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  1. Nimander added a post in a topic The Philosophy of BDO   

    This is why I play ESO and BDO. Endless progression, there is nothing I hate more that being in the middle of a quest line and *DING* you are now max level, have fun wasting your time until next expac...
    EDIT: Ill add Neverwinter as well since it has an exp rollover system that's pretty cool.
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  2. Nimander added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 18th   

    I feel your pain, I have gamer friends in Germany that get horrid latency, and not just in this mmo, in others as well.
    Hang on bro (or sis you never can tell). I have it on good authority that they have purchased an additional 5000 Hamsters and several hundred potato's, so your latency issues should be fixed soon

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  3. Nimander added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    Don't participate in the RNG aspect, let others do that, just grind silver and buy upgraded gear...
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  4. Nimander added a post in a topic Is BDO P2W?   

    @Zodiac nailed it. I'm a very casual player and I can make 100 million in 2 hours of play just grinding mobs and selling everything I get on the marketplace... I haven't even scratched the surface of the node and crafting systems and I'm pulling in tons of silver. I'm currently saving for TET gear which I imagine Ill have by the end of this week.
    Only thing Ill spend money on is gem removal stones (200 pearls) when I upgrade. But like I said, I haven't even scratched the surface of the other systems in game, so I'm sure if I'm pulling in that much silver from easy tasks the deeper systems I can only imagine how much silver people are making.
    Personally, the costume limit on the store is annoying as I still haven't been able to buy anything for my warrior... Even though I have the silver... But it does stop the p2w aspect. 
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  5. Nimander added a post in a topic Confirmed, There is no such thing as a male elf PERIOD!   

    We will see I guess... But we will know long in advance before it gets to NA/EU.
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  6. Nimander added a post in a topic Confirmed, There is no such thing as a male elf PERIOD!   

    OK, so be it. Thanks for the heads up OP. I don't have to concern myself over this issue anymore. They are basically asari like (I know, I know not exact). It makes sense then, lore-wise, with the two original elven sisters and their being two branches of elves, the ones in game now and the soon to come "dark" elves.
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  7. Nimander added a post in a topic Can i pause /resume download ?   

    I thought I'd test this since I just got a new PC for Christmas that melts my freakin face. Yes, you can close the launcher and re-open. I will p/u where you left off... At least as long as you do it right away... I don't know about restarting pc etc. It may be in a temp storage state.
    I know, I necro'd the thread. It was worth adding my personal experience to any new people playing, specially since free week an all that jazz,
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  8. Nimander added a post in a topic [Attention&Updates] Let's vote our favorite MMORPG Game for Black Desert!!!   

    The industry is dying because the player base is finite and every MMO is nickel and diming us to death with micro transactions... Sad, because I remember how epic MMO's were when they first hit the scene. I remember playing MUD's back in the day thinking, gosh, if only this had 3d graphics to all this RPG it would be amazing.
    The MMORPG industry needs to collapse so it can be reborn as something better. Every MMO is just a knock off of its predecessor. I mean, how long have we been talking about the "WoW Killer"? The fact that in over 11 years not a single 'new' mmo has been able to dethrone World of Warcraft is pathetic, game developer's are pathetic that they haven't been able to make a better game than something made in 2004.
    BDO had potential, but the culture that spawned this gorgeous game is to accepting of aggressive RNG/Gambling and Micro transactions. Just think how amazing this game would be had the developer's not even considered how to leech money from us but just designed a game purely for fun that winds up making a lot of money in the long run.
    IMO mmo developers are developing games backwards. They are developing systems to milk money from us, then putting nice window dressing on it.
    /end rant
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  9. Nimander added a post in a topic For those confused on why the dark elves aren't "Dark"   

    Ill see if I cant find the reference, there is so much source material published after Tolkien passed, but Ill give it my best shot.
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  10. Nimander added a post in a topic Black Desert is A PVE Safe-Space   

    This post is causing a glitch in my programming...
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  11. Nimander added a post in a topic For those confused on why the dark elves aren't "Dark"   

    No you aren't incorrect, they are referred to as wood elves in the Hobbit, dark elves in the Silmarillion. At least in the English translation I have (I mean England English as in colour not color)
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  12. Nimander added a post in a topic For those confused on why the dark elves aren't "Dark"   

    Yeah Asari, you are correct. That's kinda what I was thinking, they could breed with any species male or female but always give birth to a female elf just taking traits from the 'father' race.
    Yeah Tolkien broke the mold as far as Orcs being twisted Elves captured during the Silmarillion. He also broke form the Germanic/Norse mythology he pulled Elves from there. But he does reference "Dark Elves" in the Silmarillion and the LotR Trilogy as a group of elves that stayed apart from the elves who traveled to Valinor, but they were no different in appearance than other elves, with the exception of Fingolfin and his son's who were 'Super Elves', Finrod Felagund fought Morgoth one on one (son of Fingolfin), he was way more powerful than the average elf of Middle Earth.
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  13. Nimander added a post in a topic For those confused on why the dark elves aren't "Dark"   

    Is this true? Was "Dark Elf" hatched by the BDO fan community and not something stated by Kakao/Daum/w/e their name is...?
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  14. Nimander added a post in a topic For those confused on why the dark elves aren't "Dark"   

    Still should have been a male class, not a female class... So far we have only seen female elves in game. Does that mean elves are all genetically female? Do you have a lore translation on the lack of male elves for BDO by chance OP?
    Are they a matriarchal race that hides their men away? I am really interested to know the lore behind the elves in BDO. The mistranslation of Dark and Moon was very insightful. Id like to know more if you have sources.
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  15. Nimander added a post in a topic LOOK DARK ELF!   

    Not the Norse and Germanic Elves, they were smaller than humans but not tiny, the tiny elves mythology comes from Britannia and Hybernia or BCE England and Ireland Mythology.
    Your point is valid. As is mine. I'm just pointing out that Dark Elves (as we think of them in the West) are obsidian skinned elves.
    I already made my warrior look like a dark elf cause I knew we would never actually get a male dark elf that would fit with what I would like. I was able to give him pointy ears and use the color palette to make his skin nearly black. So yeah, you are right, but so am I
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