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  1. Bloodgod added a topic in General   

    Fishing Boat default speed???
    So far I have been able to make the Raft and Ferry( Row boat ), and before taking on the ginormous task of completing the fishing boat(already several mats), I would Love to know if anyone has any idea what the default speed on a Fishing boat is? I know speed is upgradable, I just want to know the default starting movement speed.
    So far, Raft= 100% and Ferry(row boat)=105%
    Anyone know Fishing Boat default movement speed?
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  2. Bloodgod added a topic in General   

    It's annoying how many people whine so often.  Unfortunately the internet gives everyone a voice even to the whiny little -----es....  Get a life and chill, let them fix the errors, and hey if its not for you, GTFO and STFU k?
    If the game ends up turning to shit, so be it. Maybe at some point a more ideal game (for you) will be made, but stop trying to force this into being what you want it to be (It's a GAME). The pure negative criticisms vibes will end up crushing the game/community eventually.
    Keep your composure and manage your sensitive little feelings.............................................................

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  3. Bloodgod added a post in a topic This community..   

    Its the -----ing Iphones... all that social media crap.. good thing I didn't fall into that trap... This generation is full of idiots.
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  4. Bloodgod added a post in a topic Maintenance? Launcher Error   

    Must be your first rodeo
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  5. Bloodgod added a post in a topic No more patches please!   

    lol.... well we don want a game that we can play right? So we need the patches.. i mean their doing their job for a reason
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  6. Bloodgod added a post in a topic Conq. costume question   

    Aweome that would work.
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  7. Bloodgod added a topic in General   

    Conq. costume question
    I am planning to play Ranger main but I want the unique costume for my Witch so... if I make my Ranger first, do I HAVE to give it to her (since its character bound and you have to claim your stuff) or can I chose who gets what?
    So to be clear, will making my Ranger first lock the costume to her or can I give it to another Character? 
    Apologies if this has already been answered.
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  8. Bloodgod added a post in a topic A Silly Yet Legit Question   

    Try to do that with a witch 
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  9. Bloodgod added a post in a topic The dye system is too inaccessable   

    I agree. Dyeing is pretty essential in my opinion but in it's current state, lvling a few classes to max lvl seems much easier than trying to dye half of your gear in a way you would like. 
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  10. Bloodgod added a post in a topic Whats your Family name and why?   

    Seider, which is how I decided to spell Seidr. Seidr was a Norse practice which allowed altering part of ones destiny. 
    Thought my Goddess  Freya, the user would enter a trance state and travel to the nine worlds to effectively alter fate.
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  11. Bloodgod added a post in a topic This game is not competitive   

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  12. Bloodgod added a post in a topic Remove character preset restriction on certain class!!!   

    That's spoon fed talk bro.  If you put only 5% of the energy you spend on complaining and put it into CC, you would see a huge difference.
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  13. Bloodgod added a post in a topic No Blader/Plum on launch?   

    @Ronald Reagan Blader is like a guy.. with a Katana.
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  14. Bloodgod added a topic in General   

    Hello! My Ranger is accepting ANY gifts sent her way.  As repayment, she will seductively model any costume sent by form of  a screenie and make it look SEXY, even the Ghillie suit! So send them all my way. PM me nows for my info.
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  15. Bloodgod added a post in a topic How will YOU take advantage of your 48/96 hour head start?   

    For me, I think it would be best to get up in the lvls, maybe 35-40ish at least.  That would open up a lot of doors and bring in enough cash, resources, etc to then go back and do any of the other stuff.
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