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  1. Zakrao added a post in a topic Le "harcelement sexuel" en ligne   

    Complètement d'accord avec les propos sur le harcèlement.

    Juste une petite chose par contre, je précise que je ne suis pas là pour défendre les propos et comportements de ces individus, mais la misère sexuelle (des hommes comme des femmes) est souvent laissée pour contre par rapport à n'importe quelle autre type de misère.
    L'empathie vis à vis de cette misère est quasi inexistante, et pourtant ça fait des ravages, c'est très dommage qu'on en parle pas davantage et qu'on essaie pas de lutter contre celle-ci, même si j'ose imaginer que ça n'est pas une mince affaire.
    J'voulais juste partager cette petite pensée.
    Merci à vous !
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  2. Zakrao added a post in a topic Une demande sans culot ?   

    Je ne pense pas, mais franchement prends la version à 5€ c'est vraiment donné.
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  3. Zakrao added a post in a topic Vote with your Wallets!   

    Yes you are right, what I meant was : a cash shop in any video game should not be something expensive, it should be adressed to the playerbase as a whole.
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  4. Zakrao added a post in a topic Vote with your Wallets!   

    1. Cash shop is designed for almost everyone, its stupid to think its a luxury cash shop, they are not LVMH, they are a gaming company.
    2. People who are playing BDO for the most part are mid/long term mmos players, they know how to get a costume or an outfit in other mmo, and they want to look nice because thats part of the mmo genre. (and don't tell me to go back to play another mmo).
    With BDO people are willing to pay such amount of money for a digital item because they are weak consumers, anyone who advocate current prices has no common sense.
    People who say that they "support" Daum and/or Pearl Abyss are making me laugh, their game is cool and B2P sure, but they misuse the word.
    So you comparing Daum to Trion, Archeage was the biggest scam of the mmo genre, but whatever.
    Daum is listening, because they have adressed problems, but they don't communicate very well when you compare them to riot (a well established company), but I guess Daum will eventually learn how to do that with his western audience.
    Tell us what you know isn't working, tell us what you are planning, or thinking, tell us our ideas are cool but not top priority, show up on reddit, discuss, etc... just communicate more :).
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  5. Zakrao added a post in a topic Is Grunil bugged or working ?   

    One of my guildmate ran some tests and he found out that hitting someone with very low dp, with a low ap amount with then w/o the grunil would not affect the dmg output.

    He might have done it the wrong way, but you should check it, cause I'm really not sure the buff is working at all, hidden or not.
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  6. Zakrao added a post in a topic Peindre les oeufs de Pâques   

    J'pense que t'as pas compris le principe de l'event.
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  7. Zakrao added a post in a topic Oeufs de pâque   

    Merci, dommage que la censure soit passée par là, pour si peu en plus :p.
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  8. Zakrao added a post in a topic Peindre les oeufs de Pâques   

    [Jordine;Aerrow] // Nom de Famille : Spintroza

    Je parie sur le CM Jouska.
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  9. Zakrao added a post in a topic Oeufs de pâque   

    You're welcome.
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  10. Zakrao added a post in a topic Ennuie dans le jeu.   

    L'OP a besoin qu'on l'écoute, tiens voila pour toi :

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  11. Zakrao added a post in a topic Cash Shop Hero   

    You gonna need to practice harder then.
    One does not simply trolls.
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  12. Zakrao added a post in a topic Cash Shop Hero   

    You haven't seen my true potential yet !
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  13. Zakrao added a post in a topic Cash Shop Hero   

    Fake, and the previous is fake too.
    Space pattern does look copy pasted, and last buy hours look totally fake.
    Here is my take :

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  14. Zakrao added a post in a topic Guild Navigation Tools   

    Gw2 has this Commander Icon just above your character, it can be turned on at any time, it does cost a bit of in-game money and allow you to make your party notice you with more ease.
    If you ask your 20 guildies to fall back, they look at your big icon and move back, gw2 revolves a lot around the shot caller. I wonder how BDO wars are meant to be played, but this is a nice idea imo.
    PS : @Marijuoanna Docnation Will prevail !
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  15. Zakrao added a post in a topic Les (joli ?) fanarts de Lysæna ! \o/   

    Super ! et en couleurs c'est encore mieux !

    Si tu continues de parler de nos amis les poneys, j'espère que tu ne sortiras pas un épisode sur la reproduction chevaline
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