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  1. Lushbits added a post in a topic <Ventura> Swe/Eng guild looking for members   

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  2. Lushbits added a post in a topic <Ventura> Swe/Eng guild looking for members   

    Hey again,
    We play pretty much every day. It's not a big guild, 10 members. We are all around 57-58 with some lower level alts ofc. Otherwise it's sounds like you would fit in. We have an artisan 3 training member etc. and we are all pretty much focused on making silver in different life skilling ways.
    Send me a PM or whisper me on Serendia 5
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  3. Lushbits added a post in a topic <Ventura> Swe/Eng guild looking for members   

    Hey! Yes, actually we got two guys that plan to do a lot of hunting once the big boat is done. I'm not too into it though
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  4. Lushbits added a post in a topic Searching for guild.   

    Hej Chris!
    <Ventura> might be the guild for you! We started playing at launch but took a break in september and just returned to the game now. The core of Ventura are Swedish, but we accept other nationalities as well (english as guild language).
    We are quite new and small, but we have a great bunch of guys and girls who enjoy hanging out on Discord and playing casually. Our focus is economy/lifeskills and grinding. We will look into smaller nodes when we grow a bit. We don't have any requirements for guild quests etc. and we can help you get some levels later on and get you spots in guild scroll groups etc.
    If this sounds cool, send me a PM here and let's talk on Discord.
    Link to our recruitment post: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/138665-ventura-sweeng-guild-looking-for-members/
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  5. Lushbits added a post in a topic Returning Lvl 50 Wizard Looking for Guild   

    "who kind of know what they are doing" - ouch
    We do have experience since launch and def. know what we are doing, but good luck finding what you're looking for buddy.
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  6. Lushbits added a post in a topic Returning Lvl 50 Wizard Looking for Guild   

    Welcome back! Maybe Ventura is a good place for you?
    I just posted about us a couple of days ago. You can find the post here:
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  7. Lushbits added a post in a topic <Ventura> Swe/Eng guild looking for members   

    Sorry for the late reply - I'm away on an easter celebration thingy which kind of drags my attention away from BDO for a couple of days
    We are a small/new casual/lifeskill guild. At the moment we are actually just 6 ppl, but we have some more guys incoming. We played from launch to somewhere around september and then took a break (played on Jordine before merge). We returned quite recently again and this time around we want to avoid the constant pressure to do guild quests and to always keep up with growing ap/dp demands of competitive guilds. If we grow we might try to go for some smaller nodes etc. but that's down the line. Right now the focus is to find friendly, solid members that we can enjoy the company of on discord while doing whatever ingame.
    Our goal is to just enjoy the game, help each other out and to let our members focus on what they think gives them the most meaning in the game. We will share strategies on lifeskilling/silver making, help eachother level, do scrolls and guild quests etc. but none of the activities will come with any attendance requirements.
    It's a good home for new players, we can help out with a lot of advice etc., but it's also a good place for experienced players that wants to go the more casual/social route in BDO. As mentioned before we are Swedish/Norwegian, but we are happy to accept good people from all over EU.
    I hope you got some more info - just let me know if there is anything else you want to know!
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  8. Lushbits added a topic in European Guild   

    <Ventura> Swe/Eng guild looking for members
    Hi guys!
    We just recently started up the casual/life skill guild Ventura and now we could use some more friendly guys or girls to hang out with on Discord. We have basically no in-game requirements as of now, but we prefer you to be over 25 years old at least. Most of us are in our thirties. The guild suits you well if you are a returning or new player. We don't mind helping you out to get some levels and we do a lot of stuff together - scrolls etc. and guild quests if you feel like it (again, no stress).
    The core of Ventura is Swedish (and one Norwegian gal) but we wouldn't mind english speaking members either. Just send me a message here if you want a friendly and chill guild to hang out in 
    Cheers guys,

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  9. Lushbits added a post in a topic Make "Costumes" non class specific and transferable   

    get it done, son!
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  10. Lushbits added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Sorry, I meant if Daum EUROPE has communicated that? Since you were quoting them in your post.
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  11. Lushbits added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Can you link to anywhere this has been communicated by Daum? Just curious
    Edit: And also, don't you lose crystals in KR? Here in EU/NA you lose NOTHING at the moment.
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  12. Lushbits added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Uhm, yes they do. If a player with positive karma is killed by another player they die 100% penalty free. What's wrong with that wording?
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  13. Lushbits added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

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  14. Lushbits added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Quote for visibility for the poll
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  15. Lushbits added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Most of us agree 100% that it needs tweaking. Most us are totally fine with the 0xp loss stays as long as something else is put in place.
    The griefing takes place now, you know that right? After the patch. That is what we want to stop.
    Everyone has a chance of advancing. Join a guild, start at Elrics, manes or some other spot, until u are strong enough to go Sausans.
    The real high rollers and no lifers are at pirates anyway.
    Im sure even you agree that you can't expect to get the top rewards in the game if you are not a top player? Or do you advocate a total communist game where everyone gets access to everything and everyone is equal?
    you can't have it both ways.
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