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  1. Xxy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    fix your -----ing fps problem
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  2. Xxy added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Discord Bdo Bot
    Hello guys, I try to make a spawn window on my private discord server, I found the bot on the botton but I cant fint the "IHA BDO BOT" which shows the spawn window not just ping everyone when a boss spawns?

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  3. Xxy added a post in a topic Again a FPS thread   

    Hmm sucks, but thanks guys
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  4. Xxy added a topic in General   

    Again a FPS thread
    Hello people, I have a problem with fps and I saw some threads but I never found a fix.
    So my pc is good enaught for bdo for sure:
    i5 7600k, gtx 1080ti, 16GB 
    I set the Xbox dvr thing to 0 and I dont know what to do, I get random fps drops, even in empty cities, but most of the time at the storage, does anyone know a real fix?
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  5. Xxy added a post in a topic FIX FPS OMFG   

    I have the same problem, I have an gtx 1080 and sometimes I get 2Fps?
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  6. Xxy added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    same problem, had over 60fps, now I try to walk from storage to the market place in altinova and I will need about 30min for that 2fps sometimes???
    If fix is found, pls somebody notice me 
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  7. Xxy added a post in a topic Next big patch?   

    @Eppo oh I didnt know that, I heard that the naval update were the last update in korea too, ok thanks for clearing that up!
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  8. Xxy added a topic in General   

    Next big patch?
    Hey guys, I just wonder what will the next big patch be?
    Im pretty sure we now have the same content as korea so what will come next?
    I just know about the new class, but what is about ingame stuff, events bosses items?
    Are there any known things? 
    Will the eu team make their own new content or wait on korea and then copy it from there? 
    I dont know where to research about these things so I hoped to find someone here with some informations
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  9. Xxy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 28th   

    I am kinda scared. No p2w item? Did they listen? What is going on..
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  10. Xxy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    so yeah i will leave the game ----- you daum i think we could get our money back because before some patcher the game said not to be p2w i didnt pay for that shit
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  11. Xxy added a issue in In-Game Bugs   

    Aktionshaus Problem
    ich habe 2 Halsketten im Ah und beide laufen in 2Tagen aus, sie sind nicht in der Warteschlange und auch nicht abgelaufen.
    Als ich geguckt habe ob noch wer welche verkauft sah ich es gab keine anderen also dachte ich mir meine werden auch nicht angezeigt weil 0 im Ah sind.
    Doch meine Freunde sagten mir das sie auch nix im Ah sind also sind meine Ketten anscheind weg oder wie???
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  12. Xxy added a issue in In-Game Bugs   

    Connection to server lost 1000x times
    Ja ich wähle meinen Char aus und warte 10min und fliege raus, aber nachmittags als ich gespielt habe ging es normal bis das spiel so gefühlte 10mal gecrashed ist..
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  13. Xxy added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Server transfer
    Is there a way to get my char and all my gear and so on to play on other server?
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  14. Xxy added a post in a topic Blader gear GUIDE   

    guys is it important that taritas is the cest not grunil or is it just important that it is 2 grunil and 2 taritas sry for english
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  15. Xxy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 20th   

    to late...
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