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  1. CRYORION added a post in a topic Kutum or Nouver Shield for Warrior? [Poll]   

    I was able to finally get nouver shield and I am thinking if I should keep my currently used kutum or not. As the accuracy is important for PVP mostly, I would take my covered-in-dust Vangertz and for PVE nouver wins. Kutum is nice hybrid between AP/DP and 10% resistance ignore is nice, but fighting evasion builds with kutum kinda sucks  Any ideas?
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  2. CRYORION added a post in a topic Did warrior get nerfed on this patch?   

    I like the change. I did not notice any issues with mobs not flying towards me after grave digger anymore, great sword aoe seems to be big enough.
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  3. CRYORION added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    Thank you for solving issues so we can have smooth gameplay and enjoy the game 
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  4. CRYORION added a post in a topic Quick test Vang x Kutum   

    I recently got kutum shield (currently it is duo), but I cannot decide if I should keep my tri vangertz shield or not. I have also bheg gloves, but people keep saying to get all possible accuracy  any ideas?
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  5. CRYORION added a post in a topic Nouver vs Ancient Kutum Shield   

    So you can say that accuracy is better than vangertz?
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  6. CRYORION added a post in a topic Nouver vs Ancient Kutum Shield   

    So, does anyone know how it is with swapping Vangertz for Kutum shield (no bheg gloves)? Which one has higher accuracy on TRI enchant level?
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  7. CRYORION added a post in a topic F U RNG, Grats to the TRIs!   

    Don't want to boast or what, but... I failed TRI green gs 3-4 times, got 45 and 55 fs characters trying to get green to duo. Annoying af. Saturday was the most lucky day for me in BDO Got Dandelion Greatsword from Karanda. I managed to get to TRI (on first try!) within the same day. RNG was never as kind to me as that day... most likely it will never be again
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  8. CRYORION added a post in a topic Desync after Grave Digger?   

    I though it is just me lagging, but it looks like server-side issue. This issue really drives me crazy  sometimes after grave digging, enemies are in front of me, but a little bit further away so I can't finish them with e.g. hilt strike, sometimes they are just behind, visually showing in front -.-
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  9. CRYORION added a post in a topic Warrior skill discussions   

    Aha, interesting, so far I was using only armor break for anicancel. Time to start using it more then  and except animation cancel, is it worth to use it to float your target?
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  10. CRYORION added a post in a topic Warrior skill discussions   

    I am wondering about Knee Kick skill. I have it unlocked, but I find very little or even no use of it. Can someone tell me if it is just very situational or important part of some super secret combo wombo?
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  11. CRYORION added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Feedback   

    No, you can't ultimate green greatsword.
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  12. CRYORION added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Feedback   

    Went to basiliscs with DUO green great sword, melting everything and I don't even know what I am doing  Love it.
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  13. CRYORION added a post in a topic Help upgrading path   

    Getting 15 liverto can be very annoying and relatively expensive. After you will use greatsword most of the time as damage source and not longsword (even though there is very probably 50% AP share between your longsword and awakening weapon AP), I would say stay with yuria. Damage difference if you compare yuria and liverto longsword is noticable, I am glad I enchanted my liverto, but in your case I would personally spend money on enchanting greatsword than changing yuria to liverto.
    And btw, don't use 32 fs for pri, that is total waste. You can use 32 even for TRI I got my TRI with 34 fs (but that is all RNG after all). For PRI, I will go with like 15-20 fs.
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  14. CRYORION added a post in a topic Warriors its almost our time to shine!   

    So do we with less AP
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  15. CRYORION added a post in a topic Greatsword Quest   

    Servers down, to all warriors main since release:
    But please, be civilized and don't pk other warriors on quest grind spot, but rather party with them
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