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  1. Vassili added a post in a topic Requesting an RP Channel or Server   

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  2. Vassili added a post in a topic Options for Voiceovers   

    unlike everyone else is this thread, i could deal with the interactive dialogue but the ambient chatter, especially in taverns, was giving me headaches.
     and that voice over made me skip the intro every time after the first viewing.
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  3. Vassili added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    1. I was an rper first, being on forums from 2003/4-2014 while I only started gaming in 2006/7. Most games that held my attention for longer than the main plot were JRPGs that rewarded grinding, such as Onimusha Tactics and Disgaea. Though games with immersive lands and deep lore captured my attention even longer as playing caused me to storycraft in my free time, both in forums and just for personal fun. But because of real life becoming more hectic and requirements for posts being more than I could handle, I had to drop the forums and RP as I had no idea where else I could go to do it. I’d tried WoW twice during that time, both times it ended with me never reaching level 10. And until fall of 2014, I was sure I would never enjoy MMOs. But that’s when I picked up FFXIV where nearly all of my PvE and PvP experience comes from. PvE-wise, I casually raided (2 hrs/twice a week) for a majority of 2.x and became part of a more hardcore group after 3.1 (4hrs/4 days a week).  I won’t talk about the PvP since from what I’ve seen of BDO, the systems are drastically different. I started losing interest in FFXIV once my real life schedule no longer allowed me to raid (I was on an EU server) some time after 3.15 hit. The content drought was real for someone who’d capped what they wanted. I moved to B&S where I greatly enjoyed the open PvP, but I couldn’t bring myself to keep logging in because of the impersonal playerbase. Despite how quickly I left B&S, that is where I learned about BDO.
    tl;dr: RPed for years, a big inexperienced baby to MMOs, and love a good grind. Having things to do and a community to play with are musts (which from what I experienced in CB2, BDO easily provides).
    2. Sorceress, with its high skill ceiling and learning curve made such an impression on me in CB2. And I loved the idea of a melee magic user - it gave me an excuse to make my character absolutely ripped as well. Maeldes was a name I found in an old list from my forum days on my pc while Vassili comes from a historical event that I decided to use as theme for any characters I made in Black Desert. 
    As far as Maeldes, herself - I wanted to play someone that kept the stereotypical edgy look that the sorceress defaulted to but I like contrasts and I wanted to play a relatively light hearted character - personality wise at least, but being new to the game I didn’t want someone who was an expert in their field either. So Maeldes’ brain is extremely broken, far off memories are physically painful for her to consciously try to recall, but sometimes things just pop out of her mouth that she didn’t realize she knew until then. Her memories since waking up fresh, have a tendency to get jumbled as well and while her body might remember some things, other skills have been completely lost - reading, specifically, has been a struggle. 
    She likes to talk, even if its to herself and takes seemingly little seriously - even her own memory loss. She constantly tries to make jokes (to varying success because I’m not naturally funny :V) and overall is very laidback. Her humor lends itself to a darker brand and intrusive violent thoughts often snake their way into her head. She’s fairly sure both are something left over from whoever she used to be. The only thing that can consistently break through her blasé attitude is when she’s confronted with how much she no longer knows. At the moment she believes having a goal to focus on would help the jagged pieces of her brain fit together better or at least give her an excuse not to think about what she doesn't know. 
    3. “Once upon a time ... No wait - how does one start a story where the hero has no place in a child’s tale? A dark and stormy night? ... ... Mayhap I should just cross storytelling from my list of talents?” Maeldes questioned the impassive stars or perhaps the grass she tore between her fingers. There was no answer and she knew not what she had expected from such silly questions, perhaps for the stars to twinkle bright and spell out everything she wished to know across the night sky? Her head fell to the bark at her back and at the movement, the trail of thought was lost to a vague sensation of broken glass shifting between her eyes. She knew she was no bard or minstrel - didn’t have to be whole to know that - and the only one with an answer to the second had been torn from her head. 
    Coppery and still warm, so warm, it slid down her throat as easily as any other meat - faded from the colors of a near set sun to a meadow after rain, brown and green and yellow wrapped around her wrist - a baritone laugh cutting through the market - red hair twirling, firelight gave that belladonna skirt new depths of orange and warm reds, she could spend hours staring - Pain, pages ripped from a million books and scattered to the wind, a plethora of colorful sharp edges scraping against each other as they try to slot back into place with pieces missing.
    “Perhaps not torn, burnt maybe? That would leave ash and unknown bits behind,” Maeldes said to herself, no one else, with a wince and a half thought to rub at the sensation until her shattered mind slit open her fingers and revealed the bone beneath, “Even ash has its use, this is just miserable.”
    Though she complained, a bit of careful prodding at the less hostile pieces had revealed nothing malicious or foreign. From the scarred runes dancing across her skin and the ... whatever that was in place of her eye, Maeldes had taken to assuming that whoever she had been before was responsible for the broken mess in her skull. Some slithering feeling told her that she had once been the type. Then again, she barely knew herself; so who was to say she would even be able to tell if something had dug its clumsy claws into her mind and tried to snatch her magic, her knowledge, with no care to the mess it left behind?
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