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  1. Pufferfish added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    Except for, all the coins are now gone... So, thanks for that...
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  2. Pufferfish added a post in a topic Crash on alt-tab afking   

    Same issue here.  Been working the last 2 nights, but couldn't afk cause it crashes seconds after minimizing to task bar or alt+tab.  I'll try removing said update when I get home, but very sad to have missed out on so many coins so far.
    Removed the update. Don't have any other updates other than that one since September, as I try to avoid them.  As Moonheart stated, this does not fix the problem, even though it was a poor solution for the problem in the first place.
    @GM_Dew Please try again with an actual fix. 
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  3. Pufferfish added a post in a topic Constant Crashes after patch 16.11.16   

    Same here.  Ever since the patch, I can't stay connected for anything.  Never had a problem in all the months before.
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  4. Pufferfish added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Valkyrie Awakening Combos
    Anyone found some good combos yet and can post some.  The combos I had been using for normal Valk aren't transitioning very well to Lance.  I haven't fumbled with something so bad since the first time I got to second base.
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  5. Pufferfish added a post in a topic Patch Can Be Downloaded Now   

    Late. RAGE!!!  I want my Halloween stuff!
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  6. Pufferfish added a post in a topic What is the "attack" bonus/stat?   

    AP = Attack Points.  Attack = AP
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  7. Pufferfish added a post in a topic Helloween in KR   

    Take my money! lol.  Slutty demon outfit, check. Ghost pet, check. 3 headed dog, check.  Broom, check. Stay Puffed Marshmallow Dog, Check..
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  8. Pufferfish added a post in a topic Liverto blade cursed on +12   

    Weapons at +12 to +13 is always death for me... But normally, I don't mind, as I appreciate the failstacks.  It's just the kzarka that I was pulling my hair out.
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  9. Pufferfish added a post in a topic 550 muskan bundles and nothing?!   

    For an appetizer, I'll start with some RNG.  Followed by the RNG main course.  And for dessert... I guess I'll go with the RNG with RNG sprinkles.  
    It truly does suck.  I finally was able to afford some NV stuff if something would pop up.  I got the muskan shoes yesterday for 91 mil, and today I got Bheg gloves for 117 mil.  So I was happy with my RNG sprinkles. 
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  10. Pufferfish added a post in a topic [Poll] Do you play the game?   

    I'm online 24/7, but afk 5 days and 4 nights a week.  I probably play 6-8 hours over my weekends.  The other times, I'm online but playing something like Deus Ex, or the new ARK expansion.  There is so much I still want to do... it's just so time consuming when I have other games to play too.  I got a stay-cation this next week that I'm going to spend doing nothing but playing games, this one included.  Especially now that my sorc got her scythe. 
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  11. Pufferfish added a post in a topic [ACHIEVED]COME OVER HERE - [Poll]Reduce Kzarka and Karanda Timer.   

    Since most people... I don't know... work.  Or sleep, 12 hours seems much more reasonable. 
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  12. Pufferfish added a post in a topic Valencia Update Part 2 Events   

    Orwen Dice Roll must be fixed!
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  13. Pufferfish added a post in a topic Black Spirit's Adventure Die Issues   

    Free Orwen!
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  14. Pufferfish added a post in a topic Black Screen Launcher/Play Button Greyed Out   

    I just started getting the same thing.  Except my screen is white most of the time.  Sometimes' it's black.
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  15. Pufferfish added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Can't Log In
    My game got disconnected and I had to quit BDO.  I went to log back in, as I have done hundreds of times, and there is no way to log into the launcher.
    The launcher comes up, but the screen where you input your password and click the "Log In" button, is white and looks like it's trying to load.  I restarted my computer.  Rebooted my router.  Even changed the version.dat file to config.filecheck and checked all the files... nothing.
    I can't log in.  So what's going on?
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