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Jules Winnfield

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  1. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Balenos 1 down   

    lol, mistakes were made lol.
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  2. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Balenos 1 down   

    Hell yah, their guilds name holds as true as the guilds name FlagUp lol.
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  3. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Balenos 1 down   

    Lol if we were that cool it would have been done prior to us dying lol.
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  4. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Node war rankings??   

    In All honesty most people don't care ill kill people whenever i chose to and ive never had someone from lotd there holding my hand 
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  5. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    Karma Bombing is a thing say your grinding in an area and another guy comes up and starts killing one or so spawns in your rotation or even hitting them they get a portion of the xp gaind even if you actually wipe the mob or mobs. they basically get a free ride on xp where as you the one dealing the damage get hosed on exp. and if you kill them and they just keep running back in and taging the mobs and hosing you on xp. thats karma bombing either you eat xp or you eat karma thats karma bombing it is a thing
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  6. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

    I got the same error then when loging into the website it said my password didn't match. Tried to reset my password and got no email with the link.
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  7. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Replacement Boss Defense Gear Box   

    true however the last rng box of this type wasn't rng and now the market is flooded with red nose 
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  8. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic dont get Login-reward ?!   

    Hey gm the event stated that the event ends on the 26th. nothing in game stated that the event was closing first thing in the morning on the 26th. usually i dont complain to much however if the event in game states that you have until the 26th that means the 26th not 0100 on the 26th it states a day not a time. I would very much like my reward me and freinds were gearing up to be bale to horse around on edan and uno and the last item the boss gear is what im missing it is the 26th and id appreciate my reward.
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  9. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    swtor was a subscription based molded game that went to free to play at severe restrictions to the player this game is no where near as nerves to the players who choose not to spend money on the game quit literally all you need to buy to play competitively in game is the weight limit increases the rest can be purchased off the market. Your crafting isn't nerves nor is your pvp. This game has lived up to several expectations I had personally. And if I get rednosettled armor again that sucks however I can always still go to tree and snipe musk and off the market it is not impossible. I got faiths and begs that way. Let me brake it down barnie style get a buddy go to pirate island turn on special deals and grind you will make a considerable amount of silver. Do thus till you have a hundred mil. Place a ton in Heidel and putt the boss armors you don't have on notification damn that's rocket science. Oh and redone still has higher dp than none boss armor 2 sockets and works for the boss gear set affect and your getting it for free so in reality all of you cry way to much.
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  10. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    Have any of you got a second red nose armor from the comp box..... no cause you haven't received it. Kindly shut the hell up the cms and gms can't change the box pearl abyss has to and as far as paying premium for a game it was buy to play stop crying about it and it was only as expensive as you chose for it to be. You guys complain way to much the offered a fix. Deal with it
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  11. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 12th   

    I agree the Gm Boxes are basically a blackstone and many players will feel that is a rip off for over 12 hours of maintenance. Something like a combat xp book that the players can use at their leisure or a blessing of kamsilav. Both these items are useful to the entire community and then the players can get out of the items what they put into them rather than getting hosed by rng.
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  12. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Changing Email address   

    Hi @GM_Caramel! I sent in a request, it's kinda urgent because my personal email was recently breached.  124645
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  13. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    People trying to scare you with the "inactivity of valencia 1, 2 and 3". Dude, at times if you tried to use potions on those channels, they wouldn't even activate until 5 seconds. The rubber banding was insane as well.
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  14. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Commander Marker for Guilds   

    So much salt. This is a needed feature, sorry RPers.
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  15. Jules Winnfield added a post in a topic Gathering Progression Quest + Iron Ingots!   

    I needed this, saved me an assload of time. Thanks a lot man.
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