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  1. Gallus added a post in a topic Do You Get A Seal Of Valencia On The Last Day?   

    This doesn't really answer my question.
    I've missed several days so currently I only have 7 so it's impossible for me to get the 12 but if possible I want to at least get the 8 pack but to do so I need the 20th to give me one.
    So, do I get a seal on the last day or not?
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  2. Gallus added a topic in Suggestions   

    Cheapen Daum Cash & allow trade (suggestions for Kakao)
    Hey folks, 
    This is more of a direct suggestion to the actual Black Desert/Daum/Kakao group but feel free to post your suggestions and bring this message to their attention in hopes it's at least read by them.
    Right, let me start off by saying no one really likes Gold Sellers, even the people who buy off them for several reasons; they're not legit so you feel insecure, they spam the chat like crazy and buying off them doesn't help the game or community but want to know why people still go to them? Because your prices are just too ridiculous. I know you've made some slight adjustments but hardly enough to make a difference.
    We do not need you to change the pricing so much of the actual shop items but of how much it is to actually buy Daum Cash to get Pearls in the first place. I understand there are all sorts of complications but isn't it the easiest and best way for yourselves also? People would rather go to a legit site than a Gold Seller and with that, if you made the pricing so that people wouldn't feel the need to buy it 'off the radar' then it would help a great deal surely and you can't argue with the fact you won't get as much money as you would find more people buying from you and more frequently, myself included. 
    Side Note - Allow Trade
    I would also like to suggest that you find a way around the whole preventing people to trade as it really hinders playing with your friends and just the whole idea of this type of world you're going for. I get why it's in place and I'm sure it's done good for many people but is there really no way to get around it?
    My idea is to maybe have some sort of system that allows you to have trusted friends and only those people you may personally trade with. Now, this request you send people to be "trusted friends" needs to be accepted on both ends via E-mail and possibly a waiting period, I don't know but at least that way they need access to your E-mail as well so hacked accounts should be fine as they won't be able to do it.
    I feel there's a way around these things I've mentioned so if anyone has other suggestions or improvements to my suggestions then let them be heard and help bring this thread to their attention in hopes they'll work on something. 
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  3. Gallus added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Do You Get A Seal Of Valencia On The Last Day?
    As the title suggests, I really would like to know if on the last day of the Valencia Event, do I still get a Seal or no and if so, should I cash-in my seals before the 20th or is it fine to do so on the day?
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  4. Gallus added a topic in General   

    Disappointing amount of pearls for Conqueror's package compared to Cash Shop prices.
    Who else is not just disappointed with what apparently £25 EUR/USD worth of pearls gets you in the Conqueror's package but just how expensive the Cash Shop is knowing this?
    I felt it was quite pricey in the Cash shop but I originally didn't feel too bothered by it as I felt we would at least get a decent amount for our money, Nope. It's not just in what you get in the Conquerors package but just if you were to buy pearls..
    Who else feels this needs to be altered? We already have to buy the Game and the Cash shop is way over priced with how much you have to pay to get pearls. I mean £100 EUR/USD gets you apparently 11,500 worth of pearls. I get why you need to buy the game but this is greedy of them and needs to change.
    (source of prices: http://www.tentonhammer.com/news/black-desert-online/black-desert-online-reveals-outrageous-store-prices )
    (Most likely won't reply to this thread as I'm just bad at keeping on top of them but feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Just wanted to get a point out there and hopefully if enough people get together, they will change it.)
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  5. Gallus added a topic in General   

    When will the EU Cash Shop be up to date like KR?
    I'm aware of what will be in the EU Cash Shop but when will it have what Korea does?
    I know it won't be exactly on par with KR as it comes out there first but EU Cash Shop is missing a lot of stuff they have. It feels somewhat pointless for people to bother spending money on the Cash Shop or use the pearls you get for the £100 package as a lot of stuff, a lot of it rather cool looking stuff, won't even be there and you don't want to waste it. 
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