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  1. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Kakao if you have any sense left after all the protests and 200+ pages showing discontent of this change do not push it this week or your asking for the game to have an early game.
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  2. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic +20 ruined this game   

    looool this is ridiculous, they put in more time and work into the game and now your moaning ?come off that sh*t mn, EVERYONE knows Valencia is a high level area dont start complaing about high level players when you cant even kill  the mobs over thier, just get good (in due time you will) and enjoy the game. Right now you're creating issue where they're arent.
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  3. CruddyBappz added a topic in General   

  4. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    the problem is that even if you introduce that cap @ 50 what happens when valencia comes and the soft cap increases ? then the snow area increases the soft cap increases again.......and then the dark elf area increases the soft cap again..... at that point there will be such a power gap. asking to get a cap to stay @ level 50 just hinders overall player progression. i honestly dont know why ppl are so scared of gangkers or make it seem like its a major issue in the game because quite frankly its not. Yes you may die every now and then but dont act like every time you play you die due to being ganked multiple times its just not true.
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  5. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic This game is very satanic   

    You.....have....... GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.........Seriously.
    You've seriously got issues.
    But yeah since the game is so demonic stop playing the game
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  6. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic GTX 960 or R9 380   

    Trust me the R9 380 is better than the 960. The gap widens when you get the 4GB version. on top of that Radeon cards age ALOT better than thier GTX counter parts plus it supports DX12. So if i was ypou iw ould get the 380, since AMD have upped thier drivers for over a year now you would hardly run into problems, and just to be safe do you reseach and watch and read revieews and you will see that the majoruty of the time the 380/380x wins.
    (Personally got a :
    r9 270X
    8GB ram
    1TB Hardrive
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  7. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic Rip servers   

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  8. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic Blader Costumes   

    Thats the ssteel taritas armour set you can get in game i think.
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  9. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 20th   

    My Fellow Bladers and Plums.........................................
    IT IS TIME !!!
    Taking the next two days off work, shit just got real

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  10. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic BDO Bookmarks and Resources   

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  11. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic Daum - Keep Up The Great Work   

    Yuuup i agree with OP here great work DAUM and PA !
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  12. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic [Poll] Would you like more organized PvE?   

    Let me just leave this here : http://black-desert.com/news/valencia-part-2-update-brings-major-pvp-changes/
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  13. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    just out back the level quest at 50 that way when the game starts to open up and expand and to explore all the new content your gonna réalise you need to level up, obviously if you just here for fishing  and crafting then there should be no issue.
    And fyi............BE PATIENT thers tons of features and tweaks coming to the game : http://black-desert.com/news/valencia-part-2-update-brings-major-pvp-changes/
    Thats why devs are not making changes now because it will just mess up future content.
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  14. CruddyBappz added a post in a topic Forums are too toxic   

    wowowo wait hold up, who said i was a care bear? dont judge those who you dont know.
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