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  1. Vangar added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Cannot level up to 50, no quest
    Hi people, 
    Never had this problem before but I have recently created a new berseker and once getting into level 49.999%
    The quest to level up to 50 (To kill the big catfish) does not appear and I cannot take it as I can't see it when I summon the black spirit.
    Any suggestions?
    Did the quest on Another character and all seemed OK.
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  2. Vangar added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    I believe that it's a great idea, this way people could enjoy both PvP and PvE a bit more due to the choice given to them.
    Staying away from PvP if you want to grind or drop that would be great.
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  3. Vangar added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 4th   

    Dark elf to be released by the end of february, can't wait for the event
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  4. Vangar added a post in a topic Black Desert should be free to play   

    you're probably right here, although we don't want this game to end up like the elder scrolls online when they first released it.
    Mainly because:
    -Black desert is a lot better as a game overall.
    -There was way too much hype around the elder scrolls online this is why people expected too much.
    -Same now, you can sell item-shop items, but the truth is, everyone gets them from missions, achievements, we get them for free during the events.
    It is true that it will become slightly pay-to-win now, but look at the pearl prices.
    2000 pearls is 20 euros, you can buy something worth a maximum of 2 million for 2000 pearls. Which means that you get 1 million for 10 euro approx.
    This is way too much to just buy items from the pearl shop and sell them, especially because I can make 10 times more money within an hour without spending 100 euros.
    Look at the marketplace, it's almost empty when it comes to pearl items.
    Don't worry too much, we got into too much hype over this update.
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  5. Vangar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Sounds bad.
    Very bad.
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  6. Vangar added a post in a topic Black Desert should be free to play   

    I would rather play a balanced open world MMORPG where you buy the game once and then have it forever than a pay to win 100% item-shop based game.
    Think about what would happen to the game if you would let every kid play it for free.
    Spamming + hacking + kids under 12 years of age ruining the experience.
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  7. Vangar added a post in a topic Add 'DIablo 3' type of dungeons, aka Rifts.   

    We definitely don't want Black Desert to become an instance game where you queue up for a dungeon with a bunch of random people.
    But I must say I would like to see more specific step-by-step open world dungeons where there is a specific pattern of action. But make it as opened as the rest of the game.
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