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  1. Dominica added a post in a topic CM_Jouska exposed [Who CM_Jouska really is!]   

    haha no photoshop or paint involved, this is real. I saw him like this irl 
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  2. Dominica added a topic in Off-Topic   

  3. Dominica added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    Mate you repeated your last msg! 
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  4. Dominica added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    Mate please,
    1 . I rejected VoTF when Anue told me you are taken scrubs and changing the guild name lol.
    2. you are the one posting in a game you quitted, you can't just call me a salker because I said you know nothing about the game and you have nothing better to say.
    3. Fiji told me you are scread to fight me in BDO so you quited the game after you almost got kicked from guild, for not reaching the level requirement and that's coming from both of your guild mates, you currnt and old guild.
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  5. Dominica added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    That's just retarded, you quit like 2 months ago because you couldn't get to level 56 and learn to mount combat.  you qq like this in every game fourms and the problem is you keep doing it after you quitted already!
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  6. Dominica added a post in a topic Mounted Combat [Jordine][PvP]   

    If you look closer you will see that am using bushes to hide my self/name. Keep in mind during siege and node wars your char does NOT glow red and your name does show but in gray, which make it really easy to mistake people from your own guild members. 
    If you watch it again you will see what I mean, especially at the start it was very clear.
    Am sure you are trolling about the legitimately of the video  
    But here is another point of view from that day and how we won the node wars with 7 members vs 2 guilds of 25+ 
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  7. Dominica added a post in a topic Horse Wizard (when they say spot taken)   

    If you care more about the competitive side of the game, here is some footage you might enjoy. same gear, same level, same numbers and vs one of the top 5 guilds. not really edited well this was privet only for our guild mates to analyse learn to synergize our style.
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  8. Dominica added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Mounted Combat [Jordine][PvP]
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  9. Dominica added a post in a topic Horse Wizard (when they say spot taken)   

    Mounted combat is super important, but every Wizard must know both foot and mounted.
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  10. Dominica added a post in a topic Horse Wizard (when they say spot taken)   

    We happened to have won a node war tonight with 7 members vs 2 guilds 25/30 members each. Anyways I managed to get some footage of Mounted combat and the Ultimate: Blizzard I talked about.
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  11. Dominica added a post in a topic Horse Wizard (when they say spot taken)   

    1- You can't use Healing Lighthouse. (the 0-100% hp heal) (got to spec them anyways)
    2- You can't use Earthquake
    3- You can't use Protected Area (Most low-skilled scrubs don't even know how good this skill is) (got to spec them anyways)
    4- You can't use Speed Spell (got to spec them anyways)
    5- You can't use Magical Shield (got to spec them anyways)
    6- You can't use Multiple Magic arrows 
    7- no benefit from skill points spent on Magical Evasion. or even use Teleport but you got to spec them anyways.
    8- no Frigid Fog no orbs. 
    9- Your blizzard does half of the dmg. and you can't use Ultimate: Blizzard.
    That's around 50% of our skills we are trading for a mobility. it's not free for all you know. otherwise, every retard would be rolling a horse wizard. 
    This is what Ultimate: Blizzard looks like (The one we CAN'T use mounted) :-
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  12. Dominica added a post in a topic Horse Wizard (when they say spot taken)   

    Here is an ultimate by Zerker/Wizard
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  13. Dominica added a post in a topic The QQ of Divium   

    What's that on leg? leg hair? 
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  14. Dominica added a post in a topic Donald Trump-kun so Kawaiii!   

    Proxy 2016
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