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  1. GladDog added a post in a topic The dream   

    This game is using a Guild Wars business model, which requires 3-4 expansions a year to be viable.  I think we will see lots of new content on a regular basis.
    If they are hurting for content, why not do what other games have done, most notably City of Heroes?  Let players make missions, story arcs and dungeons!
    My thinking is have an Architect system like CoH had.  Have guilds try out member made content, and if they like it, they can submit it to the 'test' server for evaluation.  If the test server grades it high enough, it goes to the games level maker for consideration and refinement.
    EUREKA!  FREE CONTENT!  The devs can save a TON of time getting new content out, content that has gone through two layers of player evaluation before a developer ever sees it.
    Players get a plethora of new things to do with every expansion, and guilds can get some form of prestige for submitting content that makes it to an expansion.  Of course, there needs to be a penalty to stuff that sucks.  If a guild submits content just for the prestige and it is terrible, then there should be a penalty to their prestige earnings.  I would think most submissions would do nothing, but a submission that makes it may give them a vanity statue for the guild hall, and for a limited amount of time (say 60 days) that statue gives members a minor buff (+23 damage or whatever; I'm not sure how they evaluate damage and armor yet). 
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  2. GladDog added a post in a topic Start Time seems odd?   

    But a start time of 5 or 6 pm UMT would have been better for everyone in both areas IMO.  The day before of course!
    Me, I plan on setting my alarm for 4am (to avoid the initial rush at 2am) and playing around with the character creator until I have to go to work.
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  3. GladDog added a post in a topic PVE server   

    There will be if the devs can make money on it - never doubt the power of moolah in the gaming industry.

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  4. GladDog added a post in a topic Do you have any hobbies?   

    My wife is ill, so most of my spare time is spent taking care of her.  But when I get the chance...
    I love to write, about all kinds of subjects!  I'm writing a novel I would like to get published (assuming it doesn't suck) and I've published about 100 short to long stories on various writer sites.
    Paint ball!  Although my financial situation is not so good right now, so I had to give up that expensive hobby.
    Working with cat rescue places, helping with chores (lots of litter box emptying and cleaning!) and trying to find homes for the kitties.
    Repairing computers for friends and building/upgrading desktops.  Yes, people still use desktops!
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  5. GladDog added a post in a topic So if you enjoy PVE...   

    Ahh, so this is how you get people that don't care much for PvP to not buy the game....
    Bring it, I have about 22 years of PvP experience behind me, I'm just a little tired of it.
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  6. GladDog added a post in a topic So if you enjoy PVE...   

    I don't see anyone demanding anything in this thread.  I see a lot of people with questions, and there really aren't any real answers.  The alpha test was just a modified version of the Korean game.  Since then they have been adjusting the game to western tastes, so we have no idea what we will get.  CB1 is going to make or break this game for a lot of people, including me.  This game is being westernized, which is going to mean an increase in PvE content.  I don't think they will change PvP at all, UNLESS hardcores start ganking lower levels at a high rate, which will mean a 'patch', like all games that get westernized.
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  7. GladDog added a post in a topic So if you enjoy PVE...   

    Get into one of the beta tests, get the character you want to play to the PvP entry level and make up your own mind.  This game has PvE content, and they are using the Guild Wars business model so there will be more PvE content coming.  The GW business model depends on player longevity, and the fickle hardcore PvPers (I used to be one of them) won't stay long enough for the game developers to make money if they strictly cater to the PvP hardcore.
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  8. GladDog added a post in a topic Hi Yall♡   

    Go here!
    As of two minutes ago they had 180 keys left for CB1!
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  9. GladDog added a post in a topic PVE or PVP?   

    It is open world, but they have severe penalties for PKing outside of a duel.  Basically, you may as well log off for the night as you get a severe penalty to damage and movement, and you are flagged red to all characters.  There is no penalty if you are in a PvP zone (the black desert) or in a duel.  Also, I've talked to several people that said it is very possible to level cap just doing PvE, so don't write this game off.  And, as I stated in a prior post, they will be adding expansions that will add more PvE content.
    According to a post by a dev, they are translating 2.5 million words to English, French and German.  2.5 million words is almost three times as many as ASTA (a PvE focused game) is translating, which tells me there should be plenty of PvE content in this game.
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  10. GladDog added a post in a topic PVE or PVP?   

    This game has a lot of PvE content.  It does look like a fair amount of endgame is based on PvP, but not all of it.  I am predominantly a PvE'er, although I will go into PvP zones with friends, which is often a blast!  But that's maybe an hour or so a week.
    I gave up on Blade and Soul when I realized that game is all about hardcore PvP.  Once you finish the PvE content there is nothing other than PvP left to do other than (not enough) raids and grinding.  And don't even mention the word 'healer' on their forums!  That game is HARDCORE and you SUCK if you need a healer - or at least that is what was said to me when I asked about the possibility of a future healing class.
    This game looks to be very different, especially with its Guild Wars 2 payment model.  It looks like they will be releasing expansions 3-4 times a year, which is how they plan to make their money... if they add an expansion, you can be sure there will be new PvE content!
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  11. GladDog added a post in a topic US Veteran and MMO+MOBA player   

    I was in the US Marine Corps more years ago than I care to mention.. Glad to see another vet is going to join the fun!
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  12. GladDog added a post in a topic Hi Yall♡   

    Hehehe lemme tell ya a story...
    I was playing city of heroes and I was in a guild with a lot of gals.  I was an officer in the guild, and the officers decided to have a Skype meeting.  So we were online, and of the 5 two were girls.  No funny stuff, we were just planning guild events.  But one of the girls had a sultry southern accent, and she made a friendly sexy joke (I was like 25 years older than her, and had no delusions that it was anything but a joke).  The next thing you know, BOOM!  I was slapped upside the head!  I turned, and my wife was FURIOUS!  She came in the room when she heard that voice, and when the guild officer said that joke, my wife lost it!
    Needless to say, no more Skype meetings...
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  13. GladDog added a post in a topic Hi Yall♡   

    LOL I've gamed with thousands of people over the years that I was on a first name basis, and I've actually met 4 of them.
    I was implying voice comm of course!  As a man married to a VERY jealous lady, the idea of having someone 'prove' their gender is nearly suicide...
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  14. GladDog added a post in a topic Hi Yall♡   

    Especially with the only pseudo healing class being a female (the Valkyrie), you need to live by the golden rule;
    All characters are guys until proven otherwise... 
    I live in PA right now, but I'm from Valdosta GA.
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  15. GladDog added a post in a topic i5 6600k vs i7 6700k   

    You know Intel has 6 and 8 core CPUs as well?  It's only about $200 more to get a 6 core i7 and a motherboard that will run it over a quad i7.  But as Brandon pointed out, 6 & 8 core CPUs don't do much for game performance at this time, UNLESS you are running 3-4 video cards!  I think I can safely say that the number of people running 3+ video cards is pretty darn small...
    I'll restate the point; Strictly from a gamers point of view, save the hundred and get the i5.  You can invest that hundred into an SSD (or a bigger SSD) or a better video card.  Either will be a bigger boost to your game performance than getting an i7 over an i5.  When you are running an SSD the swap file (when memory resources run low Windows sets up a bit of your hard drive as fake memory to keep things moving as smooth as possible) is operating at memory speed.
    I was playing DCUO and running graphic at next to top settings, because the game was too jerky when I was at max.  I bought an SSD, and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could run at top settings now, thanks to the faster swap file!
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