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  1. Aywa added a post in a topic My theory as to why we have not yet visited the land north of Valencia.   

    I played since the beta and even then tutorial started in Olvia, not Illya.
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  2. Aywa added a post in a topic TIER 8 HORSES CRASHING THE GAME   

    Except that's not how you code online games precisely for the reason that you can never guarantee that the client will work with an accurate game state. Online games are coded such that the game state on the server always overrides the game state of the client. If any part of the client game state is illegal, it is most often quietly discarded (in this game, however, the game does play a nice sound effect when you rubberband). Mismatch between the client and server game state should never cause the client to crash. All game state related logic should be written in IoC methods which are called by the engine and blanket wrapped in an exception handler. I am sorry, but your example makes no sense whatsoever. You speak as if you're someone who only just recently finished an introductory course to software design.
    However, it is possible for the slow hard drive to cause a crash if the blocking call to read the data time outs for some reason (maybe to prevent freezes) and the time out is not handled. Also keep in mind that this game uses a number of third party APIs and libraries for some tasks, it's entirely possible for a certain interaction to cause problems and for that interaction only to manifest when the game data loading times are slow. However, as another poster once said, that then is a plain old bug.
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  3. Aywa added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    And where exactly does it say "cut throat OW PvP" as the post whose quote I negated said? Maybe you're the one who forgot how to read, I never said that devs/publishers didn't advertise OW PvP as one of its features, only that it wasn't supposed to be one of the main features and most certainly it wasn't supposed to be "cut throat". You do have extensive OW PvP options in this game. The fact that you choose to whine about one of them because it's not entirely to your liking is called "being spoiled for choice". You still don't get it that the karma system is there precisely to limit the amount of "cut throatedness" of the game's OW PvP.
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  4. Aywa added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    I failed to find any of the following terms in that interview: "hardcore", "cut throat", "pvp focused", "pvp oriented". I never said that devs or the sites never mentioned OW PvP as a feature of the game, I just said that it was never marketed as a hard core pvp MMO like Tera where there aren't any consequences for killing other players. As another poster stated, this interview states the exact opposite of what you're claiming.
    Also, the way I see it, you could also say that people who PK others for fun are the entitled ones and can't handle getting karma bombed without going on the forums and whining about it. I find that quite cute actually, people who role play as these big bad thugs need a little safe space of their own where they can't be held responsible for their actions. The first MMO I ever played was a game where going red on someone bore the risk of dropping all your gear to whoever killed you and people regularly dropped almost everything they had and had to rebuild their gear from scratch and they did that without ever whining about it. I myself was quite naughty in that game as well and dropped shit ton of stuff, fun times. This is why I find it insanely hilarious that people complain about getting karma bombed in this game. There are some players I used to know in that game I mentioned earlier who would laugh their asses off at the fact that people are crying about this game's karma system. I mean, what's the worst thing you can lose? Some enchants and a couple of crystals? Cry me a river, boo hoo, so unfair, much salt. Why should this game cater to you and not to players who want to see your eyes dry out from so many salty tears after they make you go neg 1 000 000 karma? After all, it's just their way of defending/taking a grinding spot for themselves. Some people complain that this game doesn't reward the stronger player, but the weaker player. No, this game rewards smarter and more patient players (which are strengths in their own right).
    I am sorry that BDO doesn't offer you your dream PvP experience you thought you were entitled to get from it, try again with other MMOs, best of luck, really. Also, if you searched other threads, especially those containing PvP related polls, you'd see that most players do not wish the karma system to become less forgiving for PKers. You're a minority, deal with it.
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  5. Aywa added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    Source? I've never seen it marketed as such by any MMO website, especially not by any official sources. 
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  6. Aywa added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    If you want a PvP game go play Overwatch or League of Legends.
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  7. Aywa added a post in a topic BOTS!!!!!!!!!?????   

    Maybe you should actually read my post where I explain how it's possible for someone to claim the item before you even get to do anything (the part about the delay).
    Also, with a proper gaming keyboard and mouse you can spam the Buy button incredibly fast. 50% of the time when the winner of the bid doesn't claim the item I manage to get it and most of the time that they do I still manage to spam fast enough to get the "Failed to buy the item" message. Not saying there aren't any bots on the marketplace, but not nearly as many as you make it out to be.
    And no, judging by your and other people's posts, most people do not have the first bit of knowledge how the bidding in this game works, you wouldn't be making this thread if you knew how it worked. I will keep my snide comments to myself when people like you start keeping your salty tinfoil hat theories for yourselves and stop spamming the forums with useless, misinformed threads.
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  8. Aywa added a post in a topic BOTS!!!!!!!!!?????   

    For the umpteenth time, this is how the bidding works:
    1) Item goes to bidding phase which lasts 30 seconds, during this time, any player can make a single bid on the item.
    2) At the end of the bidding phase, the game randomly chooses a single player that wins the bid.
    3) After the bidding phase the item proceeds to the checking phase (the "counting" button changes to "end bidding"). This phase lasts until either the player who won the bid claims the item or until further 30 seconds have passed.
    4a) If the player who won the bid successfully claims the item, the item is deleted from the marketplace and moved to the player's inventory
    4b) If the player who won the bid doesn't claim the item within 30 seconds after the bid phase ended (or 60 seconds after the item first entered the bidding phase), the item becomes buyable by any player
    Whenever a player sends any request for an item that is no longer in the marketplace, the game will show the following message "The item is already sold.", think of it as the 404 NOT FOUND message for the marketplace. If this message appears when you click on the "Check bidding" button, this does not mean that you and another player won the bid (as stated, only one player can win the bid), it just means that someone else won the bid and has already claimed the item (this can be done quite fast with a good gaming keyboard and mouse).
    Even if someone used a bot for the marketplace, it would only give them the following advantages:
    1) They can camp the marketplace for hours while afk
    2) Once the item becomes buyable by any player, a bot can buy it faster than a regular player
    During the bidding and checking phase, however, bots do not have any advantages over human players. The reason why you often fail when buying an item is because there are many players (think thousands) bidding on that item, making your chance of success often less than 0.1%, this is often the case with pearl items and highly sough items such as various crafting ingredients (logs, weeds, etc.). 
    Finally, bear in mind that due to delay, the item can still appear to be in the bidding phase for you when it's actually already moved to checking phase or has even been claimed, this is not a bug or evidence of bot using.
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  9. Aywa added a post in a topic Black Spirit.   

    if you don't care about lore why do you care what your Black Spirit looks like then?
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  10. Aywa added a post in a topic How many times did you fail at TRI ?   

    1 fail on main (30-ish FS), 0 fails on awakening (25-30 FS).
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  11. Aywa added a post in a topic Black Spirit.   

    That's what you get for spamming R on each and every dialogue in the game. You're also probably one of those people who think BDO lore sucks while never spending any time trying to get into it. The entire questline from level 1-55 is about you finding more about your black spirit and how can you get rid of it. You also literally fight your black spirit as the final boss in that questline. After you defeat it the Black Spirit reverts to its first evolution (second form) and begs you not to abandon it whenever you call it.
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  12. Aywa added a post in a topic Bye Bye Witch it was a great time - Welcome Ranger - Bye bye Ranger -> -.-   

    You have to focus 100% of time on Valencia mobs as a witch? You're aware you have heals? I'm sorry, but as a main witch myself that played around with a ranger for a bit, I don't know how on earth can you say ranger has more survivability in PvE than witch. With witch I can literally go anywhere without any pots.
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  13. Aywa added a post in a topic gathering 80,000 logs :(   

    You can get your processing to Artisan first, that way you only need about 16000 logs. Craft cloth with Sute tea to get processing up fast (you need cloth for the ship anyways).
    For gathering buffs use the Gathering suit that is at least +2, Ghilie suit and then either Balenos Meal or Warm Milk. Warm Milk will also give you extra energy regeneration. You can also get 1d Blessing of Kamasylve from the Loyalty shop to increase energy regeneration. If you don't have a gathering suit or a ghilie suit, you can use Worker's Elixir which you can find on marketplace, craft through alchemy or get by grinding at helms.
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  14. Aywa added a post in a topic AFK RIDING STOPS RANDOMLY FREQUENTLY!   

    On a more useful note, I've had this happen to me only once shortly after the New World was introduced, hasn't happened since neither on horse nor wagon.
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