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  1. Teck added a topic in General   

    [Lvl. 55] Combat Level-Up quest has been added.
    Anyone know what this is exactly?
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  2. Teck added a post in a topic Got my awesome penguin! :D   

    29 you got 2 seals if you logged on before server reset then one after server reset
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  3. Teck added a post in a topic Wizards are too overpowered   

    3.5 min cooldown is not a long enough cooldown for you....get real!
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  4. Teck added a post in a topic Kzarka's new spawn Window.   

    Yeah i know that already but the last patch the spawn times have decreased and i was wondering what they was now?
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  5. Teck added a topic in General   

    Kzarka's new spawn Window.
    Anyone ever get a answer on what it is.  I think he spawned on Uno as earlier as 29 hours after death.
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  6. Teck added a post in a topic Capturing horses   

    The game will actually tell you when you fail that you didnt wait long enough if you try to mount right away.
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  7. Teck added a post in a topic Capturing horses   

    1. clicking the rope will cause you to start swing the rope and the mini game window to pop up
    2. start slow walking toward the horse until the cross hairs for you target turn red
    3. left click to throw rope and hit space when the bar fills to the correct position
    4. start walking toward the horse while watching for it to rear up on its hind feet
    5. when that happens hit space bar repeatedly to fill the bar to your side(note: stop hitting space when the counter hits 0 or you stand a chance to lose the horse by hitting space when the bar disappears)
    6. back to step 4 and repeat until you are stand at the horse
    7. If you wish to feed the horse sugar then hit F1 and click the sugar in your inventory otherwise wait 30 to 60 secs then try to mount the horse by hitting R. It fails more often if you try to mount the horse before you have stood there for 30 secs...i think 60 secs helps even more.
    edit: after mounting the horse you can then get off the horse and back onto your faster horse and the newly tame horse will follow you where ever you go.
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  8. Teck added a post in a topic Could we get the new spawn windows for bosses please?   

    I agree we was told what Kzarka spawn window was before, how can it hurt to get what his new spawn window is. I would tag jouska but i dont know how.
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  9. Teck added a post in a topic Awakening Weapon   

    That's complete screwed up imo.  Why release something so game changing if all classes can't use it.
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  10. Teck added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Awakening Weapon
    So should we go ahead and roll a different class since we are going to be completely gimped when everyone gets awakening weapons except us?  Seeing as they arent even close to having a awakening weapon for witch/wizard on the KR servers yet.
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  11. Teck added a post in a topic Everytime after maintenance it is super laggy.   

    The bottom half of uno was super laggy for 3 or 4 days mobs not even fighting back, teleporting around, and char instantly loseing health and not being hit.  
    Now after the maintenance its even worest nothing registers nothing happens.
    Anyone else having this problem or only the bottom half of Uno.
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  12. Teck added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Map Gliching
    Anyone else having a issue with the bottom half of the map Flicking white, force you to have to close the map a reopen only to flicker white again after 10 or 15 secs.
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  13. Teck added a post in a topic STILL constant DC when trying to character change   

    This happened to me constantly and I started using the very top channel Velia U1 and I never dc any and I only spend 30 secs per character, just long enough to node dumb.
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  14. Teck added a post in a topic Get Movin! Event   

    I've filled the form out also and have a open ticket and still nothing.
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  15. Teck added a post in a topic 10 min Trade restriction!   

    I would think the 15 min channel swap timer would be enough to discourage that.
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  16. Teck added a topic in General   

    10 min Trade restriction!
    Please! Please! Remove this feature or atleast make it only apply if you are swapping characters.  This affects me almost daily for some reason, and i try every way to avoid it, most of the time its from dcing.  For some reason i dc alot when i leave a very crowded fishing area and when im leaving the fishing area its to sell my fish but i end up having to wait the 10 mins.  Or if i afk fish all night and get up in the morning to find out i dced at some point in the middle of the night or my channel went down for some reason, guess what BAM! 10 min wait when i log in.
    Let me know if this seems to effect anyone else this much.
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  17. Teck added a post in a topic Restarts ever time i change characters   

    somthing needs done about this
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  18. Teck added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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  19. Teck added a post in a topic Restarts ever time i change characters   

    Bump any others have this trouble.
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  20. Teck added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Restarts ever time i change characters
    Anyone else having this issue.  I can click disconnect and pick a different character to change to and it will work the first time but when i change to my 3rd or 4th etc.... character the game will disconnect and i have to restart the whole game.  This makes it extremely long to dump all my energy on my alts.  I would like to know if there is something i can do to fix this or if its a bug with the game.
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  21. Teck added a post in a topic Mouse not clicking   

    Thanks i wonder why full windowed didnt work?
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  22. Teck added a topic in General   

    Mouse not clicking
    I get to the page where you click start or options and click does nothing.  I can hit enter and it will take me to the Server page but i still can't click and enter doesnt work.
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  23. Teck added a post in a topic And there go the servers.   

    another patch already
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  24. Teck added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Family:  Teck
    Char:  Mrytle

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  25. Teck added a post in a topic CBT-2 Events   

    Completed Triathlon, Bait Master Tour, and Cash Shop Test
    Family:  Teck
    Character:  Mrytle

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