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  1. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Off hand AP and DP and Awakened ?   

    i read his report and dont agree that its proven that 1/2  main hand AP is transfered. It was hard to draw a conclusion but but lean towards hidden stats/effects/crystals transfered but not AP ..... just as the tool tips says. 
    He states the korean link translates too:
    "Awakened weapon skills damage is affected by the main weapon's AP, crystals and Accuracy."
    But when u got the the link it actually says:
    The damage of Awakening Weapon skill is affected by the attack power, modification and enemy gravity of Awakening Weapon and Main Weapon.
    which is not definative proof the AP comes from the main weapon. 
    Then after reading the article i saw a ton of test presented that would make on conclude the accuracy is what transfers not the AP. 
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  2. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I will try to check it tonite, I am on my phone now so I cant, I need upgrade my personel spreadsheet calc because it had an error when grade is higher than 700. Before I thought everything scaled lineraly so simple equatons were used. But after I posted some horse math last week, I notced the max fawn scales linearly (by 31) only up to 700 giving 600, then it repeats 600 two times, goes to 630 then repeats the maxes at 660. This number determines percentage of max horse chance & the range (max fawn - min fawn) I will need to add a corrrection.
    Also I can easily change my region code from 9 to 10
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  3. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I only said that formula's i presented mimics the calculator (not if the calculate is 100& correct in all cases). It definitely is for lower tiers i think but at higher tiers somehow color theory effects breeding inways no one can explain. (or Daum has/had a bug in higher grade breeding). My previous post have stated i question how accurte the calc is at higher grades (breeding for tier 7 in layman terms).
    In DIRECT response to your questions:
    1. Where did u get that info from ?: On his Horse Breed Calculator page he has links to math behind the Calculator. I follow that to more links and you will find the spreadsheet.
    2. It is the number related to this RU calc ? The original spreadsheet was derived from other region BDO calcs. I assume its the russian one but cant say. He states on his calc page the math behind the calc, which goes to forums which goes to the google spreadsheet horse calculator that i had a link to in original post. 
    3. Because it cannot be 9. Region code is 9 in the original spreadsheet. the spreed sheet is pain to use so the calculator is great and it gives lots of other useful info and it is updated..
    Also the region code in the formula below always match's the Calculator results.
    with no death, I use raw_grade = 130 + 65 x Avg_tier_parents + 4.5 x combined level of parents. (4.5 = region code/2, for a region code = 9)
    and it match's the calc perfectly every time. Now daum could have changed the region in one of the latter patch's and his calc doesn't reflect that. 
    Calc link:
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  4. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I am 1000% sure grade formula for non-death parents is  
    GRADE = 130 + 65 x Average_Tier_Parents + region_code/2 * Combined_Level.
    with Deaths (1/2% loss per parent) use:  
    Horse(Tier, Sex, Level) =(100+Sex*30 + 65 * Tier + region_code * Level) * (1-num_death *0.5)
    Region_code = 9, EDIT 9/27/16, I must assume data below needs an upgrade because i think Region_code >= 10, because otherwise a Tier 8 would be impossible..... formula above for grade is correct just use a region code of 10 to allow for Tier 8's 
    Grade_with_death = Average (Grade_male, grade_female) =  (Grade_male+Grade_female)/2
    I have this in my spread sheet and it all ways matchs the grade. I can calc n Min_breed and max_breed exactly too.
    Nd = 1 + int (Grade/50)
    Normalized Grade = 50 * Nd
     MinFawn = 135 + 20 * Nd MaxFawn =  if Nd <= 15, then  MaxFawn =135 + 31 * Nd
    Nd 16, MaxFawn =600
    Nd 17, MaxFawn =600
    Nd 18, MaxFawn =630
    Nd 19, MaxFawn =660
    Nd 20, MaxFawn =660
    Nd 21, MaxFawn =660
     RangeFawn = 11 * Nd = MaxFawn - MinFawn 
    But the Percentage i get from Min breed and Max breed are slightly different than the calculator for some reason. (maybe he is using ceiling and floors in strange way ???)
    for example if I breed a two tier 1 horses, Lvl 1, no death, I get  Tier 1 Female chance = 14/44 = 31.11%, Tier 2 Male chance 30/44= 68.18% but he gets 33.33% and 66.67? 
    I make a table starting at tier 1 Male min breed = 130, add 30 for a Min Female, add 35 for Max female.
    then if i increase it by 65 for tiers it makes my table of Tiers, possible Males and Females as function of MinFawn and MaxFawn.
       Tier      high      male      Tier     High  female
         Delta          Male   Delta Female1165195   230   |    30352230260295  |    30353295325360  |    30354360390425  |    30355425455490  |     30356490520555  |    30357555585620  |    30358620650685  |    3035(I pulled all these numbers and equations from the original horse breed spreadsheet data which was supposedly data mined and what the calc was built from)
    Also the original spreed only tells if breed is possible but does calc percentage chance
    His Table - DatamineddecodingNdGradStallion minMare Maxmin tiermax tier10155166FALSE1(M)2501751971(M,F)1(M,F)31001952281(F)1(M,F)41502152591(F)2(M)52002352902(M,F)2(M,F)62502553212(M,F)3(M)73002753522(F)3(M,F)83502953833(M,F)4(M)94003154143(M,F)4(M,F)104503354453(F)5(M)115003554763(F)5(M,F)125503755074(M,F)6(M)136003955384(F)6(M,F)146504155694(F)7(M)157004356005(M,F)7(M,F)16750455631 6005(F)7(M,F)17800475662 6005(F)7(M,F)18850495693 6306(M,F)8(M)19900515724 6606(M,F)8(M,F)20950535755 6606(F)8(M,F)211000555786 6607(M,F)8(M,F)Orginal Data mined spreadsheet which calculator is based on:
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  5. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Congrates !!!!
    I got my third T7 also on Sunday Monday. So I have a male and female T7, but i will wait to breed these two. (lost my 1st T7 to breeding)
    7I <= 6N + 6E breed
    7D <= 6N + 6E breed
    5C <= 6N + 6E exchange
    SixSixmate05053 7IMale<=SixSix01*3406NMale202+SixSixmate02223 6EFEMALE241 FormalSixSixmate06053 7DFemale<=SixSix01*3406NMale201+SixSixmate02223 6EFEMALE24-1 FormalSixSixmate07411 5CFemale<=SixSix01*3406NMale200+SixSixmate022236EFEMALE24-99 INFORMAL
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  6. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Thank You I wont go to 750 800 anymore, That looks like about 12% to 15%, depending on if dont use T4's (which the calculator says shouldnt matter.) I guess its the calculator thats not fine, because horse breeding is what it is. I will re-evalute if i want to start horse breeding again. 
    I got bad luck on T7 (which i breed away in hopes of more T7's) becuase it was slower than my T6's which i had already set up for combat.
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  7. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    My luck was so bad breeding T6's i quit all horse leveling and breeding. For now and until I see info in the this thread Daum has fixed their horse breeding routine breeding beyond T6 is a waste of time. 
    After they introduced none-pure breed T7's, i started breeding all my saved T6's. I leveled the horse pairs to what ever the calc says is highest. For 15 breeds i got 1 Tier 7 so thats 1 in 15 when the calculate says i should have gotten about 5 in 15. My last breed i got 3 T5's in a row so thats when i quit. Also the T7 was very significantly slower than my average T6 and much much slower than my best T6. 
    Any way my advice wait and read the threads, if someday it looks like breeding is good start back breeding.
    Congrates ........... i have 3 horses with Sideways which I am ashamed to say i bought ... my first cost me i think me about 50 tries (Ouch) .......... 2nd about 20 and third time i was lucky and about 5 or 10. One got 2 seater while i was waiting for Sideways move. All got IA, sprint and drift while i waited for Sideways move. Sideways move is critical for decent horse combat. I have never had a horse learn Sideways while level alone but i have only leveled one T7. 
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  8. Indigoblades added a post in a topic 30$ for BDO is a hell of an awesome deal   

    1st example (My be i wasn't clear, but what i meant was unlike other MMO's where good gear & great gear isnt such a significant advantage. In BDO skilled player has no chance against an unskilled player in premo gear. Even at super higher levels where most other MMO's have diminshing returns on higher and higher gear in BDO it seems to be directly releated to level. So with gear being a huge  advantage - gear is directly made by spending money -  if u can grind twice as fast you get twice the money to upgrade gear. You also gain XP twice as fast. 
    2nd Example (i said grinding is 50 to 100% faster) .... 10% costume, 10% value pack, 10% milk tea, 10% cash shop exp boost, 8 to 10% experience potions ... thats about 48%.  Now if i never bought inventory slots and weight increases i would be grinding half the time, running back to town to sell my stuff half the time. so thats at least another another 30%. Also for max grind speed i use the 2 or 3 free pets + at least 6 to 10 more to breed them up to 4 higher tier pets that pick up at some decent speed. I also need to make money or craft stuff to get the milk tea and experience potions... for each I can buy cash shop items that either help me make money or that help me craft those. I havent even taken into account how much a fast horse helps which cost some cash shop money to do efficiently. I also haven't taken into account how ellen tears and other buffs i have never used helped grind faster. Also i played the Korean version of the game without a penny spent in the cash shop so i have point of comparison. I doubt you played with a ton spent in the cash shop so you have no point of comparison.
    Also the title of the thread is "30 dollars a month is a hell of a deal" so whether or not this game meets ones definition of pay to win or not, its hard to say BDO in its current form is a hell of deal. 
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  9. Indigoblades added a post in a topic 30$ for BDO is a hell of an awesome deal   

    i think the game is VERY pay to win because:
    1) Great gear is unbeatable, one need to grind fast and make money fast to stay competive and have a life. 
    2) The expensive convenience features Add up fast.... These convienience effectively let one grind at much much faster (50 to 100% cumulative)
    With said one doesnt need to buy a thing if they just say craft and explore the world. i will also say the new monthly treasure chest which boost stuff across your family is a GREAT deal compared to buying all that stuff for all alts.
     i'd say its GREATEST flaw is its cash shop being ultra greedy ...... its cashed shop is allmost an order of magnitude higher priced than games i played.
    i guess thats my sentiments. I played Archeage and ESO both for about $11 to $15 per month and allways felt i had all i need. In BDO i drop a $100 and in a week to a month its gone. Some of the convenience items can double your grind speed ...  speed is money and money is gear and gear wins. Also in other games ESO say good gear and great gear which might cost 10x to 100x more actually added very little 10% at most. In BDO great great gear adds a direct amount...... going from a level 14 weapon to level 15 adds a lot. 
    I do like the monthly treasure chest.... it will limit my spending to about $15 a month which is reasonable.
    I do like the game a lot but lately every thing inconvenient makes me think it was designed that way to sell over price cash shop stuff.
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  10. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    i wonder if they changed the way its calculated 
    Patch notes say its increased but i have bad luck going for T7. I reading this thread and wondering if they Lowered the tier multiplier and raised the level multiplier ... .That would explain why peaple leveling low tier horse are getting T7 and people breeding T6 over and over arnt getting T7's
    Me too, i have breed 15 sets of decently leveled 6's and got one slow T7 ... breed the T7 and a T6 3X and got 3X T5's in a row. I have stopped breediing till i see data high tier horse breeding has been fixed. I am 99% sure its bugged.
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  11. Indigoblades added a post in a topic NA Disconnect and Failure to Connect   

    Same here kicked when then got back in then kicked again.
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  12. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Server is down - i cant log in says "Now Processing"   

    Got back in did couple of things and now it is acting like the server is down while am in (I cant talk to NPC's & some fuctions not working like checking my inv. )
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  13. Indigoblades added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Server is down - i cant log in says "Now Processing"
    Server is down, Says Now Processing, once got as far as to "Eden" but could get on subserver Meidah 2
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  14. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Can't log in   

    i have the EXACT same problem
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  15. Indigoblades added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I think something changed. I breed & exchanged T6 at Lv 22 and T7 at Lv27 and got 3 T5 in row. The chance of that according to the calculator was less than 10% Also the only T7 i have gotten was breeding T5 and it was remote. For me personelly the calclutor has been accurate for breeding Tier 1 to Tier 5 but too optimistic from Tier 5 to Tier 7. I suspect there is either random factor thrown in or color theory is different from what is believed. 
    Lately i stopped breeding because my last 15 pairs are giving much worse results than the calculator. I have breed lower tiers in while so i might be accurate there or there be a bug in breeding. I will say when i was breeding lower tiers early in the year the calculator was very accurate. 
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