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  1. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Give Potion Use An Animation   

    He's saying the damage is so high at the upper levels that you can be killed before a potion is popped, and with the longer cool down and lack of an extra large potion it's much better than a potion spam. Fights can be over in an instant with enchanted gear especially at +15 and above.
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  2. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Grinding Class?   

    Wizard or Tamer
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  3. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic <THEM> The Eternal Mist - PvP - Node Wars - Whaling - Discord [EDAN]   

    Seems pretty chill, I'll join.
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  4. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic CBT1 Feedback from an Experienced Player   

    After experiencing the leveling in CBT1 with a sorceress I agree that leveling needs to be sped up, maybe not to KR levels but somewhere close. I haven't played any of the other versions so all I know about the game are my CBT experiences and what I've been able to find out through extensive research, but what you're saying about class balance corroborates what I've been able to discover. I only made it to level 33 so I wasn't able to experience endgame, but even I felt that PvP was massively unbalanced at my level. Wizards and Tamers absolutely wrecked me and there wasn't even a major gear disparity. I'm not saying I want PvP to be restricted to 50, but with the way things are now (Not having Blader/Plum, and Valk not being in this CBT) it seems like it might be necessary. A lot of the classes simply aren't fleshed out enough for serious PvP at level 30 and so get wrecked by the Wizard and Tamer which are both scaled to catch up with the older classes, and it really shows. A decent Wizard can show up at a grind spot and completely take over and there isn't really much that can be done about it (Tried to kill one and got destroyed). Hopefully after this test Daum will see that the leveling needs to be sped up significantly. I agree with the points you've made +1.
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  5. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic I would Subscribe to this MMO   

    B2P seems like the best model for this game, Not only will the paywall deter a lot of the more undesired types (Gold Sellers, Super young kids, etc.) but it also allows for players who can't really afford a monthly upkeep. This way you don't have to worry about needing to fork over cash every time you come back from a break or if your financial situation changes and you have to temporarily cancel a sub.
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  6. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic [Black Horizon] PVX Guild , Recruiting for NA CBT and Launch   

    Just put in an application. Sounds like a guild I can get behind.
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  7. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Removed "banned words" in name creation   

    I tried to create a character named Yoshitsune and was unable to. I hope they change this feature before name reservations, it's actually pretty annoying.
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  8. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Poll Time! What class are you rolling first/will be your main?   

    I'll be playing either Sorc or Witch until Plum comes out.
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  9. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    +1 to OP I also agree, having Plum/Blader on launch would be great.
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  10. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Thank you Black Desert   

    Take my like sir, I'm tired of seeing people complain about this game. Sure it has problems but these things can be fixed. Really loving the game so far!
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  11. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic CBT1 Feedback   

    I agree completely.
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  12. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Amaterasu
    Family Name: Marethyu
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/tp5wVyr.jpg
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  13. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Amaterasu
    Family Name: Marethyu
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/tp5wVyr.jpg
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  14. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Anyone tried the game with a 980TI?   

    On a 980TI I've been getting around 65-70 fps outside of cities and 55 fps in cities max settings.
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  15. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

  16. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic What Pre-order package will you claim?   

    I went with conqueror's simply because I wanted to support the game.
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  17. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic Whats your Former Games   

    1. Blade and Soul
    2. Phantasy Star Online 2
    3. World of Warcraft
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  18. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic [POLL] What class are you picking and why?   

    I'm thinking of playing either witch or sorceress, I haven't really decided which atm. They both seem to be interesting classes with a variety of skills, plus I always liked the mage classes. Not to mention that scythe awakening looks amazing!
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  19. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic PvE probably needs to change for the western community. What do you think?   

    This game has a lot of potential both for PvP and PvE, the limiting factors however are the lack of quality PvE content, the gear based PvP, and the poor endgame. This game has a chance to be one of the best PvP/PvE hybrids ever. Open world PvP with no instances to create a challenge for farm spots and loot would be an amazing addition. Instances would kill this game. However, there is a massive PvE barrier to PvP and I can't see that going away anytime soon. Why not make that necessary PvE exciting with difficult mobs and bosses, and fully immersive open world dungeons? 
    What this game needs is a challenging PvE system with good mob and boss tactics to help increase dificulty so the grind to max level isn't as soul rending. It needs open world dungeons where PvP is a complete possibility, so that players can fight over good loot. It needs It needs quality PvP where player skill matters and your gear won't carry you so far above other players. Good gear should be important, but when gear starts creating huge canyons for players to traverse in PvP combat then it has ruined the game. Potions should most definitely be nerfed, because as they currently stand the player with the most potions is the winner. If you want a PvP only game then BDO isn't for you, this game is an open world sandbox with a necessary grind. If that grind is horribly tedious and boring it will turn players away from the game and lead to an early demise. 
    So let's recap.
    Open world PvP is a must have. It increases difficulty, makes the game more realistic, and is simply more fun. I want to have to fear for my life when I exit a safe zone.Good PvE is a must have. It allows players to become accustomed to their class and gain skill, and caters to the general MMO audience which would draw in more player and proportionally, more money.Exciting non-instanced dungeons would be a great addition. Not only would it give players something to do when they aren't out in the world pking each other, but it broadens the audience that the game would cater to, increasing the cash flow.Epic World bosses where PvP can occur. In a game like this an epic world boss to drop legendary, but balanced loot would be amazing. Players can fight over who gets the kill, which would increase competition and further intertwine PvP with PvE game play.I think these are compromises that are entirely possible, players who want skill based PvP can get skill based PvP and players who want engaging exploratory PvE can get the open world they crave.
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  20. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic The PvP Suggestions to end all, development team please read!   

    I agree with this completely, instancing kills games. A world where you can PvP whenever and wherever sounds exciting. It adds a level of danger to the game that will really immerse the player base. Instancing is probably one of the most annoying things in MMO gaming today, it has singularly killed player interaction and immersion. Not only does an open world dungeon system sound extremely fun, but it is also something that I feel would fit into the open world sandbox style of the game. This system that you've suggested would put a stop to a lot of problems currently existing in games (Low social interaction, boring PvP and PvE, massive guilds owning the game completely, and lack of immersive and realistic danger). If you aren't fearing death then the game isn't good enough.
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  21. OblivionSeeker added a post in a topic PvE Hopes & Dreams   

    I enjoy both PvE and PvP equally. That being said, a game with only PvP content gets boring fast. A game needs variety to be successful, and there are a lot of interesting ideas out there that can make this game my MMO of choice. The grind fest of this game isn't really to big of a problem, anyone who expects to play an MMO without tedious grinding should find another genre. However, the current grind in BDO is somewhat atrocious, mobs are way too weak, the AI is terribly unsophisticated, and bosses are unrewarding and dry. The PvE system in this game needs a lot of work, but if done properly I can see myself spending hours in this game.
    Here are some things I would like to see in BDO.
    A more balanced leveling curve. Currently going from level 1-50 is incredibly easy while 50-60 takes exponentially longer. This is no bueno, balancing out the leveling will make for a more interesting and rewarding game for all.Harder mobs. Currently BDO monsters are horrendously easy to kill, this isn't helped by the fact that potions are so broken. While killing basic mobs shouldn't necessarily be super-hard, that doesn't mean that any decently good player should be able to go out and wreck everything in site without having to worry about dying. A moderate increase in monster tactics and difficulty would add a level of danger and immersion to the game that it is currently lacking.Epic boss battles. One thing that truly makes an MMO an MMO is the epic lore inspired boss fights. Like FFXIV's eidolon bosses or WoW's giant raid bosses, by implementing epic bosses that tie into the lore of BDO the immersion and enjoyment of the game can be increased. Not only would this give incentive for PvE players to keep playing the game, but it would also draw in the PvP crowd who are looking for legendary gear.An open world dungeon system with difficult dungeons. Currently the game has no real PvE dungeon content to speak of, and in a massive open world game like BDO this is a travesty. The PvP content of this game while good, isn't enough to hold on to a larger player base. Instanced dungeons kill immersion and weaken social interaction, but an open world dungeon that resets every hour or so would make partying more rewarding.A super difficult mega-dungeon. A rewarding dungeon with ever increasing difficulty per floor would add a very interesting dimension of gameplay to BDO. Not only would it get players to interact with each other and form parties and guilds, the exploration aspect of the dungeon could reward those who complete the floors with the promise of epic loot that would draw in PvP players looking for that extra edge.Finally, rewarding exploration. BDO has a massive map with alot of potential for exploration. However, as it currently stands there's no reason to take advantage of this large map by partying up with friends and adventuring. By implementing a system that makes exploration worth it, such as hidden bosses or dungeons with rare gear drops, players would have more incentive to break away from the monotony of grinding to go out an explore the world of BDO.If some of these things can be implemented into BDO while keeping the open world PvP aspect, I believe that this game could become truly spectacular. Currently BDO has a solid foundation, Excellent character creation, an amazing open world, and an engaging combat system. The only thing it really lacks is worthwhile PvE, something that would give players a reason to stick around and say "Shut up and take my money!"
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