en dessous quand ça tombe ^^'
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  7. Lorania added a post in a topic A quoi ressemblera votre Magicien(ne) ?!   

    Mon élémentaliste ^^
    L'oeil rouge pour le feu
    L'oeil bleu pour l'eau et l'air
    Les cheveux rouge / bruns pour la terre

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  8. Lorania added a post in a topic Show off your character customization!   

    My witch

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  9. Lorania added a post in a topic Introduce your Witch/Wizard!   

    I'll be Lorania Megaras on EU

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  10. Lorania added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch awakening!   

    We are wizards / witches. Not Druids.
    We're ranged AE damage dealers / Support : we're not supposed to get stronger at close range.
    I'd guess the awakening to be either be more efficient with single targets, and/or increase defense / mobility.
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  11. Lorania added a post in a topic [POLL] Final beta phase is over! Which class have you chosen and why?   

    Witch because I like screen-wide spells effects
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  12. Lorania added a topic in Classes   

    About skills ?
    Is it possible with enough grinding to get every single skill in the tree ? 
    Or is there a hard skill points cap somewhere ?
    Anyone ?
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  13. Lorania added a post in a topic Any old time Lineage 2 players here? What do you think?   

    Lineage 2 cured me from all animosity I ever had against grinding (I've played this game late OB then from release, people that were there know what the grind looked like back then).
    Grinding in BDO looks like peanuts compared to L2 Prelude.
    Ofc there are a lot of things to grind for just 1 character but it's so varied it's gonna feel easier.
    Besides, you only need to discover stuff with you MAIN since you rerolls will get the benefits.
    I don't mind the big ass spells. Quite the opposite actually.  For instance I play Witch, and I for one NEED to see big ass spells that cover the screen that helps me "feel" the power of the character in some way.
    I remember seeing a 50+ BDO character dying in a YT clip, saying that the 2% XP penalty loss would take 30 minutes to get back.
    30 minutes.
    In L2 past 70 it'd take you a DAY to get 2% back. (Not even mentionning in L2 you could even lose 1 level if you died too soon in a new level)
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  14. Lorania added a topic in General   

    Pre-loading ?
    Any idea when the release client pre-loading will be available ?
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