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  1. Cyanthrope added a post in a topic AP/DP for different regions   

    Okay i will, thanks.
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  2. Cyanthrope added a post in a topic AP/DP for different regions   

    Ahh, damn that sucks. Took me so long to get to pri ultimate everything. Now i need to tri. Wheres the justice? lol. 
    Thanks for the reply.
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  3. Cyanthrope added a topic in General   

    AP/DP for different regions
    So, are there any recommended AP/DP for the various regions around the map? I want to go to Valencia and explore but I have shit gear (sorc with pri ultimate grunil and pri ultimate wep and offhand). I have about 130 sheet ap and 187 sheet dp. 
    Apologies if this is a shitpost or whatever...
    Thanks in advance. 
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  4. Cyanthrope added a post in a topic I am ready to sleep.   

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  5. Cyanthrope added a topic in New Adventurers   


    Before I begin, this is a guild recruiting post. I say this because most people don't want to waste time reading the beginning of a post they may not be interested in. Also, we are on Orwen for those who aren't.
    With that said, we are a very small guild looking for players of any kind. Preferentially, we'd like players who are still growing their characters or newer adventurers because we are new ourselves and would like to grow and learn together as a small community. 
    I've been in many guilds, most recently some amazing, some horrendous and some too demanding. Most of the time I felt like I was chasing some faceless guild insignia; a body of achievement that my time restrictions or pace lagged behind. I felt that I would never truly be a member of the guild until I achieved some semblance of the feats the other members achieved and I realized that there was just too little enjoyment. 
    I was chasing the visage of guilds that grew without me. So I joined a m8 and we decided we'd create a place where noone would feel any pressure to do things they don't have fun with.
    I beseech thee, adventurers young and old, to join a guild that won't grow without you, one that will always assist you with whatever you need, be it advice on leveling or grinding parties (lord knows I need to grind more) or whatever the like. 
    Most of all, we just want people to have fun with, kill shit with and "lol" our way into greatness one day. Perhaps some casual world domination is on the horizon.
    Naturally, we are open to whatever you want to do. So we don't place any restrictions like PVP or PVE or whatever else. 
    Just reply or PM if interested. 
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  6. Cyanthrope added a post in a topic Weapon gearing help.   

    Yuria, highest you can get and grind with it till 50, save some stones each time you get (about half or so) and then buy highest enchant liverto possible when you're 50 and continue enchanting that while grinding with the Yuria still .
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  7. Cyanthrope added a post in a topic Possible solution to P2W   

    the issue with this is the fact that there should be some reward for spending money on the game. P2W should be relegated to things that break the way the game works. Plus everything in the loyalty shop is available to everyone regardless of externalities or outside-of-game factors. You simply play and you get these things. All this does is help achieve some sort of balance between external impositions of money and such onto the game and time spent within the game. 
    hmmm that idea works only if we suspend better judgement. In the long term people, incoming players will choose the  freer to play servers almost exclusively simply due to there not being a buy in fee. I don't think dividing the player base along the haves and the want-nots will produce anything but animosity. Segregation has never been an effective form of selective integration...
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  8. Cyanthrope added a post in a topic Possible solution to P2W   

    so can anyone who has played the game for more than a month...plus people get access to items they want and the scrolls and such are still governed by rng drops. It's the simplest form of pay for convenience: instead of spending hours to get scroll drops, pay loyalties gained from sharing PS items with others (which you should be rewarded for). Everyone wins
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  9. Cyanthrope added a post in a topic Possible solution to P2W   

    Well here's how the flow would look:
    Player A buys cash shop stuff
    Player B purchases with silver 
    Player A gets loyalties (or something, some hybrid of silver and loyalties ideal for incentive to redistribute PS items)
    Player B gets items
    Daum/Kakao/PA gets paid
    legit no one loses
    sorry idk how to reply directly to people
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  10. Cyanthrope added a topic in General   

    Possible solution to P2W
    I'm sure no one will take this seriously as I don't post on the forums that much. I don't really remember the last time I signed in to the forums, much less posted... 
    However, it annoys me to observe seemingly mindless blithering over an issue but no substantive solutions presented. This thread, I guess, is my effort at brainstorming a possible solution.
    As of now, there are only a few things that are lucidly absent of speculation: Daum/Kakao/PA have said they will introduce the selling of pearl shop items into the market place and that they have done so to foster accessibility for players who cannot spend money in the pearl shop for one reason or another. 
    Given these statements, my idea would eliminate any P2W accusations:
    Simply convert the money players spend on pearl shop items on the market place to loyalties (or some new monetary system that is not interchangeable with pearls in any way). 
    This effectively eliminates the concern of players assuming some insurmountable advantage given to those who decide to spend money in the pearl shop since loyalties offer minute advantages similar to the prexisiting pearl shop items (before this furor about P2W).
    This also achieves daum's two aims perfectly. Plus, they still earn money since people cannot reconvert loyalties into pearls. 
    Please feel free to point out any glaring issues I may have missed when evaluating the plausibility of this!
    Thanks for reading.
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  11. Cyanthrope added a post in a topic DirectX version, GPU requirements?   

    I'm running a 4770k with sli970 (not sure what the AMD equivalent is and I get around 90 for everywhere except towns where I get 70-75 on qhd. That should at least help in giving you a ball park estimate for yours since no one else replied lol
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  12. Cyanthrope added a post in a topic Your Best BDO moment Thus Far?   

    I'm actually really proud of this one:
    A friend and I were travelling, looking for horses near balenos mountains and we couldn't find any so after a while we just rode and rode (on our shitty grey horses) until we could no longer see. It was night and all the enemies around us were purple. We tried making our way up what we thought was a mountain and at the top it turned out to be a cliff . The horses hit the brakes and we stopped for a moment. Without typing anything, got off our horses simultaneously and just stared at the sea below and the hilltops in the distance. This is why we play:

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