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  1. yuimiara added a post in a topic auto frame optimizer in setting malfunctions   

    thank you !!!!
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  2. yuimiara added a topic in Suggestions   

    auto frame optimizer in setting malfunctions
    so i was really happy that bdo introduced auto frame optimizer function. But as i checked the function, it sometimes just make the game crash, i dont know if the optimizer is the reason, because this problem happened after i checked frame optimizer so i suppose its the optimizer's fault. to be honest, its so annoying especially when the world boss is about to die, then your game crashed...this actually has happened more than 3 times on me...feelsbadman 
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  3. yuimiara added a post in a topic character creation issue   

    that works, thank you so much dude!
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  4. yuimiara added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    character creation issue
    So right now i have 4 characters in total, the 4th character in game does not look the same as how i created it. However it does look like how i created it in the character selection screen, i have seen a lot of people are getting this issue, please solve this bug as soon as poosible.
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  5. yuimiara added a post in a topic Character in game doesn't look like i created   

    same thing happened to me too, please solve this bug!!
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