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  1. strangereligion added a post in a topic pvp game where pvp is the worst part?   

    Are you bad at pvp? Do you have bad gear or are you not lvl 55? Which part is bad to you? Nothing is offered here at all. Delete.
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  2. strangereligion added a post in a topic Red Battle Field is bad.   

    RBF is reminiscent of REAL GvG combat. It offers practice for pvp, learning how to peel the back lines, and fighting as a team/targeting mechanics and skill understanding. The potion change was excellent. 
    The RBF crystals are worth 6~15mllion so the financial rewards are substantial. The +200 energy a day is insanely good for crafting and for profit. Please don't change RBF. Getting good gear is the point of the game, at no point should RBF be balanced as this does not represent real combat in BDO which is a game specifically tailored to disperity in lvl and gear. 
    Thank you. Carpe BDO.
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  3. strangereligion added a post in a topic Bonus EXP Weekend!   

    RIP LIFE/SKILL XP ahahhahaha 
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  4. strangereligion added a post in a topic Node Investment City/Gather   

    I had a lvl 7 abandoned monastery node and luck +5 and I got six marks of shadow in two days. 
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  5. strangereligion added a post in a topic PSA: Maintenance   

    Younger people are faster at doing only what they know how to do and choose to remain ignorant on everything else. I've also found that having a near death experience has aged my mind greatly and i now think we live a long ****ing time. Real life is like BDO, you have to choose what you want to and you really cant be good at everything. 
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  6. strangereligion added a post in a topic Dungeons, maybe?   

    Early/Mid/End game mini bosses would be elites found sporadically within popular grindspots. These are 1~5man depending on location or goal. The daily boss scrolls are 5man, weekly is 5 man, guild boss is 15 man and field boss(world boss/raid boss) is 20 man~300 man depending on time and which boss it is. 
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  7. strangereligion added a post in a topic Wagon part Enhancement   

    Its probably +15 like the rest of the gear. If you got to +4 without failing you dun good lol. Fishing poles are crazy hard to lvl. 
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  8. strangereligion added a post in a topic Some concerns of a new player   

    If you get a good enough guild you can use that 2h very efficiently but this game has a massive disperity in lvls and gear. They make up for this well by offering the daily and weekly scrolls though. If you have 7 scrolls at least(which you should since its a free/easy quest ea day post 50) and you go with 5 guys who also have 7+ scrolls you can finish them all in 2ish hours and you get like 100 black stones to try and catch up gear wise. Use loyalty/food/elixirs/GM tears to catch up xp wise when your unmolested and have a good grind rhythm for an hour or more. 
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  9. strangereligion added a post in a topic Black Seals   

    The npcs to buy end game items are not implemented yet as there is no reason to catch players up to current content. Also, the gambling npc and black market are not released. Cheers!
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  10. strangereligion added a post in a topic Share your blessed RNG moments   

    I have never used stones to enchant gear. I have sold all of my stones and bought +15 from the AH. I make my own RNG. However, i got a prof gobbo then an art gobbo on my first two attempts today to get workers in Altinova and then nothing the next 700 energy across my alts lol. 
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  11. strangereligion added a post in a topic Rarity Upgrade Question   

    http://puu.sh/o7Xoz/0fc924e3f6.jpg Not only am i understanding, im also rich af! Quote this post and ask anything and youll receive an answer that i think is right!
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  12. strangereligion added a post in a topic New game?   

    I thought this was a troll post but seems like you are generally confused. You should use http://bddatabase.net/us and the BDOTome to find information, or find a guild with lower lvl players to learn with. Due to the violent nature of pvp in this game solo players and players who are unaware of the game(despite its 30+ days of being available and the 400+ in korea) will be executed with extreme prejudice. This is a dog eat dog world and slavery exists and well as racism. Cheers!
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  13. strangereligion added a post in a topic Rarity Upgrade Question   

    Yes, i can only answer with the information i have available and with the knowledge i think i know. You havent posted any sources either so at this point in time we are equals. However, after doing some actual research, because you irked me, http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10043/ shows the ultimate yuria. Now i am wrong. I apologize.
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  14. strangereligion added a post in a topic Suggestion for a Player to Player Controlled Trading System (Update 6 Live) CM Approved / Eye Candy Version   

    I didnt read your OP to be honest because i still feel the same way i felt the first time i came here. The market is perfect, no changes should be made at all in any capacity to trading. 
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  15. strangereligion added a post in a topic Good Job Daum! <3   

    Considering terrible games like Clash of Clans make 200m in a year i truly hope this amazing game that has a vast amount of things to do will continue to thrive. Cheers Daum, +1 for this post. 
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