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  1. Grefia added a post in a topic Comprehensive New Content Livestream Recap   

    Thanks Dulfy!
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  2. Grefia added a post in a topic Massive lag spikes on NA after last patch - unplayable - 100 mbit metro area fiber connection   

    The lag is really bad on Mediah 3. A little less of an issue on other channels for me, but I can't train horses on any channel. It kicks me off the mount and reloads every few minutes. I don't usually have issues with lag and I run high graphic settings. The last few days, I've turned all my settings down to potato mode, and it isn't helping. I've already flushed dns..
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  3. Grefia added a post in a topic Sophistication IV knowledge obtained (1/2 energy increase)   

    We should be getting this soon.
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  4. Grefia added a post in a topic Just hit Calpheon, so lost.. why so many quests!   

    Press O and click the box to sort by type. Also, you can filter out a lot of the quests in the world that you don't want to see. At the bottom of that same window, there is a row of buttons for types you "Prefer" gray out the ones you don't want to see.
    That being said... Knowledge and contribution are pretty important in this game, so I don't skip quests. But they are not everything. Play the game the way you want to play it.
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  5. Grefia added a post in a topic Accumulated play time - 10000 hours   

    Thanks for posting that. That is a nicer reward.
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  6. Grefia added a post in a topic Died at Pirates   

    you could use a wharf to recover your boat if it is empty. If not, take the ferry from Olvia Coast, to Lema island and swim. Or ask someone in Epheria for  ride.
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  7. Grefia added a topic in Suggestions   

    Accumulated play time - 10000 hours
    People are approaching 10,000 hours of play time and the reward is not very good. 30 day skill reset and 30 day appearance change. I think its safe to say that people who have played for 10,000 hours are happy with their appearance by now and with the value pack, this reward is not needed. As for skill resets, I still have several of those in my mailbox. I'm sure other people use them a lot, but I think a better reward is in order for people with this level of  dedication to the game.
    Thanks for all the other great rewards!
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  8. Grefia added a post in a topic Who are you in game?   

    I am Grefia in game as well. Retired disabled biker grandmother, sums me up. I've been gaming since gaming meant typing out the code yourself and saving it on tape. I come from a family of gamers as well. My father (79) also plays BDO. My kids are too hyper to stick to one game. I belong to the guild For_Science. We are a multi-game guild, but BDO is our main focus right now. My focus is to finish all the things... So yeah, I'll be here forever it seems.
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  9. Grefia added a post in a topic Your daily fame   

    haven't gotten mine either...
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  10. Grefia added a post in a topic help with accessibility   

    The comparison was only to the key combos, not the entire system. Both games require several keystrokes to complete a combo attack. And the only notable difference (for me) was that FFXIV has click (tab) targeting BDO doesn't. I faced the same challenges with both games. Click targeting is actually harder for me to manage than just simply facing my target and mashing buttons.
    I agree that it cannot go unchecked. There are ways to deal with it. Also, BDO was made with some disabilities in mind, like colorblindness. Just asking if there are ways to help people with issues like this, without breaking the rules.
    To the OP. I use a Razer Naga and have programed the buttons to help the thumb mobility. For example 1,2,4,5 are all bound to 1 keyslot, 7,8,10,11 to another, 3,6,9 bound to Q, scroll wheel is bound to F, and 12 is bound to E. Its just making the buttons bigger so they are easier to hit. It still doesn't help with needing to press multiple things quickly though. 
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  11. Grefia added a post in a topic help with accessibility   

    As a disabled gamer with limited use of one hand, I would like to see some changes as well. As it is now, I can't use most of my skills. But allowing in game macro for short combos would be great. FFXIV has this built in game.
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  12. Grefia added a post in a topic Unwanted Beauty Mark   

    I have that one my ranger. But hiding the costume head piece makes it go away. which is sad because I really like the hat.
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  13. Grefia added a post in a topic What Are You Doing During Downtime?   

    I patched all my other mmos. logged in, wasn't impressed, logged out. Now I'm just smashing blocks in minecraft
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  14. Grefia added a post in a topic Show your love for valkyrie