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Posts posted by Scarleone

  1. Has actually no one received any rewards?
    I can confirm that prizes have been wrapped and picked up by (I believe) PostNL shortly after we received your mail addresses.

    By now delays can not be explained by delivery times or even customs for the parcels who went outside Europe.
    We will investigate and see that you get your rewards as soon as possible.


    I haven't received the T-shirt yet either. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Has anyone received any of the shipped items? They said they would be shipped by the latest on April 18th, but we're closing in on a month later and I still haven't received them :$

    I haven't received anything yet either. 

  3. Congrats to the winners. Although I do agree with the others that it felt a bit RNG. Choosing which video wins is a pretty subjective matter though, and the ones I personally liked didn't make it into the list.

    AWWWW, thought i had a chance at this =(. Rip Like 12 Hours of editing and Scene picking...

    Wow, I really liked the scenes and music you used! There were a lot of other great videos that I thought deserved to be in the top 20 as well. Sorry to hear that you didn't win, but your video is definitely one of my personal favorites.

    Yeh officially now suspicious of disqualification after going through videos. I would like to have a confirmation that my video was considered, especially considering most other winners are either unwatchable, mess of edits, against rules, most are just walking shots ,suicide pacts that only earns a oscar as a 'Snuff' movie, or one is nearly 80% blackness!

    Was there anything in particular that you didn't like about my video? There are a couple things I feel that I could have done better, and I want to make better music videos, so I'd definitely appreciate more feedback! Haha.

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  4. [Uno;Scarleone]

    Thanks Daum and Pearl Abyss for creating such a fun event! I put a lot of effort into making this video, and really enjoyed every moment making it. Hope you guys like it. 


    [Uno, Mihairi]

    1. A screenshot of yourself on a mount (horse or donkey)


    2. A screenshot of yourself on a boat


    3. A screenshot of yourself on a wagon