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  1. Zaiya added a post in a topic Pet Breeding outcomes!   

    Hawk:  T1 Lvl 10 + T1 Lvl 10 = T3  Training
    T1 Lvl 10 + T1 Lvl 10 = T2
    Cat:  T1 Lvl 10 + T1 Lvl 10 = T3   Processing 
    Dog:  T1 Lvl 10 + T1 Lvl 10 = T2   Cooking
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  2. Zaiya added a post in a topic Promoting Fair Gameplay in Black Desert   

    Keep going on the hacks and thanks for the progress you've made so far.  
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  3. Zaiya added a post in a topic Poll: Cash shop marketplace - Are you quitting or staying?   

    I just don't want it to become like Archeage where there's no chance in hell that I, someone who works and has a life outside of game, can keep up with someone who can just slap down thousands of dollars and become a superhero.  I can barely keep up now but I'm managing.  I think this is a very bad game management decision.  Remember the NGE in SWG?  People who really put forth the time and effort felt screwed over by the devs and the game was never the same.
    I think this change will be of that magnitude.  Might be a game breaker - literally.
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  4. Zaiya added a post in a topic Dr.Jumbo's Cure #2: Karma Bombs(PVP)ll Thoughts Anyone?   

    I actually like the system the way it stands now.  Getting killed over and over is a pita and I don't have time for that when I'm trying to grind.  If someone is territorial, i just go to another area or change channels.  It defeats my purpose to be bothering another person over a spot because it wastes my time.
    If a person is griefing you by continually kill stealing, report them.  
    The mob spawn rate in this game is good enough and the areas are large enough that none of this should be an issue.
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  5. Zaiya added a post in a topic such immersion   

    Immersion:  Kanye West in Heidel -

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  6. Zaiya added a post in a topic Disconnected from server.   

    For the last two, almost 3 weeks I've been disconnecting every time i AFK ride my horse.
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  7. Zaiya added a post in a topic Time to show the PVErs what indiscriminatory Pking is   

    The game needs a balance of PvE and PvP players.  Why would you want to ruin a great game like this by chasing off the population, either side of the population?
    Don't be a ruiner.
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  8. Zaiya added a post in a topic So basically Daum is pro griefing?   

    I agree that if you get pk'd - if you never flag at all - you should not lose xp, silver, crystals, anything.  I also don't think there should ever be incentives EVER - NEVER EVER - to pk people.  You shouldn't get packs, you shouldn't get fish, you shouldn't get gear, you shouldn't get xp, you shouldn't get money.  That's what killed Archeage.
    Make sure there are always pk decentives - make sure there are always penalties for being a murdering wuss.
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  9. Zaiya added a post in a topic Disable the 10 minute trade vendor wait for disconnects   

    Bump for posterity - please change this.
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  10. Zaiya added a topic in Suggestions   

    Horse market time for guildmates
    I would like to suggest that guildmates get a purchase window on the horse market like they have on the regular marketplace.  Let guildmates see horses other people in their guild put on the market 5 or 10 minutes prior to the rest of the server population.
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  11. Zaiya added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    I don't want PK or PvP immunity.  I want there to continue to be dis incentives to murder non pvp players.  That is all.
    If the current karma system becomes a joke or if everyone on the server wants to be a pirate, the penalties need to be adjusted to be stricter for the players that are PK'd.  Boats, wagons and horses shouldn't even be killable... those are just ----- moves, there's no other reason to even bother breaking someone elses stuff.
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  12. Zaiya added a post in a topic PVE Players Problem Solved w/ Guild Protection GUIDE   

    Well this needs to be fixed if it's broken.
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  13. Zaiya added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Many people would like an update before we continue to spend money on a game that might choose to give the other side the right to make our lives miserable.  Karma and penalties for non consent PvP need to stay high, possibly be made even higher once PKers have their own town... and there should be a way to choose to NEVER be PvPable on a toon... not turn it off or on, just off, forever.  Or have a safe haven for people who dislike feeding PvP hunters.  
    Either way, if the current system is going to change, I'd like to know how it will change as soon as possible.  I'm not recommending friends come here until I know how this will all pan out.  
    Right now, I can stand the occasional PK and there are enough ways to avoid it for me to continue playing and spending money.  If that gets tweaked to make it harder for a "carebear who needs to find a different game to play" to enjoy my game time, then I'd like to have that information sooner rather than later.
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  14. Zaiya added a topic in PVE   

    Wagons PvPable even if you're under 45
    So, apparently, when you and another guild are at war, they can destroy wagons driven by toons under level 45.  Do boats work this way too?  
    I thought if you were under 45, your stuff was also safe.  Just looking for confirmation of the rules... and whether this just started or has been like this all along.
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  15. Zaiya added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Just this week, players on Orwen began PKing afk people and killing their horses.
    I hope once the gear grind is pretty much over we don't see just a world full of bands of PKers that don't give two s&*%# about the karma system and are just out killing everyone or the game will be ruined.  Daum needs to be on the ball and monitoring just how much griefing and PKing is going on and raise the penalty if it gets out of hand.  It is imperative that you maintain decentives for murders and incentives for fair game PvP or this game will become the next ghost town 'open world pvp' "sandbox".  Don't even let peoples horses or boats/wagons be killed unless the owner is flagged ffs.
    Make the penalties any weaker than they currently are in game and I guarantee you will lose players.
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