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  1. Jenzsy added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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  2. Jenzsy added a post in a topic Try a speed test before buying BDO   

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  3. Jenzsy added a post in a topic Why there's no player trading   

    Don't you guys think if there is an active amount of gm banning accounts, sooner or later the gold sellers will stop because it cost 30$ to make a new account?
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  4. Jenzsy added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    axent wear, pretty decent but not the best, pretty much novelty for the price
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  5. Jenzsy added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    hello friends
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  6. Jenzsy added a post in a topic CBT1 Ending Party / Get Together (NA) FINALIZED (channel 1, heidel arena)   

    This Idea is great. Can't wait to see how many will show up
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  7. Jenzsy added a post in a topic New here.. ANYONE FROM MABINOGI?   

    Whats up man, i hope to see you around in game. Wish you luck on selling your stuff so you can splurge in BDO
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  8. Jenzsy added a post in a topic Yahallo~   

    @bOOmerDK thanks man
    @Phantom knows whats up
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  9. Jenzsy added a post in a topic 132 Year Old Baguette ~   

    ...... Xianxia novels........ i think we could be really good reading buddies
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  10. Jenzsy added a post in a topic My 1st Time in a Forum Thingy || "Oh Hai There" ^_^   

    yahallo john, i think we could be really good friends
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  11. Jenzsy added a post in a topic Yahallo~   

    i do what i want Anxiety ;-;7
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  12. Jenzsy added a post in a topic Select your class !   

    Warrior or Giant at first, but i dont know what will come next
    for giant I'll be spending like 2 hrs to make him look nice
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  13. Jenzsy added a post in a topic Yahallo~   

    leave me alone i barely lurked man ;-;
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  14. Jenzsy added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Hi everyone
    Literally went to introduce myself first before checking any other parts of the forum. So here we go.
    I would like to say that I'm casual to hardcore player. There's a switch somewhere that can change it on fleek; do i know where it is? Nah
    BDO to me is a dream I've been looking for. All of its aspect is what I've been looking for: Open World, Combat, Life skills... I'm blanking out... lol oh well. Anyways to the point again, it is a game I've been waiting for since it was announced somewhere (probably arrived in my head when It was announced IDK)
    I started as a console peasant like most common 90s kid and eventually moved to playing Gunbound for some reason then to Runescape and into a roller coaster of game jumping. My first realization that I like Action combat was when i played monster hunter and I loved it since then.
    I'm a bit of a weeb who finally found his waifu (Umaru chan) recently. Quite happy about that. Recently all I've been doing is reading Chinese light novel for some reason and playing shitty games as I wait for BDO to come out.
    22 years old. Sushi chef. Pinoob
    That should sum me up...
    - Jenzsy
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