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  1. Kazx added a post in a topic Time changes, question remains: Nouver or Kutum?   

    Kutum is king for PvE (it has hidden monster damage) so keep that and do what you want with it. Sell your nouver, it's an absolutely horrible offhand for sorcs. Even Jubre is better (+1 special attacks is huge because all your damge in pvp comes from air and down attacks). Sorcs benefit hugely from accuracy so I'm using Helrick in PvP.
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  2. Kazx added a post in a topic Sorc pvp combos and cc chains   

    You should have stayed warrior if you want to do cc chains. Sorc CC combos are practically non-existant. They need to be initiated with a stiff/stun which was possible prewakening but since every other awakening has superarmor/block + cc on every ability and there is zero protection on midnight stinger it is too risky to try and use it offensively. Signs of agony is also impossible to land on anyone playing decently so it's not possible to do a combo in a real scenario against a skilled player.
    All you do on sorc is try to float/bound/KD your target and then follow up with violation down attacks into turnback slash or grim reaper's judgement down attacks and hope it does enough damage to kill them.
    The most seen damage combo is Violation -> turn back slash -> dead hunt for 1v1 and violation -> double charged grim reaper's judgement in group fights.
    You can find a combo video here: (but like I said, most of these are initiated with midnight stinger which is not practical at all).
    Sorc could really use some Quality of Life buffs like superarmor on midnight stinger to make the class a lot more enjoyable and make them more up to par with every other awakened class that seems to get superarmor on every single thing. Look at DK's Spirit Hunt for example, it's practically the same ability but it has superarmor, more range, more damage, bigger hitbox, it's ridiculous how outdated sorc is.
    They're doing some changes to CC on test channels in Korea that allow people to chain bound/bounce/knockdown etc again like it used to be at the beginning of the game in korea and russia (afaik we never had that CC system in our regions, maybe in beta weekend 1? I didnt play during CBT1) which seems to look hopeful for sorc's future but as of now I find sorc very mediocre and i'd advise you to keep playing warrior if you want to have more fun in both duels, small- and large scale pvp.
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  3. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> PvP guild recruiting skilled players.   


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  4. Kazx added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Shit man,
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  5. Kazx added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Pff I totally expected you to have added your own rap vocals in that video
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  6. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> PvP guild recruiting skilled players.   

    Should have edited your post to make it a more convincing accident 
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  7. Kazx added a post in a topic Looking for life skills Guild   

    Can we stop this already? 2 months later it's still not funny, aside from that it doesn't help the TS at all either

    @TmoonlighT ignore above troll. Have a look around here:
    and find a guild that suits what you want. This looks like one of them:
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  8. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> hardcore PvP guild [EU]   

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  9. Kazx added a post in a topic :(   

    Nice pvp video!
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  10. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> PvP guild recruiting skilled players.   

    Need warriors valks wizards and sorcs mostly but any class can apply!
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  11. Kazx added a post in a topic Wizards looong neck   

    I've been bullied and had my alt wizard turned into a meme by my guild because of this 
    It's also cursed with failing tets forever, please fix.

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  12. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> hardcore PvP guild [EU]   

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  13. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> hardcore PvP guild [EU]   

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  14. Kazx added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    <Enemy> hardcore PvP guild [EU]
    About us:
    We are a highly organized hardcore Sieging & PvP guild with a competitive mindset who focus on striving to be the best in all areas of PvP and are constantly looking to improve ourselves. Most of our core members have been playing since launch and have immense knowledge and experience with the game.
    PvP, in any form, is and always be the main focus of this guild. We do Nodewars/Sieges, Duels, Red Battlefield, Open-world PvP, GvG’s, tournaments, and in future content also ranked arenas. We have an extremely active and drama-free community, both in-game and on our Discord.
    We don’t do alliances, we believe success should be worked towards together by improving ourselves and not by relying on the help of others guilds.
    Guild Rules:
    - High attendance in Node/Siege wars is required
    - Have fun and respect each other
    - Under no circumstances do we allow karma griefing
    - Being experienced and skilled at playing your class
    - Being an active player who can have high nodewar- and siege attendance
    - Having competitive gear for high-end PvP
    - Willingness to improve both skill- and gear-wise
    - Being able to listen and follow orders on Teamspeak and/or Discord during organized PvP
    How to apply:
    Contact any of the below in-game or preferably on Discord:
    IGN: Zorlak, Discord: Zorlak#4426
    IGN: Reespo, Discord: Reespo#8465
    Expect to have to provide a screenshot of your gear and to have a trial fight in an arena.

    21-01-2017 Serendia siege winner
    11-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Oldskool)
    18-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Millennium + Sfora, Encore)
    25-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign, Ember)
    04-03-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign)
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  15. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> hardcore PvP guild [EU]   

    updated + bump, still recruiting.
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  16. Kazx added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    We keep up wars until we need a war slot, and we always prioritize undeclaring on smaller guilds first. There's no grudge or anything with you guys.
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  17. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> hardcore PvP guild [EU]   

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  18. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> hardcore PvP guild [EU]   

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  19. Kazx added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    More like, why would you put so much effort into gathering all the mats for the boat if you could just complete 1 Magoria gathering guildquest for it instead. What a joke  
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  20. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> PvP guild recruiting skilled players.   

    No, never. And your best offer is worth 200 euros? That's an insult.
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  21. Kazx added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Was an extremely bad game for us, we weren't supposed to do a nodewar tonight. Didn't choose to place this fort either, it was left over from a bugged tower that somehow didn't get removed by the game when it was destroyed, it prevented us from building on nodes all of last week. Today after the maintenance it magically popped out of the ground, so we tried to do with what we could get. Didn't have proper organisation or normal parties and only about 35-40 people attending. First few fights we had around the chokepoints were fun, but after that not so much.
    Thanks for the fight though.
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  22. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> PvP guild recruiting skilled players.   

    I don't deal in human trafficking, and even if I did there is nothing you could ever possibly have to offer that will be enough for a bro like him, and even then, still no.
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  23. Kazx added a post in a topic <Enemy> hardcore PvP guild [EU]   

    High demand for Valkyries and Wizards.
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  24. Kazx added a post in a topic ★★★★[ <FML> is Recruiting ]★★★★   

    You should list which region your guild is in
    Sick responsive bootstrap website tho!
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  25. Kazx added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Took 1h20m give or take. Ancestrall tried to contact us for a deal, ignored it, took them out in the first 15-20 minutes while they were being aided in defense by Sfora, 5 minutes later we killed a  lonely ThePirateBay tower, tried to go for sfora next but the respawn timer was still too short + their base location was hard to reach (on top of the Basilisks mountain) so we went to kill Encore first and came back to Sfora after. Took too long standing outside their base while I was trying to find a place to put down a respawn flag (wasn't possible anywhere on top of the mountains making it so much harder, everyone had to climb back up every time they died). Pretty sure the whole nodewar would have lasted half the time if it was in a more flat area, terrain was the biggest factor.
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