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  1. MMA added a post in a topic Voice-over options to be removed?   

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Tytyes @CM_Yukimura @PM_Jouska
    Could we have an answer please?
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  2. MMA added a post in a topic T7 or T8 horse   

    As far as i know you dont breed horses to get t9 ...you use items on your (t8?) horses (how you obtain all these you should look for videos cause i aint sure of the mats needed) Im sure you need like 100 cron stones + some other mats for an attempt or something. Wish i still had the link for the video lol
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  3. MMA added a post in a topic Can Winter Rosefinch be exchanged with hawks?   

    tbh this type of bird is a long tailed tit but with costume (kinda like the ribbon cat) as per http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/pet-appearance-change-options/ so it could only be exhcnaged with long tailed tits which we dont currently have ...but even so you only have a few chances to get the higher tiers of the costume one (if you exchange ribbon cat with normal cat you either get ribbon cat appearance or normal one... same with tits)
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  4. MMA added a post in a topic Premium horse appearance change ( learning skill )   

    I think the only thing that the premium change is different in , is the skill/exp gain . I have used the normal change appearance coupon and got the premium horse appreance   The only limitations are that of the tier appearances that apply to both coupons.
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  5. MMA added a post in a topic How many pets will show up in your house?   

    Tell me about it! Hahaha my bankacc cries 
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  6. MMA added a post in a topic Pet breeding does change the appearance?   

    t2s usually give same looking pet. For appearance change better t3 and up
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  7. MMA added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    As a person who breed pets for appearance this makes me sad
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  8. MMA added a post in a topic Dogs/Hawk Breeding experiments with pictures anyone?   

    My two t3 hawks which im going to exchange for hopefully good looking t4 :3 (gonna miss em tho pretty hawks)

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  9. MMA added a post in a topic How many pets will show up in your house?   

    The pets that show in the house are the ones you are not currently using...so the more pets you have sitting around the more crowded your house will be
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  10. MMA added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  11. MMA added a post in a topic Delete please!   

  12. MMA added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Mine  (sorry about the graphics waiting on my new laptop qq) 

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  13. MMA added a post in a topic How do you save your game progress?   

    Press alt + f4 then go to black desert folder and press the unistall.exe 
    In all seriousness. You simply only get the option to log off. Then the colossal dark beast of bdo eats up your progress every hour you are logged off. Meaning if you play 1 hour and you are logged off 1 hour you lose all that progress. If you play 2 hours and you log off for 1 hour, you only lose the progress in the last one hour. Good luck, have fun with winning against the beast o7
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  14. MMA added a post in a topic Saw this 96 Hour Headstart, bought a Travellers   

    Well at least you dont have to wait that much until the lauch date, could have been much worse.

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  15. MMA added a post in a topic So it's too late to upgrade pre-order to conqueror?   

    As noted before pre-orders are closed. You could only upgrade to conquerors as long as pre-orders were still on going.
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