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  1. odd added a post in a topic Show Lingerie To All Players   

    There's a difference between bathing suits and sexy lingerie when it comes to 12 year olds. Nice try, I guess.
    You don't see a problem with a 12 year old wearing lingerie? Lol. Ok bro.
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  2. odd added a post in a topic Explain why Ghillie suits aren't Pay2Win   

    I don't think they are considering taking the suit out, however if they are, I hope they don't!
    Omg I am lowkey a carebear but I always try to seem hard. I don't like PKing at all, so many kids will probably camp me bc I talk so much trash. This is why I need to be able to buy the Ghillie suit.
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  3. odd added a post in a topic Show Lingerie To All Players   

    Lol, unlikely. I heard the Tamer represents a ~12 year old girl (in mythology, at least). Unless you wish to jerk it to a child who's wearing enticing undergarments, I wouldn't suggest this, lolz.
    @DrunkRebecca, whatever, I don't see any harm in implementing this suggestion. We pay for it, we should be able to show it off, and it also has its perks with the RPers. +1
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  4. odd added a post in a topic Explain why Ghillie suits aren't Pay2Win   

    I don't care if it's p2w or not, it isn't in my opinion (I would describe it as biased since the flare has yet to be implemented), however, I'd be upset if the costume was nerfed or taken from the CS. I don't PK but I'd like to run around in the ghillie just to avoid annoying PvP children. If you'd like more of my 2 cents, the ghillie suit would be close to impossible to obtain if taken out of the cash shop and put into the loyalty shop. The suit is ~$30, it would take about 250 to 300 days of logging in to receive the suit through the loyalty shop. This is utterly ridiculous, lmao. If people must have it in the loyalty shop to shut their mouthes, I'd also like to see it in the cash shop because I would most likely end up buying it to avoid the tedious tease of buying the costume (and nothing else) after 300 days of playing.
    Carry on.
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  5. odd added a post in a topic Lower Pearl Shop Prices?   

    basically this
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  6. odd added a post in a topic An idea on how to stop 'Gold Seller Bots'.   

    Speaking impetuously, these suggestions would not cater to a large portion of the in-game community. Just my personal opinion.
    Foremost, locking chat behind level 30 is severely inconvenient. New players will come to the game and a lot of them will be searching for specific help from actual players. Plus, the game is still very new to the NA and EU parts of the world; we have a different version of the game compared to KR - most of the guides the muted players would Google may either be outdated or simply of no help at all.
    Other mentionable issues would be the fact that players who enjoy RPing and are under level 30 (a lot of RPers enjoy exploring the game's environment prior to grinding; simply exploring/fishing/etc wouldn't level you above 30 quick enough) would suffer from the chat-lock issue.
    Be mindful of all types of players, not just the gold sellers and the easily irritable.
    Furthermore, lowering or even removing the cost of reporting players would bring back an initial KR issue with reporting (however, maybe not the lowering-aspect of your suggestion-). To be brief, players would often request a chat ban on somebody who would simply disagree with them, thus they earned themselves, and us, the energy system whilst reporting. Thanks, KR!
    On a more positive note, I kind of agree with removing chat privileges for players who are using a 7d guest pass. I'd assume the majority of these players will be getting guest passes from their friends, which they could simply talk to over Skype or something, Idk; although if this is not the case, then the chat restriction will weed out the potential gold sellers who were handed a guest pass.
    My 2 cents. Sorry if I seemed rude whatsoever. c:
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  7. odd added a post in a topic Seasonal pass, no no hear me out   

    That is definitely not p2w; those are merely complants.
         Costumes come with a +5% or +10% exp buff. This is barely a convenience for players who hit the softcap; gaining exp becomes increasingly difficult as you level past 55+. Within a matter of hours, everybody is the same level (~50) thus if any of them decide to buy a costume, it will give an increase of maybe an 1/8 of a 1/4 of your regular exp bar.
         A lot of people will argue that +10% exp will allow a player to level quicker, thus learning skills quicker, thus becoming over-powered than the average player quicker. This is the equivalent of comparing and suggesting fast-food burgers are p2w bc you need to pay +$0.50 for cheese. If a college kid eats one with cheese (+0.50) and another college kid eats one without cheese, then the college kid who got the extra calories (energy) from the cheese will be able to study longer, thus that kid will be able to graduate quicker, and finally that kid will have a career quicker than the kid who did not pay 50 cents for cheese that day. See, this is an over-exaggeration. The cheese is merely a convenience because it tastes good. Think of a costume as that cheese; it tastes good and the small buffs are a nice convenience.
        Your horse appears to be bugged in my opinion, but I wouldn't fully know, I guess.
        Yes, CS beds give 3 energy for every 3 minutes versus the 2 energy per 3 minutes from regular beds. Aside from the personal opinion of which I'm pretty sure any MMO would have this implemented (why else should a player spend money for a bed?), an extra energy per minute is not a concern. If it were 5 energy/3 minutes versus 2 energy/3 minutes, that may become concerning, but as there are various ways to regenerate energy other than sleeping in a bed, the extra energy per minute is, again, simply a convenience for somebody who decides to sleep while afking, or bored of questing to regenerate their energy.
        Is it also offensive that female horses can only breed once, whereas males can breed twice?
        That is true. And not p2w. Pets are definitely not needed to further advance in the game. I am sure if it becomes an even bigger issue, Daum would take notice and consider implementing this quest into the NA EU version.
        This game just sc-----s the surface of p2w. If you'd like to sit here all day and pick apart this poor game for barely being p2w, I've got to burst your pretty little entitled bubble and enlighten you that every game on the market is p2w; mobile apps, console games, pc games, every type of game. Most are just a little p2w, whereas others are absurdly p2w.
    It's very irritating to see such a beautiful game get terribly critiqued by bratty children.
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  8. odd added a post in a topic UI Size   

    Agreed, this needs to be adjusted.
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  9. odd added a post in a topic Karma System   

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  10. odd added a post in a topic Suggestion: Crit Flashing graphic Optional Please   

    maybe you should see a doctor
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  11. odd added a post in a topic Randomize horse spawning   

    There's a million spawn points for horses around the world of BDO. Are you sure you aren't exploring three of those spots and then getting angry?
    Otherwise, I do agree that this is an issue, but it will eventually sort itself out once the people who get bored of the game begin playing less.
    My 2 cents on the horse spawns being set to forests as well: this would be less immersive as horses evolved from forested areas to large grasslands.
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  12. odd added a post in a topic NPCs Repeat Dialogue Too Often / Frequently   

    +1 more immersion
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  13. odd added a post in a topic The Ghillie Suit is absolute wank   

    Instead of throwing a tantrum about it, we should encourage Daum to bring the flare into the NA and EU versions. There, now there is no more imaginary P2W, and the introduction of the flare will halt the balling of the PvP children.
    c ya
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