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  1. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Pet Menu Bugged, Unable to use Special Ability   

    Upvoting, same problem =-(
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  2. Neokolzia added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Pet Icon Stuck top left Help
    There's no option in Edit UI to fix this, games unmodified have attempted to relog, same story on Alts as well.
    /reloadui doesn't work either

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  3. Neokolzia added a topic in General   

    Resource node avability (Tin south of Keplan)
    I've been trying to get this tin node I saw on BDfoundry map, which is also is confirmed existing by Korean maps as well, noticed this as well with 2 nodes above it, a Lead and a Gold node not existing once I got the connecting node;  Is this because of lack of Energy put into the node or?
    Is the location (have to turn Mines/Connections on
    Any insight would be great thanks.
    Anyone have any idea why these nodes are invisible, kinda guessing node investment maybe?
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  4. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Damn.... I must admit I know nothing about late game   

    Theres a awakening black spirit quest to go past 50, then I believe you can get up till 55? May be wrong before another quest like that but after that theres no cap, hard cap is 100, but its nearly unachievable, with highest levels in Korea being about 61-62
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  5. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Pain Train [PTX] | NA | PvX | Orwen Server   

    Page 19?  We there yet?
    Welp, 13 more hours gah
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  6. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Pain Train [PTX] | NA | PvX | Orwen Server   

    Dose of this tomorrow!~

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  7. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Pain Train [PTX] | NA | PvX | Orwen Server   

    I was 1 day late in CBT2 so, didn't get to experience that rush of everyone logging in.   The start for conq is gonna be pretty insane
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  8. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Pain Train [PTX] | NA | PvX | Orwen Server   

    Truthfully its only like 1 day left  SOOO Almost there
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  9. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Why BDO will unfournately go to F2P within a year   

    Long as they don't migrate the cash shop items into the Marketplace I don't really care.
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  10. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Share your epic(or not) reserved names   

    Family name:  Reginald
    Character name: Neokolzia
    Reginald sir please!
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  11. Neokolzia added a post in a topic BDO isn't Pay 2 Win   

    20$ for the costumes would be accurate, but given how few options there are even in Russia right now I don't see it being a huge deal.
    He nails the nail on the nail head, in regards to pay to win.  Pay to win is a very personal opinions about a game.
    Having been in many games, fact I can't straight up BUY power, to dominate people in This game, unlike Russian/JP/KR versions where you can still take $ and get Silver which can get you +XX weapons
    NA version theres none of this.  So.. ya... 1% on a consume or something meh.  20% combat exp, yes very strong in the end tier competitive bracket but thats it.
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  12. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Pain Train [PTX] | NA | PvX | Orwen Server   

    xD ya sorry didn't think that one through 100%
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  13. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Pain Train [PTX] | NA | PvX | Orwen Server   

    Perfect Cameo for when we War people;

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  14. Neokolzia added a post in a topic Pain Train [PTX] | NA | PvX | Orwen Server   

    All the meems why D:
    Joined about a week ago, solid bunch, look forward to working with ya'll
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