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  1. pateuvasiliu added a topic in Suggestions   

    Make bosses give loot to more people
    Since the merge it's been downright impossible not to get clustedf$#ked in the mass of people that are there for every boss.

    Back before you could find 1 or 2 channels in which there were fewer people, but now it's a complete lagfest. To make things worse, you also compete with way more people with 200AP+ and let's be honest there's almost no way in hell you can outdamage those people. 

    ( " Go get yourself some gear, scrub!! " )

    Well, no. Even if I were to somehow get to 200AP, the people that have 200AP now would still manage to maintain their edge over me. The rich just get richer. Doing bosses is a very good way of getting some quick gold and stones, but ever since the merge I find it increasingly difficult to get on the loot lists.

    Seeing as how the average people at a boss has skyrocketed, I think the amount of people that get loot should be increased.
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  2. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    No, it really doesn't.

    It's the GMs that said we need to disable the antivirus, I have no intention of doing that.
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  3. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    You know your patching is shit when you need to disable antivirus for it to work.
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  4. pateuvasiliu added a topic in Warrior   

    Does the iframe on our awakening dash actually work?
    I keep getting grabbed by this kuno during it. :-/
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  5. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    I recently moved from NA to EU and have to agree, 1-56 is absolute hell as warrior. Absolute hell.

    Buff up Spinning Slash damage for the love of god, it's not like people use it with awakening so it won't affect balance.
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  6. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    No, it just proves you're supported by a bunch of whiners that are mad they weren't smart enough to use the daily rewards on other servers.

    I bet most people that support you aren't even 400GS.
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  7. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    That's not abuse. Stop being mad.
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  8. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic reckless blow (underwhelming)?   

    Animation Cancelling.
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  9. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic How to avoid getting shotted from Karanda?   

    It is, actually. It provides iframes in PvE.

    Karanda just desyncs like crazy.
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  10. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic What to upgrade right now?   

    I guess I'll keep it them.

    So, then. Bheg and Kutum are both at +10 with 60 dura. I assume Bheg is #1 priority. 

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  11. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic New KRpatch change great sword buff   

    Not that I know much about this game's PvP, but you'd think they'd nerf the class that:
    1. Has the best PvE
    2. Has arguably the best GvG
    3. Is top tier in 1v1
    4. Makes up 70% of the players that have PEN ( and yes I made up that 70% )
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  12. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic What to upgrade right now?   

    Because the Liverto - Kzarka upgrade isn't as big as what I could get with 500m. Plus I have a guaranteed Kzarka from essence. Dunno man, that's why I'm asking. 
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  13. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic What to upgrade right now?   

    I may or may not have spent 300m on a DUO Kzarka, which I then TRI'd ( This is why I don't play MMOs, I am very trigger happy when it comes to spending money ).

    Anyhow, I managed to TRI it in one go and it's worth 575m.

    Should I sell it? Looking at a profit of over 200m here. Would take me to around 530m in storage. Right now I have around 30m.

    Or should I keep it?
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  14. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic What to upgrade right now?   

    Sold it so I can get boss armor.

    I sniped a Bheg and I hope to snipe a Muskan, leaving me at Giath/Bheg/Red Nose/Muskan/Kutum to upgrade. Giath is at +9 with 20 dura.

    What now? Level Bheg, I assume.

    Do I still try to upgrade the Vangertz? Do I go Axion? Kutum?
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  15. pateuvasiliu added a post in a topic What to upgrade right now?   

    Yeah I am doing the quests. And no, I meant I have a second Dandelion box and I am asking if I should get that to TRI as a backup for when I need to TET my first Dandelion. 

    Or should I just sell it for a quick $ ?
    The Blue GS I keep for when my weapon breaks while grinding, as a backup.
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