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  1. Vagrant added a post in a topic Post pics of your Warrior   

    Guess I should post mine in here.

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  2. Vagrant added a post in a topic Why is Fishing So Terrible Most Places?   

    Everyone fishes in towns because you don't need to connect any nodes to sell the fish at a good price. It's not the best locations to fish though, just the simplest.
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  3. Vagrant added a post in a topic Clearing up misconceptions, how the game really works.   

    Honestly, they should remove the stats anyway just to keep everyone quiet. People are already blowing it out of proportion so it's just better for Daum to play it safe in the long run. The ones who aren't outraged about it simply don't care enough about whether it exists or not. No point in keeping it there.
    Plus it would probably help lower the price on the outfits since it no longer has much "value" outside of its look.
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  4. Vagrant added a post in a topic Awakening will turn this game into the exact thing I've been avoiding in Asian MMOs   

    That still doesn't make it low fantasy under nearly any definition of the term. Have you played the game at all? There's magic everywhere. It's not practiced by most commoners but it's not an "eerie mythological" thing either. You've got wizard rebels slinging fireballs at you and valkyries and mage types studying certain types of magic in the towns/cities. Goblins, beastmen, and giants casually stroll through the cities and orc villages sit literally right along the main roads. The way magic and other "fantasy" things are perceived in the game world doesn't align to how most low fantasy genres perceive it.
    Also since you're going to quote wikipedia, the games listed on that article are mostly based on the real world (or very close to it) but there's an undercurrent of mystical and bizarre things that the normal populace aren't aware of. Well, at least the games I actually recognize on the list (Vampire the Masquerade, Persona 4, Thief, and Mount & Blade, to be exact) That's not what you see in Black Desert.
    If we really want to compare this universe to anything, it's more along the lines of D&D, and I don't think anyone has ever considered that a low fantasy universe, whether in video games or otherwise.
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  5. Vagrant added a post in a topic Gender Bending - Making The Best Of A Bad Thing   

    Reposting because why not.

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  6. Vagrant added a post in a topic So Why Does Loot Vanish After 30 Seconds?   

    Umm I've been playing the RU version for a few months now with no loot pets. It's not as big of a problem as people are making it out to be. If you're worried about it despawning, just loot while kiting the other monsters. Unless you're stupid, they're not going to kill you.
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  7. Vagrant added a post in a topic Awakening will turn this game into the exact thing I've been avoiding in Asian MMOs   

    Black Desert is about as high fantasy as you can get. There's elves, goblins, orcs running around everywhere, magic is commonplace, black spirits are possessing people. Not sure where you're getting the idea this game's setting is anywhere near low fantasy.
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  8. Vagrant added a post in a topic bad buisiness call from DAUM   

    I don't think I've seen a B2P MMO without a cash shop. Nice try though.
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  9. Vagrant added a post in a topic bad buisiness call from DAUM   

    It actually would, since Daum would be bleeding money and eventually would need to close down the servers.
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  10. Vagrant added a post in a topic Do you guys think the community is going to be toxic?   

    Wouldn't call the forum toxic, more like boring. It's the same regurgitated topics and questions on a daily basis followed by several pages of "oh it's this thread again".
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  11. Vagrant added a post in a topic Punished For Keybinds   

    The combo buttons actually feel way easier to press than the hotbar. Still can't figure out how people can press anything above 6 and still move around properly. BDO's setup feels almost natural at this point since I've always keybinded skills to things like Shift+E, Ctrl+Q, etc.
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  12. Vagrant added a post in a topic is name offencive   

    You remind me of a 90s hair removal product.
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  13. Vagrant added a post in a topic Where's the hype?   

    I try to not get hyped for any game these days, especially MMOs. I've played the RU version for a bit though and I can safely say I'll be enjoying my time in the NA release for quite a while.
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  14. Vagrant added a post in a topic [OOC] Roleplay Vids   

    There have been threads in the suggestion forum for all of these changes. No word on what Daum plans to do yet.
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  15. Vagrant added a post in a topic RNG Boxes Poll   

    I probably wouldn't even bother with those boxes, and probably the entire cash shop itself at that point.
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