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  1. Darrius added a post in a topic Hi all:)   

    Welcome Devilscorpion to Black Desert Online Forums. I hope you enjoy playing Black Desert and hopefully nothing changes too much since this game is originally a Korean game. 
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  2. Darrius added a post in a topic Yahallo~   

    Hahah Finally Jens you stopped lurking. I hope we still continue to play together for months to come. 
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  3. Darrius added a post in a topic Hello BDO Community!   

    Welcome Ainrehtea. Heh don't fret about your fashionista style. For me I came from Mabinogi where Fashion was a big thing. I hope we get to play together. Hopefully we won't get ganked too much by other people. 
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  4. Darrius added a post in a topic My 1st Time in a Forum Thingy || "Oh Hai There" ^_^   

    Owow John making all different types of friends. I'm impressed.
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  5. Darrius added a post in a topic Music Composition in BDO   

    Since I am a Mabinogi player I have seen first hand of all the fantastic work people have created with music. Some of it is really good and some of its really bad but it would be amazing to see Black Desert Online implement Music Composition into their game. 
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  6. Darrius added a topic in Suggestions   

    Signature Requests
    Could we add a designated Signature area to our forum posts so users do not have to keep copying and pasting their own every single time? There could be the usual restrictions such as No Gifs larger than this amount or it cannot exceed so many words. 
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  7. Darrius added a post in a topic Creative subforum   

    Would love to see this implemented into the forums. 
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  8. Darrius added a post in a topic My 1st Time in a Forum Thingy || "Oh Hai There" ^_^   

    Lol Well dang John. Anyways its nice to see you finally made your introduction. And I cant wait to play Black Desert with you and everyone else. 
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  9. Darrius added a post in a topic The Ace is Here!   

    Welcome Ace Reporter to the Black Desert Online Forums. I hope that you do not plan on No-Lifing just to play Black Desert. But even if you do I am pretty sure most of us will all do the same the first month this game does release. 
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  10. Darrius added a post in a topic Yo.   

    Welcome Ellie to Black Desert Online. I hope to see you in game.
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  11. Darrius added a post in a topic Introduction?   

    Welcome HoloRE to Black Desert Online Forums. I hope your hype for this game does not die out. Hopefully everyone here meets your expectations and if not I'm sorry. But I wish you the best of luck playing Black Desert Online.
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  12. Darrius added a post in a topic New to these forums!   

    Welcome Jamppa to Black Desert Online Forums. I hope you get your hype back for this game because I can tell that you will be quite intrigued with this game once again. I know you played Japans version but I wish you the best of luck playing. 
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  13. Darrius added a post in a topic Good day ladies and gents.   

    Welcome Kaneki Ken to Black Desert Online. It is great to see that you will be playing on this Buy to Play game. I hope that we can be friends in game.
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  14. Darrius added a post in a topic Greetings   

    Welcome Mordoc to Black Desert Online. Even though the game has not started yet it is amazing to get to know the different types of people that I might be playing with. 
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  15. Darrius added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Hello Everyone
    Since my friend introduced me to Black Desert Online I have been following it since its release date. I am hoping when this game gets released I get to meet even more people who would be entirely fun to play and game with. 
    Anyways Hello everyone I'm Darrius. I'd rather be called Sots or Alex. I hope I get to meet most people and be able to keep up with everyone's play style. 
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