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  1. dgk7 added a post in a topic Alustin and Croxus Node War Tales.   

    yea, no.
    we're not part of any alliance - minutes after we've won the war we've got contacted by other guilds to fight for them as well. We' go where the money is.
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  2. dgk7 added a post in a topic Recommended Witch PvE build?   

    Depends on how many skill points, however:
    At around 300ish Skillpoints you want to have:
     Fireball level 1 // Fireball explosion maxed
     Lightning level 1 // Residual Lightning maxed
    Chain Lightning lvl 1/maxed // Lightning Storm maxed
    . MMA - Magical Missle Arrow, can be spammed great to finish of last reminding monsters
    Most important skill for PvE grind on Wiz is definitely the new and improved Red Bubble - it taunts monsters for you and decreases their defense. 
     Get Heals//Mana Drain
    requirement: lvl 49 - 300ish skill points.
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  3. dgk7 added a post in a topic Your guesses, will awakening increase wiz/witch's mobility?   

    Being able to cast while you're running would pretty much be the best thing for us, however that's already "covered" by our horse, so in all honesty..i've no idea what they're going to do with the class, worst case she's going to be even better in large case battle, and shit in anything under 20 people. (unless horsed) 
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  4. dgk7 added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Possible Kunoichi Awaken Skills
    Hey giys, been browsing reddit earlier and found this google doc.
    It's currently being translated and edited by the user Sephri on reddit.
    Let's discuss.
    First thing that i see is basically every single skill is also a CC.
    Also that selfbuff,  
    Ppoppu (?)
    E Hotkey
    180 seconds CD
    50 Mana
    +20 AP for 30s
    +15% Accuracy for 30s
    50% HP recovery
    Super Armor
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  5. dgk7 added a post in a topic PvE farming speed, top or flop?   

    thanks for your help, yea I'm not a new player and i've got around 180 AP  (ap offhand) in gear lying around for my kuno. 
    I just really wanted an answer from a player who's played the class before (even more so if it was recent) and could give an idea on how quick the class actually farms.
    I'll most likely main my Wizard for Sieges/Nodes for now, but the class is just dead boring in PvE + I want a character i can stomp people in Valencia with with the Bandits Town.

    Question tho, what do you base these rankings on? What is gear in korea in order to farm efficently, 160, 180, 200, 220 AP ? 
    In EU/NA the current most farmed players are all pretty much Rangers because it was extremly easy to kill monsters when evrybody was around 120-130ish AP. they got a big leap from that and i was just wondering if Kunos will actually shine in PvE as much as a decked Ranger once they reach the 180 AP mark.
    Again, this is purely for efficent pve grind, nothing more nothing less.
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  6. dgk7 added a post in a topic PvE farming speed, top or flop?   

    Ninjas as in Ninja/Kunoichi?
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  7. dgk7 added a post in a topic Will you play a year from now?   

    hi babe
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  8. dgk7 added a post in a topic Will you play a year from now?   

    After having seen all the future content and announcements of things they're going to implement, the game only gets better from here on.,
    Been trying to find a MMORPG where i can actually spend a huge amount of time on, its not for everybody and loads of people will probably quit, but it's exactly what i want from an MMORPG. Plus, future content looks amazing.  Now if only we could get all these nice things (night vendor etc.)
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  9. dgk7 added a post in a topic PvE farming speed, top or flop?   

    Have you played the class before? If so, would you rate them on par with Rangers/Tamers or a tier below?
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  10. dgk7 added a topic in Kunoichi   

    PvE farming speed, top or flop?
    Hi guys, i've been looking for some more Information about the kunoichi and her ease of farming.
    I've heard anything from "better than ranger" to "average at best". I've also heard that Ninjas are apparently the better farming class, this still true? 
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  11. dgk7 added a post in a topic [Alustin] <Oldskool> Mercenary Guild for Hire!   

    Good luck to you guys.  
    Hoping for future fights.
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  12. dgk7 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Node Wars Building Bugged
    Hello, Leader of WhatGuild here [Alustin] and we're currently experiencing a bug.
    We've started building our fort at roughly 18:30 (gmt +2) and should of ended at roughly 19:45~55 with everything, now according to the Forums we're allowed to build our fort til 20:00 (gmt+2) 
    Forged/pwnography/eternity/ are currently having the same problem. If this is simple because of a mistake from our side that we aren't allowed to build past 19:00 o clock, then that's fine.
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  13. dgk7 added a post in a topic Node Wars - what would you change   

    Dislike the respawn timer, its too fast for my taste. Defending is too easy, especially if you have to cover a lot of ground to come back.
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  14. dgk7 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Now that players don't lose any EXP when dying, can we change the Karma system as well?
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  15. dgk7 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    amazing patch, thanks guys.
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