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  1. Tessirch added a post in a topic Post pics of your character!   

    Already posted my soceress so why not post my new char that i'm working on..

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  2. Tessirch added a post in a topic Black Desert Online Golden Flondor Goose Egg   

    still I don't have it... time for a bug report I guess.
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  3. Tessirch added a post in a topic Black Desert Online Golden Flondor Goose Egg   

    ooookey and if you don't get the quest at all?
    I have alot of eggs and so on talk to him every day but still no quest... so I might be ONLY for player over level 60?
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  4. Tessirch added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    Here are my *amateur photoshoot* Witch.
    have taken me around 7 tries to get her looking like this.

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  5. Tessirch added a post in a topic <Ventura> Swe/Eng guild looking for members   

    lol skrev fel var mening *don't want*
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  6. Tessirch added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    this is mine I kind of really liked the witch class instead of wizard don't ask my why.

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  7. Tessirch added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    30+ seams legit and fun though I am 29 need to wait until december
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  8. Tessirch added a post in a topic <Ventura> Swe/Eng guild looking for members   

    how many member do you have?
    and what kind of guild are you?
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  9. Tessirch added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    Is there a Level cap on that quest?
    Because I don't have it from black spirit.
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  10. Tessirch added a topic in European Guild   

    Searching for guild.
    Hello i'm a early bird player *closet beta*
    My name Is Chris and i'm 30 years old *yeah old timer*
    I'm from sweden and I really love the game.
    I have skype/discord/mumble/teamspeak in chat/voice programs.

    The Chars I have in the writing moment.
    ***Don't mock a guy for liking the female gender***
    Main in a way: Ranger @ 35
    Second main: Soceress @ 47
    Third main: Witch @ 20
    Playing in Europe on velia 1-6

    Though I have a work thats keeping me away from the computer sometimes **04:30-15:00 CEST**
    I try to play as much as a can.

    Ive played some times but suddenly got a work and whole world turned up side down haha.
    I quit the game but came back because I loved to world and the awesome gameplay. anywho.

    I'm searching for a guild thats active friendly playing PVP/PVE.
    Hope to get in touch whit some nice guild in the future.

    Peace out.

    Discord: Chris.Nath #2226
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  11. Tessirch added a post in a topic Need a bit of a help.   

    The question is I have a level 22 ranger and I have forgotten how to play her.
    I do have around 5000 pearl worth of outfit in her pearl box but I know you can't put them into a warehouse?
    thats the problem I'm worried about.
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  12. Tessirch added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Need a bit of a help.
    Hello community and awesome Admins.

    First of all I did'nt know hwere I should put this.

    I'm a bit of a no go player right now.
    Ive was here a month after the release of the game then I came back just as the dark knight was returning and I really want to start the game agian.
    Though I have some characters already in the loop of leveling I am woundering if you can reset one of the characters whitout removing how it looks and what it has in the inventory because I want to start back on scratch.

    and is it even poseble to do it?
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  13. Tessirch added a post in a topic So back agian.   

    never liked playing final fantasy and never got the hang of it.
    but I got you point ty.

    ty for the help
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  14. Tessirch added a topic in Dark Knight   

    So back agian.
    So I am back in this game and I have forgot how fun it was.

    Anywho My classes and armor types has been for the most part +15 grunil and my good question for dark knight is what kind of armor is the best for her.

    I mean she is a tank class no dough but is there a better armor for "tank classes" or is it grunil the best armor for the most classes out there?

    sry been a while since I played as I said so no bad comments okey?

    Best regards Chris
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  15. Tessirch added a post in a topic I've yet to see a PvP video. (I.e. Request for Musa pvp vids)   

    I can't do more then agree whit you solrik.

    Sorry for double post
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