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  1. Basenji added a post in a topic Fix your servers   

    Servers were fine for me before maintenance on average 80ping now its 300+ and constant DC after maintenance West coast Canada =.=
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  2. Basenji added a post in a topic Unable to stay connected Post Patch   

    Same issue can't stay connected disconnects every 1~5min Canada Vancouver ISP is Shaw
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  3. Basenji added a post in a topic Disconnects   

    Disconnect every few min unplayable for me atm guess i'll find another game for now
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  4. Basenji added a post in a topic Cannot Stay Connected in Game since Patch   

    Same issues Canada, Vancouver  ISP Shaw
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  5. Basenji added a post in a topic Don't take level 45 quest reward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

    Don't think it was hidden maybe this will be a lesson for you on reading what rewards you get befor claiming 
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  6. Basenji added a post in a topic Favorite Previous MMOs -- Old School Style (Added More Games)   

    My first mmorpg was a game called Dragon Raja I loved that game still play it sometimes though the only english server is very very low population doubt anyone here has heard of it I would be shocked if someone has.
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  7. Basenji added a post in a topic The definitions of P2W as used by gamers   

    I personally like Total Biscuit's view
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  8. Basenji added a post in a topic Don't play black desert in fullscreen, it will set your monitor's refresh rate to the minimum!   

    works fine for me but I know most people can't get it above 60fps I did have to change settings in my nvidia control panel...

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  9. Basenji added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.2 - Cash Shop and more   

    One persons view p2w stuff that gives you a advantage that you can not get unless you pay I.E a sword that gives 200AP while the best dropable sword is only 150AP or you buy extra skill points etc
    Other Peoples view that is more common today is anything that gives a advantage with money whether it is exp boosts so you level quicker or selling costumes so you don't have to grind for that money basically skipping time gates
    Colts view is that its not p2w since everyone can get that stuff with enough time regardless that you got in a week because you sold some costumes that you bought with money he could get there eventually may take him a few months but he can get there with out paying money unless i'm mistaken Colt556 ?
    Either way its really all about having fun playing the game in the end.
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  10. Basenji added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    There should be no penalty for self defense with the Bloody Debuff
    Red-> Purple 3h
    Purple -> Yellow 2h
    Yellow ->White 1h
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  11. Basenji added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.2 - Cash Shop and more   

    Ahh the good old p2w arguments 
    Older views of p2w: Buying items that can't be obtained ingame any other way other then cashshop that give significant advantages.  i.e. A weapon that has 20AP while best item from boss drop is only 15AP or costumes that give +10 stats etc..
    Newer views of p2w: Anything that gives a player advantage via money whether it is from selling cashshop items to skip the time sinks from having to grind mobs to items that make you more powerful directly like a weapon that gives you more damage that you can't obtain from drops
    Some people go as far as to say exp boosts are a form of p2w and others don't agree. Always interesting seeing peoples different views on the issue...
    Anyway CM_Jouska Please reconsider adding the flagging system back in the game like the way the Korean closed beta was and as PM_Belsazar said Give us the chance to be our own version of Black Desert Online. So let us be our own and add the flagging system back in let us be unique in that regard
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  12. Basenji added a post in a topic Cash Shop accountbound yes or no?   

    I understand 100% that there is a huge difference in gear between +15 and +17 etc I've played other games where it was pretty much the same thing as it was entirely gear dependent but that in it self doesn't make it pay 2 win that is still pay to advanced as I could get that +17 or +20 gear it may take me 4 times as long 8 times as long or even 1000 times as long but the fact is I can still get it eventually
    I know we will never agree on what p2w means as you and I have very different views on what pay 2 win means
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  13. Basenji added a post in a topic Cash Shop accountbound yes or no?   

    See my definition of p2w is buying things that give advantages from cash shop like say a item that increases your attack power, defense, evasion, special buffs or weapons and armor that you can not get any other way then cashshop 
    I wouldn't consider buying items like cosmetics and then selling for gold on market place p2w I would consider that pay to advance quicker
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  14. Basenji added a post in a topic Cash Shop accountbound yes or no?   

    The good old p2w argument what one person finds is p2w another person might not consider that p2w
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  15. Basenji added a topic in Off-Topic   

    What were some of your first MMORPG's you played?
    Just Wondering what was everyone's first MMORPG's were?
    Here are the ones I played for at least 2 years and have very fond memory's of
    Dragon Raja
    Knights online
    RYL (Risk your life)
    What were some of yours? 
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