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  1. Riselle added a post in a topic Sooooo where is Nouver?   

    If you researched harder, Nouver bundles are linked to gold keys which only be in one particular patch.  We have to wait for the navel combat patch to come out which Nouver can be a part of it or the next patch after that.
    Since KR information is getting closer to ours we should see smaller detailed connections to patches and what could or should be included in them but the times will not be the same nor could be on time.
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  2. Riselle added a post in a topic Elites in Valencia   

    The gatekeeper at fogans is way op.  I fought and watched as 7 people tried to kill it over a 30 minute time frame.  We where not able to kill it or get it's hp past the yellow color.
    It seems you have to have high amount of ap and dp to survive. 200ap will not come close to kill it.  Good luck guys.
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  3. Riselle added a post in a topic <Webshrouds> Since day 1, we don't quit! (Medium Sized)   

    You forgot to type which server your on.
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  4. Riselle added a topic in US Guild   

    [Uno] Level 56 sorc Looking for Guild
    I am a lvl 56 (270+) sorc.  Looking for a fun and active guild.  Willing to help with guild missions and mob grinding parties.
    I played since cb1.  I hope my knowledge of the game will be of some help to the guild.
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  5. Riselle added a post in a topic Closed   

    I hope to be a good recruit and help you make ALL THAT MONEY. 
    Please take care of me SEMPAI :3
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  6. Riselle added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.2 - Cash Shop and more   

    I hope they just add where if someone flags you the only person to get karma should be the one that flaged.  If you decide to fight back or kill the flager you do not receive karma since it was self defense.  
    I know players will just do it for open world pvp which is fine by me, but if you are farming mobs and get flaged then die by the mob which you where farming, you should not lose experience.  
    If the flager attacks a pve player which is farming mobs and does by a mob that player should loose experience and added karma.
    But open world PvP is fun but just where it has to involve pve players farming.  Killing anyone out in the open world anytime I am game with that but make it against them if they start it and / or finish it.
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  7. Riselle added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.2 - Cash Shop and more   

    At least All cashshop items are character bound.  What I read so far there is no pay to win and mileage chop is all character bound too.  YAY NO PAY TO WIN.
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  8. Riselle added a post in a topic New here.. ANYONE FROM MABINOGI?   

    I played CBT1 already now. Very interesting and well balanced game.  I hope they don't change to much other then making exp grinding more faster.  Farming for silver will be easy.  There is really no reason to trade in this game since it makes you craft everything you need while you farm your own mats or silver if you need them.
    Potions, silver, materials, outfits and armor are all easy to craft or can be made by one person.  I am happy they made it where harder you work shows up as your char will become stronger while carebears that want trade or be given items will be left behind. 
    I hope the nights will be adjusted to be a little more lighter, or make the lanterns with wider light radius.  Anyways I am getting off topic XD.  I will be playing CBT2 when it opens and purchase the preorder.  I hope to see you all there.  MY GUILD THAT I JOINED IS GATE KEEPERS. Come and join us they are very organized, have played on the Japanese server and well informed with information for the guild while using TeamSpeak.  Have fun guys
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  9. Riselle added a post in a topic New here.. ANYONE FROM MABINOGI?   

    I am actually selling my account on the Mari server.  Main character is over 7,000 total level with over 10 mounts plus has five additional characters as alts.  Tons of inv while bags and bags full of materials to use.
    If interested please reply.
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  10. Riselle added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Ricotta
    Family Name: BiscottiRepublic

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  11. Riselle added a post in a topic New here.. ANYONE FROM MABINOGI?   

    I am actually selling my account on mabinogi.  Server is Mari 7k+ total level and is OP.  All my Other accounts linked to it will go as well.
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  12. Riselle added a post in a topic New here.. ANYONE FROM MABINOGI?   

    I am from mabinogi, 8+ years.
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  13. Riselle added a post in a topic New here.. ANYONE FROM MABINOGI?   

    I am from mabinogi, 8+ years.
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  14. Riselle added a post in a topic Looking For A Guild~[closed]   

    Try to get into Gate Keepers they really organized and very friendly and helpfull, it is how I got beta key too.
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  15. Riselle added a post in a topic New here.. ANYONE FROM MABINOGI?   

    Mabinogi is not pay to win but its close to Black Desert Online.  I was on me Mari server.  MY char is OP without reforges.
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