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  1. Siberia added a comment to this issue Harpunieren vom Epheria-Segelboot   

    Stimmt und Tiefsee ist auch gelb hinterlegt. Damit gibt das dem ganzen doch wieder die weniger direkte Aufklärung, welche ich beschrieben habe
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  2. Siberia added a comment to this issue Harpunieren vom Epheria-Segelboot   

    Also ich persönlich muss ja sagen, dass der Text "Man benötigt ein Fischerboot um zur Tiefsee zu segeln" für mich auch nicht wirklich direkt impliziert, dass man NUR VON FISCHERBOOT AUS harpunieren kann.
    Wenn man allerdings das ganze etwas weiter spinnt könnte man sich denken, dass das Harpunieren eine Tiefsee-Aktivität darstellt und man deshalb nur von Fischerboot aus harpunieren kann, da dieses für Tiefsee-Aktivitäten entwickelt/konzipiert wurde.
    Hoffe ich konnte wenigstens etwas helfen und/oder Aufschluss geben.
    P.S.: Warum man dann allerdings von eine Gildenschiff aus harpunieren kann, ist mir dann doch etwas schleierhaft, aber vielleicht wurde es - um das ganze auch als Gildenaktivität durchführen zu können - mit den gleichen Tags in der Datenbank versehen, wie das Fischerboot.
    P.P.S.: @Megta @Silica Natürlich werden auch weitere Personen wahrscheinlich die gleiche Antwort geben, jedoch hätte man schon die eigene so formulieren können, dass auch verständlich wird, warum die Tatsache der Tatsache entspricht und nicht einfach haltlos und salzig irgendwelche Dinge rausposaunen, ohne eine wirkliche Erklärung zu geben, wenn schon offensichtlich der Tooltip nicht gerade vielsagend ist und/oder die Tatsache von der Formulierung her nicht direkt wiederspiegelt. Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis
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  3. Siberia added a post in a topic KeeeZaannng! title?   

    It's the title for the last hit on the Worldboss Kzarka.
    You can get a title for last hit at every Worldboss (Kzarka, Karanda, Kutum and Nouver).
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  4. Siberia added a post in a topic Average boss aura drops   

    If you can manage to drop Auras you get 1 to 2 Auras per kill.
    2 is max
    Greetings Siberia
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  5. Siberia added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    From this comment I can see, that you haven't played pretty far into the game.
    At start, yeah you just need one or two attacks, that's right.
    But after you get past level 50 or 51 and get to the higher spots you need more skills to kill monsters effectively.....well if you're not a ranger or witch/wizard tbh
    And PvP is by far another story.
    But in the end everything is gear and level dependant so the higher your gear and level gets, the less skills you need to grind effectively but that's another story.
    I think the combat works quite well in this game.
    But this are just my 2 cents about this
    greetings Siberia
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  6. Siberia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    I don't think it's the right way to say, that they won't do anything for us.
    I think we have to think about, what they can actually do and what they can't.
    The most issues with the game can only be handled by the developers and not the publisher, because the pubs don't have the code of the game. Maybe some parts of it in the form of patch-datas but even then they can't just open the files and change what ever they want.
    In most cases these data's are packed and ready for implementation when Kakao get them.
    But the Forums for example are in the hands of the publishers and if they don't have much to do, because they are waiting for answers or datas from the devs they can work at the homepage or something.
    It's really difficult I think to work with developers from another country and even harder with koreans or something.
    And to clarify it:
    The publishers can make suggestions and give information from us to the devs only but the devs are the ones, who are diciding what problem should be engaged first, second and so on or if they drop the priority to the ground and don't even think about fixing it.
    But even then I don't want to blame the publishers for something because it's hard to handle so many data for a game world that's so huge like the one from Black Desert.
    It's nearly impossible to fix every bug and we have to not to forget, that they have to work on extending the content at the same time.
    I think they are doing a really good job, even if it's not easy for us to handle all the problems this game has.
    They are trying their best to satisfy us but our community is greedy and salty af.
    Greetings Siberia
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  7. Siberia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    So true...
    But there's one thing where I can't agree in some cases.
    Sadly I met to many people in my life where it seems this isn't the case and I'm sure, that here are some of them.
    But even for them I hope, that they changed to the better and learned from the mistakes they made in past even if it's very late.
    To all the people who punished me in the past: "I wish you much luck on your way and I want to know you, that I'm still alive."
    Greeting Sib.
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  8. Siberia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    Sorry, wanted to try out this bad jokes with a grain of salt by my self because I read them so often.
    It's funny in the first place but now I think to myself: "What bullshit did I write here?"
    Sorry for that. Will now try to spread some love in here instead.
    Happy grinding and good loot to you all <3
    Greetings Siberia
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  9. Siberia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    Maintenance extended by 1 hour.
    DK Awakening as compensation???
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  10. Siberia added a post in a topic [Tutorial] Enhancement and how it works! (Available in new forum)   

    Nice and short with every necessary information for beginners but there's one thing to say.
    You should edit the recipe for Concentrated Black Stone (Armor) because it's 1x Hard Black Crystal Shard and not a Sharp.
    But everything else is really good and you don't have to read to much to understand the basics.
    Greetings Siberia
    P.S.: One additional information could be, that you gain more failstacks if you enchant weapons or armor above +15 with every fail.
    From 15 to "I" you get 2 FS, from I to II you get 3, II to III you get 4 and so on.
    Maybe it's confusing for some newcomers if they get more than 1 FS for the first time for one enchant.
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  11. Siberia added a post in a topic Schneller und Stärker - Kampfruhm   

    Nope, III is nich das letzte.
    Bin bei 1126 Kampfruhm und habe den Buff Stärker und Schneller IV. 
    Gibt dann übrigens 80%.
    Wenn ihr nen Screen als Beweis wollt, dann mach ich noch einen. Ansonsten mach ich mir jetzt nich die Mühe^^
    Gruß Siberia
    P.S.: Denke der wird wohl bei 1000 oder so getriggert.
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  12. Siberia added a post in a topic Nouver or Never?   

    To be honest, today I don't care about it.
    I have so much things to upgrade that I don't know where to start and if I would get Nouver the next 2 or 3 weeks I would have even more.
    If I'm looking at it, I'm a bit glad to know that Nouver will not be up today
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  13. Siberia added a post in a topic Nouver or Never?   

    Just added the Twitter-Post to backup my post about it^^
    Don't have much posts so I need to back it up
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  14. Siberia added a post in a topic Nouver or Never?   

    It was confirmed via twitter, that Nouver will not be in the patch today.
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  15. Siberia added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character: Siberia
    Familyname: Siberia
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/E7CFSdc.jpg?1

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