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  1. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    Sounds.. uh.. fun?
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  2. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    Fantastic, hows the grind treating you?
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  3. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    o/ hi <3
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  4. Absolute Win added a post in a topic (some) clothes off suggestion.   

    The only thing i can think of right now in game is to buy some underwear, and it's possible to run around like that inside safe zones. But yeah. It goes by the cash shop :<
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  5. Absolute Win added a post in a topic On the fence about the game, have a few questions   

    1. Well, there is different gear sets, like Agerian, Taritas, Grunil etc which has different looks, but as you said, if i equip Grunil at an alt on level 1, she will look the same when I hit level 20, 30, 40 etc. If you want to look "good" I would say, or with more "bling" then I'm sorry to say that the cash shop is the only way.
    2. Crafting is NOT mandatory. I would say it's a lot more as a flavour thing. Do you enjoy fishing/cooking or alchemy? Great, now you have something to do. Most professions aren't that money grabbing at the start, expect for fishing which can make you some nice AFK money. Grinding mobs is another great way to earn silver. Most mobs drop a certain stackable item, like "Magic grass" for example, which you then turn in to an NPC (turn in 50x Magic grass for 30k Silver) and varies depending on the mobs.
    3. At the moment, there is no "Dungeons" so to speak. Valencia patch in the summer will bring hard caves, which will take hours to clear and has hard mobs which will require a full party or a really well-geared player. If you are out for the sweet PvE experience, with hard bosses with tactics, this game ain't it I'm afraid. There is world bosses etc, but they are some of the worst design of hard I know. It's the one where the bosses are basically huge HP sponges that 1 shot everything that is in range, which makes world bosses kind of a hassle as a melee. Hopefully, they will hear our critic and get better, but at the moment, PvE is mostly the grinding.
    4. Most  people on this forum seems to paint Black Desert Online as a no man's land where as soon as you step outside of the city griefers will descend to kill your sorry ass. This just isn't true. When you level up you will have zero PvP until you hit 45. At that moment, you can toggle on "wPvP" with the command "Alt + C" which makes you able to kill other people. The same can be said for everyone else, at 45, you can be killed by people that "TOGGLE" on PvP and you can be killed. From my experience, most people (there is always exceptions) will not bother you if you don't bother them. If you go to a grind spot that is popular and a guild is hogging that spot like their life depended on it, it might be a good idea to ask them if you can join or if you only need a couple of mobs for a quest, then they might "allow" you to stay there.  But since the Karma system in this game is really punishing after you go "red" (below the positive karma) you will suffer a lot of hardships which makes most people not to keen on entering below positive karma. As an end note for this topic, I would say that I've played since day one, and never been griefed, ganked or otherwise mistreated in PvP. Yes, sometimes I've had to fight over my spot, but I see that as a healthy PvP environment. 
    5. I would love to give you a pass but unfortunately for me and you I gave up my last pass yesterday to a lovely lady that was in need of one. For what it's worth, the things you get out of this game for 30$ makes it worth it even if you find this isn't exactly was you were expecting. This is a massive world, and there is so much to do, all from PvPing, exploring, RPing, Horse Breeding, grinding, leveling or just hanging out with people. I haven't been this into a game since World of warcraft arrived on the shelves back in 2004. 
    If you play on EU i would be happy to help you out if you have any questions during your leveling. (Ofcourse i can answer you here too if you're an NA player ^_^)
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  6. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Open World PVP   

    And also our lovely Karma system at the moment gives you a shot a killing people 6 times in a row before going red, which means you will lose (as the killer) alot more then the person you grief. Once you go red it's quite hard to go back to positive karma without a guild helping you with killing all that try to kill you. As a red player you have a bigger chance(?) of losing crystals, you can "de-enchant" items which is a real pain. So i really woudn't worry too much about it  
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  7. Absolute Win added a post in a topic How do I increase the amount of crystals a weapon can have?   

    Most of the "pre-mediah" weapons only have one slot. If you want to use more, then you have to find either a Liverto or a Kzarka weapon which is pretty rare. The only cheap weapon with 2 slots is the krea weapon.
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  8. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Open World PVP   

    Basically some (most) guilds at the higher levels might be hogging an entire spot for themselves. And if you go there and kill some mobs, just minding your own buisness then you are still upsetting their "lap" so to speak. They might go around in a particular circle to get the most items, xp etc from their rotation, and if you kill a certain pack they might kill you to keep having that spot for themselves. Most you can do in that situation is either ask for a party invite, and if that doesn't work switch channel or go to a less popular place.
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  9. Absolute Win added a post in a topic For Anyone Losing Confidence in Valkyrie...   

    Glad to see a good Valkyrie video up that isn't with korean vent chat. Too be honest, if people are whining about valkyries, then i would reckon most of the times it's their own fault for not grasping how to valk properly. 
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  10. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Where is Lucky Box?   

    Could be on your main account page aswell. 
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  11. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Level 12 Still No Contribution Points   

    Tell us when you're around level 20. Should have done quite a few quests until then ^.^
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  12. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Potential player/buyer with questions~   

    It's not just to flip a switch and male and female counterparts will get made. It's a huge hassle with everything from Costumes to be refitted to all animations to create from scratch. Think i've also read somewhere that they just don't want everything to be able to become everything. 
    That said, the Ninja class will soon be making his/hers appearance if you're into that kind of class.
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  13. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Ellion's Tears   

    Try feeling my pain when i died to Kzarka and lost one of my Red Battlefield Crystal: Power. !4mil on AH right now. I died a little inside :<
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  14. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Camoflage costume dyed? How can that work?   

    Dye it red and see all players try to attack you figuring you have negative karma and are a free kill
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  15. Absolute Win added a post in a topic Hello! Help new player.   

    Leveling a Ranger is painful up until around 30ish when you start to get more AoE skills. Up to 30 you can level like you said riding a horse, as some of your attacks get an AoE ability while on horseback.
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