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  1. Daphnaie added a post in a topic Was just kicked from BDO now says in maintenace again until 2000 utc NO NOTICE   

    well, glad they pulled servers now get it done.

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  2. Daphnaie added a post in a topic Was just kicked from BDO now says in maintenace again until 2000 utc NO NOTICE   

    there were several announcements in game
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  3. Daphnaie added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    already down

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  4. Daphnaie added a post in a topic Orwen server broken?   

    Uno server wicked lag, major rubberbanding while WALKING.  Plus quests delayed completion and chat lag.
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  5. Daphnaie added a topic in General   

    Guild Boss Fight (Medium Boss)
    We had 10 Level 50+ along with a few under 45s who came to watch.
    Video starts a few seconds after summoning. Total fight took about 50minutes,  My wpn broke about halfway through or so and I didnt even notice, lol.
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  6. Daphnaie added a topic in General   

    Altinova Stable Bug
    So i put my wagon in the stable at Altinova, logged off, logged back in later and when i went to take it out, its now in Tarif.  No i didnt make a mistake i was standing in the same place at the mis-labled stablemaster in altinova the one who was kicked in the head by a horse when he was kid.  Apparently he needs to be fired.
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  7. Daphnaie added a post in a topic Black Desert and SSD's   

    If we can get a more precise explanation about it, it may be possible to just move certain folders use MKLINK.  I thought about doing that, but decided to just move the entire installation, thankfully it was painless, no registry entries or anything to change, just move it and change shortcut path.
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  8. Daphnaie added a topic in General   

    Black Desert and SSD's
    I first heard about the "log writing" issue about 2 weeks ago.  BDO does a lot of writing to the disk on an ongoing basis.  In order to test this theory i monitored BDO with Windows Performance Monitor and the Samsung Drive Magician utility over a 1 week period..  
    BDO is installed on a separate SSD drive in my computer.  Before starting testing I got a clean slate for baseline Data Written.  Over the course of 1 week, which i was logged in nearly 24/7, except during maintenance and couple of times I was disconnected for a few hours. slightly over 160gb was Written to my drive.  This is not NEW data added but Data Written.  This is extremely bad for a SSD drive.  As you may or may not know, SSD's have a finite limit of Data Written, not read, but Written Data.  Nearly all SSD's have a warranty that is x years or X Data written.  In the case of Samsung with my 850 Evo 1tb, its 150 TBW or 5 years. ( http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/minisite/SSD/global/html/support/warranty.html ).
    I am moving BDO to my HDD.  I wanted to post this so that others are aware if you have BDO installed on an SSD.
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  9. Daphnaie added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Guild Contract Window Bugged
    The guild contract window is now bugged, when i hit renew the 1,7,14,30 day options text blocks out the amount box.  It makes is very difficult to renew because i cant see the range any more because its blocked.  I have reset my screen resolution multiple times, change the screen scale, re-logged, etc etc nothing makes it change.  I went windows, full-screen, window full-screen its present in any configuration.

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  10. Daphnaie added a topic in General   

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  11. Daphnaie added a post in a topic Fishing Boat bug/glitch Hidden Weight Limit?   

    Bumping because this happened again with fewer ppl but carrying packs, 4ppl died this time, its a bug with the boat, as they stopped taking damage when i let go of the wheel of he boat. but since we where in middle of ocean we couldnt get away from it.  Again after they died, the boat was able to move normally and i sailed back to velia port.  
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  12. Daphnaie added a topic in General   

    Where to Report False Positives with XIGNCODE
    is there a specific place to report programs that are falsely flagged by xigncode?
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  13. Daphnaie added a post in a topic Wagon Lamp   

    Wagon is 2 wheeled wagon, otherwise it will say 4 wheeled wagon.  which is called Large Wagon Lamp.
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  14. Daphnaie added a post in a topic What time does daily quests for contribution points reset?   

    oh FFS, NA game with EU rules.
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  15. Daphnaie added a post in a topic What time does daily quests for contribution points reset?   

    7pm Eastern Daylight Time.
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