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  1. Skyfrog added a post in a topic GM Caramel lives!   

    Then youre gonna love me

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  2. Skyfrog added a post in a topic anyone else done with korean mmos?   

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  3. Skyfrog added a post in a topic Wat happen to gm caramel D:   

    GM_Waifu returns!
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  4. Skyfrog added a post in a topic Good news guys!   

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  5. Skyfrog added a post in a topic anyone else done with korean mmos?   

    I actually enjoyed TD.
    I didn't like the island or the ship, especially when casuals joined the game and they nerfed the bosses ground attacks.
    and the entirety of the s2 character list was tarded. That's also about the time they started releasing unnecessary classes that made no sense.
    s3 was pretty fun though.
    Vindi had its flaws, I was with it for so long. But, it was my first introduction to MMOs and it was, for the time, a fairly unique thing.
    I still havent played anything quite like it. I was hoping BDO would be the answer, but ----- me I guess.
    yeah i really fkn hate rng,
    I didnt mind it in tf2 when you were pulling different weapon skins out of boxes or whatever, but having it be a critical part of gameplay its like why
    maybe im just getting older and i have less time/patience for shenanigans
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  6. Skyfrog added a post in a topic anyone else done with korean mmos?   

    hey at least i dont have to sleep with stuffed animals anymore
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  7. Skyfrog added a post in a topic anyone else done with korean mmos?   

    Actually it wasn't for most of its life. It is now though.
    I played it from CBT till recently.
    Go back to /r9k/.
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  8. Skyfrog added a post in a topic anyone else done with korean mmos?   

    Yeah I'm aware of this.
    I really like the whole, make your guy, interact with people, get recognition thing.
    I really like owpvp mostly, i enjoyed getting jumped and having to fend them off.
    Vindictus was a PvE game though, but I really loved it. People knew my character, you had to use team tactics to bring down the bosses (well you used to before gear stacking became commonplace).
    I liked you know, the thing where you can tell a good player because they know what to do on a certain map, like this one map where a boss is charging down a hallway at you and the experienced mages would summon an ice golem to block him.
    Gear carry/Gear dependency. This is my shooter origins but I hate how we can have the same weapon but yours glows more so you kill me instantly. NO.Grind of all shapes and sizes and colorsMMO communities and I have problems jiving. I'm not sure if shooter communities are more chill or if fights just end up being "----- off nerd" and thats the end or what but MMO players get on my nerves so much more. They take everything personally and killing you 90 vs 1 with their fully geared guild gives them bragging rights or something I don't get it. Shooter players just seem more straightforward, though I've heard the opposite from people so it might just be me. Maybe because shooter players are blunt idk. I also see a lot of middle school

    I also see a lot of middle school "rep" going around, not in the way I described though. I mean like, "I'm in a super cool guild I'm way better than you FNAR FNAR FNAR" Like ----- off.
     Cash shop shenanigansP2W monkeyshinesRoleplayersCrafting jesus christ whyMods are usually non existant or third riech levels of heavy handed. No thanks.Walking everywhere because all the mounts suckChild racesOver sexualization of female characters. It's not that I don't like boobs, look at my avatar. I just find most of MMO sexualization completely over the top and really juvenile. I'm not 14, pls go. Some shooters do that too though, looking at you overwatch you pile of garbage.Combos. Like just let me kill the guy holy hell.ANIMATION. CANCELS. if i have to exploit animations to not suck, it's gay.So far I've tried Perfect World which I hated. I tried Vindictus which I loved. Tera was okay. GW2 was okay. BDO was okay. Wildstar was terrible.
    It just seems like every MMO I try I'm having less and less fun. Shooters were always my thing, Battlefield, TF2, Left 4 Dead, etc.
    I'll keep my eye on the market, maybe something amazing will drop.
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  9. Skyfrog added a post in a topic Overwatch® is a Global Hit with 7 Million Players—and Counting   

    Take all that horrible stuff off and we'll revisit this 
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  10. Skyfrog added a post in a topic Good news guys!   

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  11. Skyfrog added a topic in Off-Topic   

    anyone else done with korean mmos?
    or just the genre in general?
    all im seeing is the same money grabs and lackluster content on the horizon with all these new games getting released
    and i mean lets be honest, what was the last like, really decent mmo you played?
    mine was vindictus, that was like 2011. 5 years ago doesn't seem like a lot but it is for a game.
    imma just pass i think and go back to shooters.
    anyone else feel this way or am i just a butt
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  12. Skyfrog added a post in a topic Good news guys!   

    i challenge you to fisticuffs
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  13. Skyfrog added a post in a topic Good news guys!   

    you put sizer's avatar back right this instant young man
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  14. Skyfrog added a post in a topic What happend to the offtopic?   

    they're all tarnished in the eyes of skyfrog
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  15. Skyfrog added a post in a topic Good news guys!   

    it's about the reviving function in the battlefield series. you nerds would know this if you ever played a genre that didnt require abysmal social skills to be good at.
    i never had an issue with defibs, op. git gud
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