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  1. johnsneo added a post in a topic Why did they nerf musa in the first place?   

    I've tested this and I've been able to down smash with crust crusher after floats (projection) and bounds (btb). For btb -> crust crusher, you need to cancel out the slash part. For the meme I tested out rising storm (float) -> front kick II (air smash) -> back step slash (down smash). It works and looks pretty funny but of course no dmg lol. Granted, down smash / air smash all seem pretty rng, only working 50/50.
    I agree crust crusher needs one of three things to be more viable: 1. More dmg to match the risk | 2. Added super armor during cast. So many things bypass frontal guard it's not even funny. | 3. Decrease cast time. Might as well decrease the cast time of all our other skills while at it. Even with 5 atk spd I just get grabbed out of skills by classes with grapple. And of course because the animation didn't end they take basically no dmg. Whereas you have wizards who's down cc applies even before the skill animation completes. "Balance"
    LOL we take any forum post here and turn it into a complaint post. Tbh the OPs question was answered already on the first page.
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  2. johnsneo added a post in a topic Will movementspeed affect my chase?   

    Remember when Dragonbite Dash cancel was a thing?

    On a more serious note, do you guys use RBC Adamantine or BMC Hystria for shoes?
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  3. johnsneo added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    I've played around with this before awakening, but Whirlwind cut -10 dp auto activates on the THIRD hit. So you need to use all three whirlwind cuts. If you add in Ultimate: Whirlwind to make it a stiffness, it might work.
    Also for me, I've always loved blind thrust for both the buff and debuff, that I actually have the add-on for it. My normal 1v1 combo is:
    Stub Arrow -> forward Blind Thrust into Cancel Blooming -> Projection -> Below the Belt -> Crosscut -> Flow: Backflow ->Fiery Crevice
    The Blind thrust there isn't for cc but for the buff and debuff, acting only as the cancel for the Blooming cc.
    Lately I tested another combo which is a bit longer, and which I might use for tankier targets:
    Stub Arrow -> Dragonbite -> C transition -> Crosscut -> Flow: Backflow -> C transition into forward Forward Blind Thrust into Cancel Blooming -> Backstep Slash -> Projection -> Below the Belt -> Crosscut -> Fiery Crevice -> and then maybe One Step Back.
    Also, I have a question for all of you and I was going to ask it in a poll but I might as well ask here as well. Do you guys use Blooming: Phantom? I noticed in KR the trend is to do away with the Blooming: Phantom and simply use Blooming for the CC. I personally love the mana drain and the bleed on the Phantom. However the speed of using only Blooming is very nice. I might make the transition after I hit 61 and get the damage boost on Crosscut and Below the Belt. What are your thoughts on Blooming: Phantom?
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  4. johnsneo added a post in a topic Lvl 49 Musa rotations?   

    To be honest, I don't really understand why you'd stop at 49. To avoid PvP is not a good enough reason in my opinion. To each their own.
    Personally, if you were to aim for boss gear eventually, I would say that you're better off going with something like 3-piece Heve + Roaring Magical Armor(RMA). RMA is free. You just do the black spirit quest line for it. And Heve is for the bonus HP which will help in your survivability. Heve is also used because no matter which piece you upgrade to boss next, you'll still be able to keep the set bonus. With Rocaba and Grunil, you'll break a set bonus as soon as you get Bheg's Gloves, which is the first upgrade you want to do.
    For skill points, this can be a rough guide for pre-awakening:
    Divider and Nemesis Slash is there for HP-sustain. Blind thrust has a 30% crit buff and an accuracy debuff. Dragonbite combo for damage. And Rising Storm is your main damaging skill. Eventually put in another point for Musa Spirit for wp recovery, but atm I left it at 2 because as you're a new player, I'm assuming you don't have as large of a mana pool to render the 3rd point as necessary.
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  5. johnsneo added a topic in Suggestions   

    Boss Damage/Participation Remaining through DC
    I would like to suggest that damage and participation on bosses remain even after a disconnection. There have been many times where I've been whittling away at a boss since the start and then suddenly get disconnected when the boss is about to die due to bad servers, a sudden influx of cc'ing players, or for just no apparent reason. It's disheartening to say the least when all the hard work goes to waste when you log back on and the boss is dead and you've wasted a great deal of your time.
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  6. johnsneo added a post in a topic Musa dash cancel   

    Edan Travel Clothes is an in-game costume we can craft. It gives +2 Movement Speed. You can purchase an Equipment Tailoring Coupon for 1,500 Pearls to wear it like a pearl shop costume. Also, Calpheon Noble Suit gives +15% amity but once you use a Tailoring Coupon on it, it'll gain +2 movement speed.
    I believe in KR there is an item called Black Claw. This allows you to equip a crystal, that you obtain from heating those in-game costumes, on a Tailored costume to obtain both buffs. Unsure if/when this will arrive to NA/EU, but that will allow more options to add either +1 critical, +1 attack speed, or +2 movement speed into our build.
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  7. johnsneo added a post in a topic LvL 56 Musa PvE grinding rotation   

    To alleviate the repetitiveness and "grind" of grinding, I practiced PvP combos on mobs while grinding. This prevents it from being a completely brainless activity and also helps muscle memory for PvP. Granted, this only really works when your damage output doesn't one-shot the mobs and the mobs are also cc'able. I personally used this method to grind at pirates from lvl 56-58 pre-awakening, but it should also be applicable with awakening.
    At tougher locations (eg. Pila Ku, Aakman Temple) I've utilized all that you've listed already. Keep in mind to line of sight the range mobs. In easier locations, (eg. Pirates, Gahaz) with sufficient DP you should be able to ignore the range mobs. However in high level locations, you want to keep your eye out for the range mobs. Keep them in front and never let them Back Attack you. And always target them down first. Melee mobs will naturally group.
    Also another tip that might not have been mentioned (and is more just common sense). Don't bother with the XL WP potions. We have naturally low WP. Use mana pots that are relevant to your mana pool. Know your mana usage habits and pack accordingly. No point dragging around and chugging wp pots that recover 325 wp out of your 350 wp when you find yourself potting with 1/2 or more wp left. It's a waste of money and weight limit.
    My apologies for bringing up PvP in a PvE guide.
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  8. johnsneo added a post in a topic Musa help! (healing and pve skill add-ons)   

    People have already mentioned using twister (space), block+knockback (Q+LMB), rotating around your mob w/ crosscut or backward chase, targeting ranged mobs first, etc. All very good advice.
    I personally have Divider maxed with the +hp and +wp addon as an emergency during PvE. I only really use nemesis on a group of mobs and never while face tanking them since the skill provides no protection. Bringing a lot of wp pots is inevitable as a musa if you're looking for xp efficiency. Our chase is one of the main reasons we are good at grinding and moving from mob to mob will eat up more of your mana than actually killing the mobs (at least with higher gear). Use herbal if you can for less weight. Throwing in spinner when off cd will also help reduce mana drain. If you're looking strictly for sustainability, then go ahead use 2 extraction gems on the weapon. They'll reduce your mana consumption rate by at least half.
    Lastly, I would recommend Kutum for PvE. It has more dp so you'll be able to tank mobs better, allowing you to ignore some damage. Personally I also feel like it has more monster accuracy. I can visibility see the dmg I'm doing better and predetermined how much more dmg I need to dish out before I can dash away. While with nouver I sometimes leave a mob with a bit of health left or I straight up over kill.
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  9. johnsneo added a post in a topic Does Kr have animation cancel on stub arrow?   

    Also, for those of you who are having issues with triple stub arrow, a word of advice. There is no need to do the turning charge up animation after normal stub arrow. When you backward chase and use stub, you will automatically use triple stub. Normal stub and triple stub are on two separate cd, allowing you to use them interchangeably.
    If you want to take it a step further, charged stub arrow is also on a separate cd so you could technically use all three in rotation. (Though charged might put normal stub on cd so you'd want to use normal stub before charged)
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  10. johnsneo added a post in a topic Does Kr have animation cancel on stub arrow?   

    I'm aware of which video op is referring to. On mobile so not going to bother finding it right now. I'll edit this post afterwards if someone hasn't posted it by then.
    But yes I have ww on a hot key bind (which is essential for non awakening dash cancel), which allows us to cancel the animations for stub arrow. However when I tried testing the out, I wasn't able to reproduce what I saw in the KR video. In the KR video, I saw the arrows continue to fly even though the player was already in chase animation. However when I tried that, it simply canceled stub, putting it on cd and not providing a stiffness. I had to wait for the arrows to actually fly out before canceling it with ww chase.
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  11. johnsneo added a post in a topic Introducing "Black Spirit"   

    I'd need a bottle before every enchanting session.
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  12. johnsneo added a post in a topic Post your awakening builds   

    How does this work? You pop Tiger Blade, hold E (divider), and W+RMB?
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  13. johnsneo added a post in a topic Musa awakening bug   

    I've had this happen to me before while practicing combos, but not too sure which key combination it was that caused it. Maybe Shift+W or W+F or just Shift? I was too busy trying to NOT make it happen I didn't bother figuring out what keys caused it in the first place lol.
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  14. johnsneo added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    There's the confirmation. Thanks for the reply @CM_Praballo 
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  15. johnsneo added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    Got home late today and stayed up until 3am to get my last set of coins. Turns out I can turn in.  I lost 120 coins. Good thing I felt impatient and turned in a bunch yesterday. They'll most likely have a compensation like they did with the Halloween Boxes. I just took a screenshot of my coins just in case.
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