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  1. Nuggzy added a topic in General   

    This game is crap
    DC's left and right since your -----ed up DDOS fix.  Fix this crappy -----ing game.
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  2. Nuggzy added a post in a topic Authentication Server DDOS - NA   

    I can't do shit, can't stay logged in more then 2 minutes.  Either your patch totally screwed things up(likely) or it's DDOS part deux.
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  3. Nuggzy added a post in a topic Click-Unhappy   

    Practically every other mmo on the planet - Right click > the whole stack moves, 1 vs 3, which is easier.  When I am moving stuff from my bag to storage I seldom split the stack, here I have to go through the motion every time.  If I am out hunting/gathering when I move a stack to my horse because my bag is full I only split the stack IF I want to reserve a slot for a certain item yet I have to go through the motion EVERY time.....
    And I know I have said this already but the damn confirmation boxes have to go.  I would much rather reconnect one horse because I disconnected it by mistake then answer yes I REALLY do want to disconnect this horse the multitude of times that I already have and will in the future.  Oh hell, I disconnected that horse by mistake, now the game is going to crash and when I reload it I will be playing WoW.  Come on, what the hell is it going to hurt?  The game only needs the confirmation on deleting items and things that have a very adverse affect on the game.
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  4. Nuggzy added a post in a topic PSA: Trade Distance Bonus Percentages Chart   

    I have started a page with all of the current nodes.  Right now it just has the bonuses from the above chart and a few others added.  There is a submission form to submit missing bonuses.  http://bdotrader.mmosoul.com/distance.html
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  5. Nuggzy added a topic in Suggestions   

    How many more clicks do we need to add to the UI??
    Now I have to click the reward item when there is only one reward?
    Now I have to answer yes I know it can't be removed for 5 minutes to every damn item I post?
    It's bad enough that it takes 3 clicks to move a stack in my inventory but then you add all of this other crap.  I am about to find another game because my wrist hurts too bad from playing this. If I right click a stack it should go to my storage, get rid of the damn calculator gump.  And give me a check box to never show this stupid confirmation prompt again.  That is just the tip of the iceberg, it takes 30 damn clicks to do anything in this game.  If I breed two horses first I have to put one on the market.  I am not letting anyone breed it mind you, I have another box to click so only I can see it.  So what is the point of putting it on the market other then giving me another box to click?
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  6. Nuggzy added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    There it is, PVP always finds a way to screw up everything.  PVP is the scourge of the MMO world, but that is beside the fact. They could easily make those buffs useless in pvp.
    1. Storage space limits help them.  The more crap they send at us the more we have to purchase upgrades so why would they give two shits about it.
    2. Unfair advantage - AT WHAT??  Getting a few cosmetic items, such a game breaker.  
    They extend the events because the drop rates are crap.  I have taken a break the last two days because my wrist is killing me from farming hours on end to get the rum.  An event shouldn't be a job.  I haven't enjoyed the farming but I am an event item whore so I did what I could to get it. The crappy customer support started from the pre-order fiasco and continues on.  It's really sad because this could be a great game if not so poorly managed.
    1. Fix the drop rates.
    2. Extend the event.
    3. Put a buy-back option on the npc so we can sell our flags back that we bought so we wouldn't get screwed out of getting anything.
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  7. Nuggzy added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    yeah I blew my rum on a second flag also, I wish they would make up their damn mind when this shit will end.  And why the hell does the rum and vendor have to vanish at the end.  I know most games, one in particular that still has vendors from events that happened years ago and I can still exchange stuff I had for it.
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  8. Nuggzy added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


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  9. Nuggzy added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Server Maintenance May 25th   

    or...AND give us the ability to move that stupid crap out of the way so we can see what we actually want to read, too much stuff all pops up in the same location.  All the market and other guild spam shouldn't override stuff that I am actively doing.  Move the market to a new message window and move guild logins and such to guild chat.
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  10. Nuggzy added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Server Maintenance May 25th   

    heh, server lag caused a repost
    That's like asking the weasel to fix the hole he is using to get in the hen house, too many games to list have been ruined my corrupt devs
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  11. Nuggzy added a post in a topic Crafted Wagon vs Bought in stable   

    Auto path won't always take the same path and sometimes it will bug out after a turn and stay in slow motion until it hits the next turn.  That and auto path is not full speed.  The only true way to test it is sailing straight under player control.
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  12. Nuggzy added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

  13. Nuggzy added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild missions
    The guild mission reset time sucks.  For us it's 8pm, so you do all your missions then you have nothing to do for the rest of the day.  Either offer a set of missions every 4 hours with one choice or go to a recharge system where it adds one to our mission pool every 4 hours with a max of 5 or 6.  At least then the missions are spread out during the day so people that play off hours have a chance to contribute.  After all that is really the only MMO part of the game, with no trades, guild crafters, guild gatherers....other then the guild missions it's a solo game with chat.
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  14. Nuggzy added a post in a topic So uh, that Red Nose Leader guy huh.   

    nah, but at least normal mob loot would be nice, I wouldn't say 2k silver would be out of hand, something, hell even an achievement
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  15. Nuggzy added a post in a topic So uh, that Red Nose Leader guy huh.   

    A level 27 guildie was getting crits on it so I would say that is not true.  If it's only supposed to be done by 50's why the hell is it right outside the starting areas?
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