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  1. ColdParadox added a post in a topic HOLY MOLY, how much?   

    Plan to spend another 30€ when the awakening outfit for the Maehwa is out ( http://black-desert.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/gm노트매화.jpg )
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  2. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Ancient Ruins Excavation Site and its node   

    Talk to the node manager.
    For 30 energy he will reveal the sub-node for you.
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  3. ColdParadox added a post in a topic People with Pirate hat and patch pls post ss.   

    I agree.
    The eyeptach is cool and worth it imo (don't forget to put your glasses on if you farm mob ranks however :D).
    The bandana is terrible, instant blonde hair when you put it on, you can dye it to change the hair color but have fun investing 100€ to maybe get a dye that suit your original hair color.
    Edit :

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  4. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Looking for LGBT Guild Jordine EU   

    I know of Nightsong (RP-PVP;Female/LGBT Friendly), you can find their thread here  : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/40987-nightsong-rp-pvp-social-friendly-clan-for-pvp-rp/#comment-665300
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  5. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Blader EU/NA vs KR Blader   

     It does :

    The video is quite old however.
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  6. ColdParadox added a post in a topic i think the game is over already   

    While Twitch is good for exposure, it does not represent the actual population / popularity of a game.
    For example Warframe has 154 viewers on twitch right now, It's also the 10th most played (by current players) game on steam.
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  7. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Belt of Shultz the Gladiator mobs?   

    Cash shop's earrings is the best investment I ever made in this game
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  8. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Belt of Shultz the Gladiator mobs?   

    Got 15 Belt of Shultz the Gladiator grinding Giant Manes from lvl 51 to 54 (Rank S, Node [Manes Hideout] lvl 5)
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  9. ColdParadox added a post in a topic How to unlock Ultra graphics btw? Very High is my max   

    Up - Up - Down - Down - Left - Right - Left - Right - B - A - SELECT -Start. 
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  10. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Hacker banned from BDO, makes a video crying.   

    Not only for cheating, It would be a good system to handle harassement or improper behaviours (Racism, Sexism, ...) in online communities
    Would make online worlds better and safer places.
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  11. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Aura of Failed Kzarka Knowledge   

    Put yourself on the path of a black wisp and spam your aoe.
    With a little bit of luck it will spawn in front of you while you're doing an AOE and you will kill it.
    It's easier if you have 360° AOEs (In case they spawn in your back - I think the berserker spin work great)
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  12. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    EU, Jordine.
    I tested against a melee mob (thought that the damage type could affect it) and got the same sort of results (69,44 vs 144,157)
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  13. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    I can't reproduce your findings with DP not giving damage reduction, at least in PvE.
    Lvl 53 Maehwa vs Agile mane (the archer one) front attack :
    With 161 DP :
    77 damage85 damage59 damageThere was also a notable amount of dodges with the armor on.
    With 0 DP :
     151 damage 142 damage 143 damageSo for me at least there is a huge difference with and without armor , however I can't tell if these values are "normal" for that amount of DP(don't have another lvl 53 character to test with)
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  14. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Instant Kill from World Bosses   

    I like it a lot, it forces me to focus on the fight and give my best (I play melee), feel good when you get the hang of it and don't die a single time on a 30min world boss fight 
    They just need to resolve server issues to avoid having so many desync.
    Ps : I would like to see world bosses with more attacks that can actually threaten ranged characters however
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  15. ColdParadox added a post in a topic Music for April 20th   

    I will just listen to my "comfort music" like this :
    Or if I need something faster :

    That's a nice band, thanks ! 
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