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  1. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Musa Gear   

    Those testers weren't my pro friend. 
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  2. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)   

    a 1080 over a 1070 won't do the difference. An unlocked 6th-7th gen i5/i7 and any cpu liquid cooler/really good air cpu cooler + an SSD. 
    I run my i5 6600k at 4.7ghz with an x62 kraken cooler, and i get up to a 10-15 fps boost (not everywhere but at best) compared to running it unclocked. (R9 390 8GB, 8GB DDR4 @ 3333MHz - Samsung 850 Evo SSD) 
    Having a Good system will benefit you. BUT having a really good system won't make any difference worth the money AT ALL. 
    i get 40-60 fps in the open world and 30-45ish in citites(settings on max - minus high end mode which is useless). My gameplay is smooth and flawless when im playing and need it to be (this being anywhere outside of towns - mind you i have not gotten to boss fights and mass pvp fights yet) - but the game runs smooth and nice when it Needs to. Towns do get a tad bit sluggish now and then but in most case i hardly notice the 15-25 fps drop. 
    What im trying to say is. Spend your money wisely, not wasting it on the "best" of the best -for this game. I play the witcher 3 with 80+ fps stable, bf4 with 100+ (both at max).
     Expect lag, like everyone, in those mass pvp zergs and boss fights. An fps drop in towns, not always noticeable. I spend most of my time outside of the towns and there the game runs perfectly. 
    A friend of mine went from a GTX 770 to a 1080 and he still gets lagspikes from hell during mass pvp/boss fights. If you do upgrade to some serious hardware, do it for other games. 
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  3. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Is Musa really that bad?   

    Honestly, where would the fun be if there wasn't a class that countere you hard af.
    If you can do good and burst down this this and this class, wtf do they do if they can't on, in this case, a warrior? A class isn't bad just because one or two other classes counter it. 
    A wizard can't do the "same". They are both DPS/DPH classes, with different playstyles. How boring would it be if you wanted to deal tons of dmg but could only be a musa because otherwise little whiny .... would whine over the wizard doing the same thing but in one click? Diversity, variety, playstyles. 
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  4. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Post your NINJA PHOTOS!   

  5. Razzaqi added a post in a topic PC Build for BDO   

    Switch the 6600 out for a 6600k and you are good to go. The processor is more than adequate, BUT the k version allows overclocking. I myself run with an i5 6600k oc'ed at 4.7Ghz and i can say that the difference in fps in BDO when you compare the out of the box non clocked 3.5ghz to the 4.7ghz i run at, is pretty damn large. My fps increases as much as 10 fps, even to 15 fps higher, depending on where i am and the fps becomes Way more stable. In towns i get about 40-50 fps (50 on a good day) and in the open world i get 50-60. Thats with Everything maxed out except the useless high end mode. 
    You might wanna look at a motherboard with a Z170A chipset instead, for the best OC capablities if you decide to get the 6600k. An OC'ed 6600k wil perform better than an i7 (not OC'ed ofcourse) in games.
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  6. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Any Tips for Improving FPS and fix for stuttering?   

    I usually run at a stable 50-56, but i do get drops, and not always in towns. 
    I run a:
    i5 6600k @ 4.7ghz
    R9 390 
    8GB 3333mhz DDR4
    Windows 10 64 bit
    850 EVO SSD
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  7. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Advice on hardware needed.   

    i5 6600k + R9 390 here. I get 55-60 fps most of the time. In cities i might drop 5-10 fps but nothing i'd categorize as laggy. 
    The game loves being on an SSD as well. I have had it installed on both my ssd and hdd. 
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  8. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Upgrading my PC   

    i run a 6600k and an r9 390, i mostly get  60 fps with everything maxed (not high-end mode ofc). I can run high end mode which drops me 10-15 fps or so but I don't really get any graphical improvements. Also having had the game installed on both my ssd and hdd, i experienced a clear improvement in performance when the game was on my ssd. You might want to look into that too. A 120GB would be fine for your OS and BDO  
    i5 6600k OC'ed 4.6Ghz
    MSI R9 390
    8GB DDR4 3000Mhz
    850 EVO SSD
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  9. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Probable cause of texture popping.   

    I have had the game installed both on my HDD and SSD and can confirm those findings from my own experience. I have however never had any problems with my SSD witrh BDO installed on it. 
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  10. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Cant you see its UNREALISTIC!!!!   

     Umm...since when do games have to abide by whether something is realistic or not?
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  11. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

  12. Razzaqi added a topic in European Guild   

    [Jordine] Semi-casual player lf a small fun and laidback guild
    After stalking chat in-game and only seeing guilds recruiting for hardcore gameplay or 50-56+ lvl req i've decided to post here in hope i might find the type of guild i am looking for. It isnt that i dont want to do some hardcore pvp or any of that, but i have just come back from a break and am only 43 om my main (musa). I also enjoy smaller communities that i can grow with rather than a large community with pre-formed bonds and groups of friends. I simply don't feel i am ready to meet all the requirements of a big guild. I want to have fun and make some friends. 
    So any smaller guilds that might want me? I can do discord ts3 and whatever.
    About me:
    PvX oriented.
    Gameplay experience: CBT1+2, 5 days prelaunch.
    Mention worthy character: 39 witch/43 musa
    Me: 20 year old student (male) - chill, semi-casual/semi-hardcore laidback friendly player. 
    Mandatory weekly events and daily guild quests aren't a problem.
    Daily playtime: weekdays - 2-6 hours weekends - 4-16 hours
    IGN: GSpectrum
    Family name: Steamspark
    Server: Jordine 
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  13. Razzaqi added a post in a topic jghphhhf   

    Definitely interested in joining. Ill try pming when i get home today  :-D
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  14. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Painfully low exp rates.   

    It really isn't hard, 100 mobs for 1 level is fast as hell compared to alot of MMO's i have played. And its even easier to kill large groups of mobs in BDO than it is in many of those MMOs that also have a lower exp rate. So if 100 mobs for 1 level is unacceptable for you, then BDO just isn't your game. A higher exp rate IMHO would make it too fast. (This is all pre 50, im not referring to after the soft cap.)
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  15. Razzaqi added a post in a topic Keyboard not working (in game)...help lol   

    What he means by saving the CustomizationData file is that, if you save a character in the character creator, you should copy the CustomizationData file in order not to lose the saved character. The file can be found in Documents/BlackDesert/Customization.
    If you haven't saved a character, just delete the Black Desert folder in Documents. (Not the game install folder).
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