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  1. Sevaver added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 3rd   

    So the downtime is been extended again to 20:00 UTC (4:00PM ET, 1:00PM PT).

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  2. Sevaver added a post in a topic Contribution Point Soft Cap at 255 not 300   

    Just hit 255, slowdown is massive. Did around 15x 300 contribution exp quests and get 85% of a point. This needs to be looked into still. @CM_Jouska
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  3. Sevaver added a post in a topic 100 Day Glitch   

    My Main has 88 Days played on it, most of that being logged in in a bed or horse running.
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  4. Sevaver added a post in a topic Players without corruption error getting advantage   

    All is good, I did not get the error and I cannot connect to the game. Nobody is getting an advantage as Daum's servers are currently puking on themselves or someone spilled coffee in the server room.
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  5. Sevaver added a post in a topic Servers are up!   

    EDAN came up then it went downish. I was logged in and processing, then it said disconnected, now I am at processing to log back in.
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  6. Sevaver added a post in a topic Fish for Villagers help needed   

    I made this info-graph for my guild a while back. This is how you do it!.

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  7. Sevaver added a post in a topic Miss_Bulgaria Eden NA, Player death threat list.   

    MissBulgaria of the Eden server is a total wack-job. Seriously making death-threats over his stream regularly against people that kill him in game. To be perfectly honest this dude needs a serious reality check and removed from the game.
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  8. Sevaver added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    @CM_Jouska Hey, where are my Free Dye Packs from the Easter Egg MS Paint event?
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  9. Sevaver added a post in a topic Fished to lvl 45, now behind on skill points   

    I went from 40-50 Active fishing in 5 days (12+ Hours Daily), wasn't all that hard. Catching up in Skill Points only took about 4 hours of grinding 50 mobs.
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  10. Sevaver added a post in a topic Communication Failure - Cherry Blossom Event Should Be Extended   

    These seeds are sooo rare that in an hour of harvesting wild herbs I found 20 of them. The event runs till May the 4th (be with you) and the OP is whining. TL:DR RTFM.
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  11. Sevaver added a post in a topic +15 staff is now +13   

    Yup, you grief you get grieved. Pick your battles, make sure your Karma is always +
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  12. Sevaver added a post in a topic any way to lvl fishing faster?   

    Active Fishing Vs AFK Fishing (from my experience)
    FasterMore FishMore Experience (2 hour fishing session giving ~60% of fishing level)Use more fishing rodsMore Whites/Greens in Hot-spots. My last active fishing sesion yielded 56 Blue Fish, 32 Gold Fish, 16 Green, and 12 White fish (tossed the white)AFK
    SlowerLess FishAlmost no Experience Gain (2 hours afk fishing giving 10% fishing level)Less rods burnt throughLess Whites/Greens in the Hot-spots. My last AFK fishing session yielded 18 Blue, 18 Gold, 3 Green, 1 White without box checked.
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  13. Sevaver added a post in a topic My Thoughts on People Selling Cash Shop Items   

    If the items in the Cash Shop were 1/3rd the cost I would buy them. Alternatively if the cash-shop items were not class-bound I would purchase them at the current price. As it currently is I am waiting to see what changes Daum makes to the game prior to dropping anymore dosh on the game.
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  14. Sevaver added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


    Well that was a fun little event. Forgot how cool some of the MS Paint filters could be.
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  15. Sevaver added a post in a topic Farming is unfairly punished   

    Fishing doesn't stack so grow up farmer boy.
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  16. Sevaver added a post in a topic Help? Ran out of potions won't go away!   

    To fix it press ESC, go to Edit UI, then Click the Eyeball on Game Tips in bottom left to say (Off). This will fix that potion problem.
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  17. Sevaver added a post in a topic The game is pretty incredible, but what is your biggest peeve with it? (Just list one)   

    My Biggest issue with the game is Gender Locked Classes. I am a guy, and I only play guy characters. Don't get me wrong, the female characters look good but since this is an mmo-RPG why in the hell would I choose to be a female when I still cannot figure out what is going on in my wife's mind.
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  18. Sevaver added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    Server: Edan
    Character: Brutic
    Family: Engi
    • Mount Screenshot
    • Boat Screenshot: 

    • Wagon Screenshot: 

    • All three above: Title: I like to move it, move it!

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  19. Sevaver added a post in a topic Economy and crafting is pretty messed up   

    So, Good news to this is that the higher quality tools can actually pull more items out of stuff and give a chance for higher quality items from stuff, therefore the whole cost vs durability is kinda shot there. I love the fact that you brought EvE-O into this too. The economy in that game is perfect for a few reasons, one being they have hired an actual professional economist to ensure the market economy is not tanking for an unknown reason. If Daum did this, opened up trading and allowed for a free market it would fix some of these issues (and the way EvE does price fixing is by having NPCs buy and sell certain items in certain quantities to prevent hyper-inflation/deflation).
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  20. Sevaver added a post in a topic Overcrowded Horses & Wagons in Towns & Cities   

    I love this idea but lets go one step further. If you stop in a town and your mount is unattended for 5-10 minutes they get commandeered by the guards and then you have to pay a fee to get the mount back. Same should be true for boats in a town, if not checked in with the Wharf Master they get commandeered until you pay the fine. No different than getting a parking ticket IRL and getting the Boot of Doom!
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  21. Sevaver added a post in a topic Full inventory can't sell to trade manager   

    Happens to me too when the inventory is 100% full. Issue is due to how Silver is distributed to the character. First it goes into an inventory slot for a moment then into your money bag.
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  22. Sevaver added a post in a topic Completed Raft License - Gone?   

    Did you have a worker from another town work on it? If they were the last one to finish the project they took it home with them.
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  23. Sevaver added a post in a topic Clean the Environment Quest   

    Use a fishing pole to catch said items...
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  24. Sevaver added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    Yo, States that "It will be available for all characters at launch" so I am just going to leave this image here.

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  25. Sevaver added a post in a topic Game Servers in California   

    Amazon's main servers are located in Cali; and they happen to be the least expensive when it comes to cloud hosting or game hosting so makes perfect sense to locate them in Cali.
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