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  1. Saylen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Woah, patch notes before server going up?!  Progress.
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  2. Saylen added a post in a topic Maintenance Delayed til 6 EST   

    Madara was tellin us yesterday how there was going to be a 3 hour extension   Orwen players will know him lol, well, probably know him
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  3. Saylen added a post in a topic WHOS THE TOP Guild on your server?   

    I'd say Iconic on Orwen
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  4. Saylen added a topic in General   

    Node War Times
    Hi all
    Just wanted to double check with everyone since timings for reset and node wars have shifted around...are node wars still starting at 9PM EST?

    Because node wars used to start 1 hour after reset, and reset has moved from 8pm to 7pm. 
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  5. Saylen added a post in a topic NodeWar Funs- Ways around it all xD   

    I'd be nice to have a couple "refs" available in-game during node war time that can quickly look into claims.  But that might not be feasible with all the different channels having node wars at the same time.  
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  6. Saylen added a post in a topic You know what this game needs?   

    Ok, adding that feature to the list
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  7. Saylen added a topic in General   

    You know what this game needs?
    Dont google this, i made it up -.-
    |O.o Rival Mode o.O|
    - You may designate one player as your rival per week. 
    - Only one other player may designate you as their rival.  (requires mutual agreement)
    - When passing within 40 yards of your rival, the music changes to a fight track of your choice.  
    - While in pvp combat with your rival, all of your abilities become activated regardless of how many skill points you may have.  
    - You become immune to damage from all sources except from your rival, nor can you damage anyone other than your rival while engaging in rival combat.  
    - Critical hits have a % chance (RNG cuz it's BDO) to activate a special insult voice-over for your character directed at your rival.  
    - If your rival shows up to a world boss, fear not, the winner of the rival fight will have a %chance at loot drop from the world boss you two proceed to ignore while you settle your rival battle.
    Not meant to be a serious post
    Edit: added suggestion from below
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  8. Saylen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    3rd -.- 
    ...Warriors walkin into the club like whatup i got a big sword ^^
    Grats dudes, just go easy on the rest of us for awhile, I've never pk'd a warrior i swear lol
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  9. Saylen added a post in a topic Daum, the community wants Arena ratings and instanced battleground   

    Instanced PvP is already coming, in large 40v40s as well as small scale instanced pvp.  Refer to the youtube interview involving Jouska and DocGotGame.
    Edit: Here's the link for anyone that's interested; interview was done just before launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqyaRRKKk5c
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  10. Saylen added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    From what i can tell, the T6 that gives the best shot at the white T7 has been the one with base stats of 127% speed and accel.  It's got a braided white mane with mostly white coat and some brown spots mostly on the hindlegs, belly, and forelegs.  
    This is the tier 6 i'm referencing:

    You can use the T5 white horse as well, but you'll just need to level it higher to achieve the same probability of reaching a tier 7.  But this horse does have the advantage of having no red color in it, unlike the T6 above which does have a little.

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  11. Saylen added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    The parents' breed DOES influence which breed you end up with as your foal.  Essentially, each breed of horse has a certain level of either red, black, or white coloring.  The crossing of two parents will result in a mixing of these colors and gives you a chance of producing a horse with some combo of these colors.  For example, if you're breeding two tier 5 "all black" horses, there's virtually no chance you're going to get an all white horse as a result.  Also, since the stats of horses are fixed according to what their colors are, so the breed of your horse matters if you're striving to breed a horse with a particular set of stats.
    There is some rng involved here but that's going to be out of the pool of horse breeds that are possible out of the two parents that you've chosen to breed.  Please correct me if i'm wrong in any of this though, still trying to figure the system out.
    I'm basing what i'm saying off of what i've been able to learn by using google translate to sift through various Japanese and Korean web pages on BDO breeding data.  They've been doing this far longer than we have and have piles of data.  My goal was to try and eventually breed the "all-white" tier 7 horse which is ridiculously fast (base speed + acceleration stats are 131.5%).  I know it's not released in our version yet but I wanted to have the right horses ready to breed when the time comes.  
    Edit 1:  Personally, i'm less concerned with trying to reach higher tiers, and more interested in exactly what breeds people are pairing and what the breed of the resulting foal is.  
    Edit 2:  Here's the two horses, tier 7 and tier 8 versions:  (stats are listed as speed - acceleration - turning - braking)

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  12. Saylen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    The flares will reveal players in hiding, so in the case of the ghilli suit, it'll reveal their names which were previously hidden.
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  13. Saylen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    "flares can be put on marketplace...will be craftable"
    Well there's the answer to the ghilli suit
    I personally only chalked ghilli suits upto a very slight advantage in pvp, but this should be the hard counter that some people were asking for.  Nice change.
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  14. Saylen added a post in a topic Why are so many people wanting to play Blader?   

    I went through a ton of class guides before the game was released.  Blader looked infinitely cooler than warrior for me, here's a guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkLjSv9u3sE
    I also think the gender lock classes played a huge role.  Lets face it, not much choice for people wanting to play a male character.  There's a ton of people playing warrior because they dont wanna be 80, or a giant.  
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  15. Saylen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    Serendia's a cursed channel oO it will forever live in infamy 
    Edit:  I am The Blue Spirit, and I approve these patch notes
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