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  1. Distiller added a post in a topic Level up buddy!   

    I would but I'm on Edan , sorry.  I'm mostly soloing.
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  2. Distiller added a post in a topic Why I quit   

    can you explain this sentence a little further?.. I don't understand what you're talking about....
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  3. Distiller added a post in a topic Create a character to a photo template   

    the problem is, that you cannot recreate celebrities with any template. you gotta figure out which one fits best. It is mostly dependend on skin structure base makeup of eyes, nose, lips and so on. each class has a different template with different skin/face structures. even with identical face bones, the person will probably look totally different with the wrong basic template.
    thats why I don't do this anymore.
    edit:  oh and this program works, just a bit complicated ..
    1. you need a perfect front portrait photo without a huge smile
    2. you gotta fix the angle by rotating
    3. its easier to use a photo on a second screen than having a 50% or less visibility layer ontop of your character creation.
    4. you also need a decent side-profile, and not just the face from the front.
    do you already have some references what u did with the program?
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  4. Distiller added a post in a topic Valencia Part 1 is coming to BDO !   

    ninja's come 6 months after blader/maewa..... just to mention...
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  5. Distiller added a post in a topic Compensation - Bonus EXP Event May 13th-17th   

    but .. but... I don't do combat in pve    
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  6. Distiller added a topic in Guides   

    Does anyone know where to find an updated picture of this one with maehwa/blader included?

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  7. Distiller added a post in a topic Where to Find Porgy/ Smokey Chromis [Guild Quest]   

    received several porgys at the island "erio" is standing on. north of veila.
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  8. Distiller added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    ok definately the first title I don't need to receive.... "motherlover".... no then thanks.
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  9. Distiller added a post in a topic Maehwa Siegel   

    dann nen PLÜSCHVOGEL!
    passt doch....

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  10. Distiller added a post in a topic Maehwa Siegel   

    ja 5minuten vor ende hab ich nochmal 2 geholt. aber bin eigentlich kaum zu hause. ärgerlich! gebt mir halt nen kranken vogel oder einen mit nur einem flügel.. ^^
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  11. Distiller added a post in a topic Maehwa Siegel   

    verdammt ich kam nur auf 11 siegel
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  12. Distiller added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    cherry blossom event ends with this maintenance.
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  13. Distiller added a post in a topic [Wartung] Reguläre Wartung 04.05. 2016 - Beendet   

    cherry blossom event endet mit dieser wartung.
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  14. Distiller added a post in a topic Einfachste Klasse?   

    wäre mir neu, dass man die, durch "tab" entstehende, animation abbrechen kann.
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  15. Distiller added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    you mean, abough her nose aka bridge? whatever.. shes more beautiful than most of all maewas.
    it's just the color you've changed, right? I don't rly like the face, but blonde seems to fit better to her. 
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