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  1. Polaris added a post in a topic [Request] Celebrity character -any class but preferably sorceress or witch   

    10/10 would also love to have this as a sorc c: <3
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  2. Polaris added a post in a topic 15 hours Character Creation   

    Reminds me of my Valkyrie's original design -- I recently just changed her up though. I took a mere 3 hours previously and as much as I love the hair (I chose the same one) I hate how it doesn't look as nice with most costumes ): 
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  3. Polaris added a post in a topic Let me draw your tamer/ranger/sorc!   

    Hopefully maybe some of my  characters entice you? ; w;

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  4. Polaris added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    10/10 honestly s o original and looks great in armour!
    Apologies I'm a sucker for closely resembling defaults so my blader lacks originality.

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  5. Polaris added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    you make masterpieces if I do say so myself. 
    They're pretty basic but I tried my best ; w; 

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  6. Polaris added a post in a topic [Request] Recreate this template please   

    I too am interested in this! o: 
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  7. Polaris added a post in a topic Pet Breeding outcomes!   

    It's so cute ; A; <3
    If I ever get enough to go for a cat - this is definitely my goal. I need to finish leveling up my hawks to see their outcome though haha. 
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  8. Polaris added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Potion Bug
    Has anyone else encountered the issue where suddenly you're potions aren't working?
    It goes through the delay animation but it does not consume a potion or restore my health so I can't really stay in battle.
    Thanks in advance! 
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  9. Polaris added a post in a topic Anyone playing the RU version of Black Desert Online until NA release?   

    I plan on it to see if my mac can handle its operations, in addition to that I plan on mainly creating my character data and learning basic gameplay. 
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  10. Polaris added a post in a topic Running BDO on mac   

    @Aerith - we could've been great friends but you just had to ruin our chances.
    //This is actually really accurate though as I struggle enough using software for my university courses
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  11. Polaris added a post in a topic Running BDO on mac   

    I believe that's the route I will be attempting shortly, as soon as I figure out how to sign up and download BDO RU.
    I was hoping for more options but if not - it looks like the route I have to take is clear. Thanks for your input! (: 
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  12. Polaris added a topic in General   

    Running BDO on mac
    So I've been eyeballing the game for a while and have already pre-ordered but I've recently switched to a mac and I'm wondering what would be the best way to run the game.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
    p.s I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong section and I've tried to google answers previously.
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  13. Polaris added a post in a topic Charged $133.67 on my bill   

    I bought the package as well, I do believe at some point while placing your order it states that the total is $99 USD.
    This would also make sense as a Canadian I have never seen online pricing ever specifically written in CAD unless the website itself is Canadian. 
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