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  1. Narcosis added a post in a topic Strategies to fight Sorcerers   

    Log offLog offLog offDid I mention to log off? 
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  2. Narcosis added a post in a topic I'd just like to post something positive!   

    Reading OP alone already made me negative for the rest of the day...
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  3. Narcosis added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

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  4. Narcosis added a post in a topic Daum's "resolution" of EU EXP mess is disgusting   

    If they shat themselves, they have to clean all the mess right now; doesn't matter how but they have to clean it up.
    People will be angry, but that's just a normal turn of events.
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  5. Narcosis added a post in a topic Really Daum? Really?   

    Now we'll have all the safe zones swarming with afk'ing players, running around inside them, leveling their horses. Sounds great.
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  6. Narcosis added a post in a topic Is SSD really faster than the HDD for BDO?   

    Won't really make a difference for BDO, due to the way it manages it's assets; will make a huge difference for your system, though.
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  7. Narcosis added a post in a topic Grunil vs Taritas; Is it worth it?   

    Grunil hype is real. Little do people know, that grunil isn't really better from the previous sets. It is a great choice for people playing more than one character and a "jack of all trades" armor type... but it's not perfect. In fact, it has ridiculously low base DP and that 7 more AP isn't worth the switch. Good crystals can make a difference - that's true, but with low DP you'll most propably have to make for that difference by using defensive crystals, which negate the point of having a second slot. If not, prices will kill you; grunil at the moment is one of the most expensive sets to maintain and upgrade out of two reasons - crystals (including the best, new ones) are extremely expensive and gear itself costs a lot; it's still kinda hard to obtain, unless you're exchanging your amity at the npc's. Dying during pk'ing or other random events may be very painful in this case.
    A lot of people come from the themepark mmorpg's, which teached people "newer is better". This is not the case with grunil. Some classes DO benefit from wearing full grunil, or pieces of it mixed with older sets, but in overall, it's not a set worth switching to, especially if you don't sleep on money.
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  8. Narcosis added a post in a topic Who thinks blader will come out this week?   

    I definately don't.
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  9. Narcosis added a post in a topic Desync is a major issue   

    It's prevalent in PvE as well, with certain mob types rubberbanding with their skills and attacks, as well as inappropriate hit detection.
    Eitherway I can confirm it happens.
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  10. Narcosis added a post in a topic Grunils...Should I?   

    Propably, since Grunil will give you a bigger advantage. The only people that propably won't switch (or don't want to) are the players, who already have their gear maxed out. Even then, you can expect the competitive players to switch regardless of their gear atm, simply because Grunil is better and in our competitive world it means it will make them better players as well.
    The ammount of stones you get after extraction is random. After +7 you can get as much as 30 with higher enchants... or just a bunch. It's RNG, as usual.
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  11. Narcosis added a post in a topic PvP battleground is pathetic   

    ...no? ^^
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  12. Narcosis added a post in a topic +15 kzarka   

    Kzarka and Liverto are more or less the same. Kzarka is just >minimally< better and a lot more expensive to enchant and repair; thus, majority of people will stick to livertos, once they will be easier to acquire. At the moment, yuria is still the default and it doesn't make that much of a difference, unless you're into 1v1... and BD has never been balanced for arena fights.
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  13. Narcosis added a post in a topic Grunils...Should I?   

    To be honest, it depends if you can afford it. But if you're around +10 on your current pieces, I'd say scrap whatever armor you're wearing now, extract the stones and grab grunil; it's not that easily available yet, but give it a couple of days and you'll see it on the marketplace. The difference between Grunil and previous sets is massive, mostly because of flexibility via a bonus crystal slot; it also offers better base stats and will scale better with new crystals. The biggest advantage of Grunil set is that it can be preety much used on any character you have, without the need to change different pieces or swap expensive crystals; in other words, it makes twinking easier, too.
    I'm still holding up, but I'll propably swap to Grunil, since my Agerian isn't maxed out and I swapped classes. Grunil seems like a lot better deal and we'll still have to wait a lot of time before boss armors become a thing.
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  14. Narcosis added a post in a topic Obtaining Grunil Set   

    Grunil is a major upgrade from any of the previous sets, since it mainly gives a second crystal slot per piece (which is very important), not to mention other stat boosts. The problem with this set is precisely because it's a Mediah add-on, little people will most propably upgrade due to fact they already have the previous sets enchanted to +15; switching to grunil would require another tremendous effort in terms of upgrading your gear and consume more money... there's also the fact we're getting the new boss drops, which are superior to grunil (although kind of harder to obtain and upgrade). It instantly makes Grunil kind of obsolete, considering a lot of hardcore players will propably switch to boss gear soon.
    I'd say, if you're a new player, definately get grunil as it's a lot better than the previous sets and a great choice for practically every single class ingame (which means, you'll be able to swap it easier between all your characters!); if you're an old player and already own maxed out gear, it depends whether you're that competitive and have enough silver for the upgrades.
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  15. Narcosis added a post in a topic Mediah Expansion [ Discussion ] [Feedback ]   

    We got the first, most important update in the game and none of the issues have been adressed yet. NONE. This will have a massive impact both on the upcoming player experience and community as a whole. With new enchancement imbalance, the gap between a tiny minority of hardcore players and the rest of playerbase will grow even further, a bunch of people and guilds will control the whole game, while the rest will have to either feed of what's left for them or become worm food. Kzarka himself is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in any mmorpg. Lack of proper pvp/karma system won't make Mediah a gamechanger, when it comes to pvp content. Storyline, quests and other bullcrap like that are complete non-factors for the majority of players. Everyone will just rush to the new hardcap as fast as possible and a bunch of priviledged players will get their first +17-18 in a couple of days, which will make them godlike to the rest.
    You will love it.
    As much as you might be right, this also made me chuckle a bit.
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